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Ambra Nera

Parfum Concentration - w/ spray atomizer

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A chilled and thickened amber, displayed to full effect in a cedar-cypress frame. The drydown here is particularly arresting, with a tobacco-y patchouli unfolding in a way that feels like a natural progression and yet resembles no other set of base notes I can think of. (And having a big sweet vanilla square off against a watery-green cypress note up top is seriously inspired work.) The reviewer who invoked the immortal Habanita in their writeup wasn’t wrong.
By   - editor from Seattle on 5/17/2020
Soft, sweet, powdery, warm woody amber, balanced with cool green eucalyptus, also woody. Not a rich resinous amber, very light on me. Lovely!
By   - Medical from Wasilla on 3/16/2018
This may be my fave by this house so far-- just astoundingly complex and rich! Who needs Chanel? I've never liked vanilla frags until I tried this house. This is so lovely-- a perfect date frag. Amazing spice and amber vanilla- it just goes on and on.
By   - disabled from mount aukum on 8/5/2017
You really have to like powders to like this Scent! it does have notes of amber, but its a really sweet amber, can't complain about the duration, cause it will stay around 5 -6 hours without touchups, but its too sweet. It like smelling caramels and nice woods at the same time. Simply not for me, but still a strong perfume. This and Fiori d Ambra are more Girly amber scents, Ambra aurea until now I would say its more a Mans Amber.
By   - Architect from Mexicali on 2/16/2016
Have you ever gone into a cute souvenir shop maybe in a quaint town or a ski resort in Aspen somewhere ? You know the kind that are made of wood and they sell little chachkas wrapped in red ribbons...scented candles abound . This smells like the inside of one of the souvenir shops....finished wood and scented candles. Nice for a room scent but has no appeal to me as a fragrance.
By   - Freelancer from NYC on 5/1/2013
You have to like Habanita to appreciate this. This is a powdery amber with a hint of leather; the eucalyptus is almost non existent and I can't detect any woods.
By   - Interpreter from West Hills on 1/4/2013
For a long time I've searched for a subtle scent that could smell like someone's personal, natural scent. Dab on a little of this, not too much, and you have that effect. I love amber and this is a subtle, warm, one. It doesn't seem to last long on me, but with the kind of scent I was looking for, that's okay. I have other scents that make a stronger statement. This is going on my 'full bottle" wish list for sure. Yummy.
By   - jewelry designer on 12/17/2012
This is an absolutely wonderful fragrance. It smells delicious. But it's absolutely not me. I don't think I'm quite romantic enough for this - it smells a bit too girly for me. But if you like this kind of scent, it's a must-try. Even though I would not wear this, I still give it 5 stars because it's so good.
By   - Musician from Hollywood on 12/10/2012
A sweet amber, not powdery. One of the best ambers ive smapled, but of course, also one of the most expensive. Out of the 4 fragrances ive tried from this line, this is the sole redeeming scent by far.
By   - Software test specialist from Laurel, MD on 9/24/2011
This is like a cross between Montale's Blue amber and Parfumerie generale's L´ombre fauve. I really enjoy it. It starts crisp with hints of green woods. Not sweet at all to me and I wouldnt say it is powdery either, just perfect.
By  on 4/19/2011
OK...J'adore l'ambre..mais là, jamais je n'ai sentie une version aussi poudreuse.... Dans un premier temps, on suffoque sous une odeur de poudre pour bébé...Dans un deuxième temps, le parfum se complexifie mais toujours cette poudre pour bébé....Dans un troisième temps, un mal de tête se profile sous l'odeur intense et tenace.. Je me suis lavée illico. Dommage, je n'ai pas eu vent d'odeur de cedre ni d'euccalyptus après 40 minutes ..rien.... Par contre la couleur brune ambrée du parfum comme tel est déja un attrait !
By   - from Montréal on 12/2/2010
This opens with a camphorous blast of eucalyptus, supported by patchouli & vetiver, followed by a delicious, sweet amber that lasts & lasts, with just the right amount of powder. The sillage is awesome, it's powerful, yet elegant & refined. One of the very best ambers out there, l love this!
By   - from southampton uk on 10/14/2010
Really love this scent. Great intensity and rich staying power. Excellent choice if you love amber.
By   - Professor from Indianapolis on 1/27/2010
got this ,just love the smell of amber , got a comment from a co worker,she said you allways smel nice,I do work around a lot of men and women,and they allways tell me I allways smell great,this was one that was recomended by a staff from luckyscent,also another one was,fiore d ambra,the one thing that I would like to see is that if more men who buy scents should put there reviews on ,this would help more men out with a lot of great scent at luckyscents, thank for the help I got from the staff at luckyscents
By   - treatment associate from Honolulu Hawaii on 10/6/2009
Maybe the very finest amber fragrance made! The essence of amber takes center stage moderated slightly by cypress and eucalyptus for a natural and wood feel. Smells a bit like old library books sweetened with age. The hint of patchouli maintains a raw quality that keeps Ambra Nera out of "sweet" territory and clearly more to the mascuine side, but still has a magical elf like quality.
By   - art perpetrator from Oklahoma City on 5/26/2009
A nice and slightly powdery amber.
By   - from LN,CA on 1/2/2009
A lovely amber - rich and soft without being too sweet. Lasts a very long time on the skin.
By   - from Texas on 11/25/2008
This is a five star's not loud...but classy and cool.
By  on 11/21/2008
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