Fiore di Riso

Parfum Concentration - w/ spray atomizer

by Farmacia SS. Annunziata dal 1561

Fiore di Riso Sizes Available:
100ml $150
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Fiore di Riso...
A beautiful creamy sandalwood floral with vanilla. There is a hint of white florals but nothing that knocks you over. Beautiful!This lasts 6 hours + on me. A must try!
By   - from Southwest, USA on 5/10/2013
Almost a dead ringer for Poupee by Rochas. Light, airy, watered down pineapple, ginger, vanilla concoction. Like a soda pop watered down by melting ice. I like it but not enough to own it and Poupee which I already have.
By   - from SD on 1/19/2012
l get creamy, soft white flowers, mainly lily, along with a rice paper-like note & subtle woods. The overall effect is clean & lightly powdery, & the vanilla is not overly sweet or gourmand, but creates a soft & gentle veil around the wearer. Perfect if you are looking for a very subtle vanilla fragrance.
By   - from southampton uk on 9/21/2011
I wanted this to have a stronger vanilla note but there wasn''t much there. I got a lot of sandalwood, seemed kind of masculine actually. I can see this working on someone just not me. Not sweet, not fruity, woody and smooth.
By   - from puerto rico on 8/17/2011
I wanted to like this, but it''s just a little to sweet and a little too vanilla-y for me. I was hoping for a little more complexity. Still three stars because it is a pretty scent and I can see someone loving it - it''s just not me.
By   - student from D.C. on 7/26/2011
This is delightful. It is very surprising that it seems so light but lingers so long. That is the beauty of this scent. It is like a fresh orange grove that just lasts and lasts. Buy it, it won''t disappoint, I promise!
By   - Instructor from San Mateo on 6/21/2011
A truly lovely gourmand floral. I get light orange blossom in the opening, tinged with ginger. The orange blossom never soars to its usual white flower heights, as its kept in check by the vanilla-tonka-sandalwood base. The effect is light but warm. In the later drydown, I can still get twinges of the orange blossom and spice underneath a creamy drydown that is gloriously rich and stays close to the skin....buttery, but not overly sweet. I get no distinct sense of the oakmoss note, so if you''re chypre-averse, you shouldn''t fear this fragrance.If I had to compare this to anything, it would be to Carla Fracci''s Giselle..not as a smell-alike, but in the sense that both fragrances take a heady white floral, add a touch of spice, and temper it from the outset with a rich base that keeps it from rising to the usual white floral heights it would otherwise reach. Both are rich, skin-like gourmands on me in their later hours.I purchased a bottle am enjoying it greatly in the late spring heat.
By   - from Reston, VA on 6/13/2011
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