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First, I don't get the "rustic floral" description at all, not even a little. It's most reminiscent of the opening of Diptyque's Tam Dao EDT, with the sharp woodsy blast of sandalwood quickly becoming more mellow. It makes me think of walking into a very old church, with the heady smell of old wood primarily, and the warmth of incense. I find the description of the notes on Farmacia's own website to be more accurate as far as what I smell: Head Notes: SAGE, INCENSE, PEPPER, NUTMEG Heart Notes: IRIS, MUSKY NOTES Base Notes: VETYVER, SANDALWOOD If there's iris, it's very muted. However, Luckyscent's description of the powdery drydown was true for me, as well.
By   - Writer from Canada on 9/17/2019
This scent is ok, but on my skin it just doesn't jump off and say wow! It might be different for you so order a sample and let us know.
By   - Account services  from Omaha on 6/7/2018
Not a very distinguished scent at all. My first impressions left me cold, and they only got colder as the fragrance dried down. There was this "Dunhill" male fragrance vibe, that horrible, powdery/balsamic note that nearly makes me sick. If you like that group of fragrances, then this is for you. Not for me though. 2 stars for it's longevity.
By   - from the South on 6/10/2012
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