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Here's what other people are saying about Regina...
This was....... I don't know... How can I say this without sound too critical? Just plain Wrong!!! Wrong in every sense of the word.. When I tried the sample before I actually put some on.. the fragrance literally took my breath away. I was coughing for almost 2 minutes as I waited for the vapors to dissipate, then I tried to force myself to put some on my wrist.. all I can say is... If you don't have a fan close by, then get one. On a positive note, I did smell rose and iris, but the other scents listed in the description I did not smell, especially the honey which I was aiming for, but no luck in sight, just super sweetness that even a kid might hurl from. Be aware.
By   - Jewelery Designer on 9/29/2011
On me, a dry puff of baby powder in an empty nursing home room, drying down to a moldy iris rhizome dipped in baby powder laying on the floor of a nursery.
By   - Student, 23 on 2/11/2011
Every time I wear this I can't believe how beautiful I smell and how wonderful the world is. Once the scent has "settled", there's a soft powdery note that is almost too wonderful for words. I started out with several samples because I wanted to be sure before I bought an entire bottle. Now I know I have to have it.
By   - Teacher from Canada on 8/8/2009
I forgot to mention that there is a very similar perfume out there which goes all along the way- its Taif from Ormond Jayne. If you like Regina but feel it has no staying power this is your choice. Pure gold and worth every penny...
By  on 1/16/2009
This could have been a gem of a perfume and the description is really nice... This perfume is like a hyped, promising star that turns out to be a one-hit-wonder. No staying power and just a generic base note after a great promising start...
By  on 1/16/2009
PS. And the honey, in the dry down especially, is like Acacia honey. Yummy.
By   - from Medford on 11/1/2008
Sorry, should have spell checked, I meant I DID NOT get a sharp rose scent at all.
By   - from Medford on 11/1/2008
This is a beautiful fragrance. I did get a sharp rose scent at all at first. It was a soft powdery gently sweet rose and the most wonderful undertone of pure honey. Love the honey scent. It developed soft and powdery but the honey note unfortunately did not stay in the foreground, however there are traces melted in and the overall scent is very beautiful, soft, delicate, innocent, warm, magical, softly sensuous and unique. And yes the dry down is different but on me it did maintain some of the original scent. But it took on this incense like scent, and in a good way, like a favorite incense of mine and then further into the dry down the scent actually got smoother and the honey came to the foreground again with only the faintest hint of sweet rose. To me I see a pale pink rose. but in the dry down I see some yellow roses too. Very long wearing and delightful. It's simple yet complex. I'd wear it.
By   - from Medford on 11/1/2008
Rarely have introductory notes and the drydown been so dissimilar than in this complex, but ultimately pleasant fragrance. The Rose in Regina is not a regal rich rose, nor a heavy romantic rose. Instead, it's a clean, bright rose... yellow! yes, a bright, sunny, yellow rose, which is given a spike of herbal pungency by the chamomile. Now for you tisane sippers, Chamomile which may normally make for a bland, useless tea, but it certainly gives an interesting, ancient apothecary hint to this mix. The drydown goes in a completely different direction, with iris and rice flower providing the most delightful, if quiet, wrist-sniffing warmth and comfort. The only problem here is once the drydown has arrived, it is weak and puny - quite a pretty penny for something that only you can detect, and then only if the tip of one's nose is firmly mashed up against one's wrist. The lack of any detectable synthetic aromas certainly go in the favor of this pleasant little number. The lack of silage and the disturbing price tag, however, defeat it entirely. in the end - I'd expect a high-quality soap to have this nice, but generally forgettable aroma, but as a personal fragrance, there is room for improvement.
By   - Haflacrat from Gleann Abhann on 9/16/2008
The top note is a blast of barbed, pungent rose...along something that hurts the inside of my nose. Then it develops a powdery iris note. It has the personality of the bossy, lady next door of a certain age. You know under that thorny, sharp exterior she has a heart of gold, but you really don't like her.
By   - from San Jose on 9/13/2008
When I first put this on, i didnt like it because it was a sharp rose smell (that's comming from someone that doesnt like rose in perfumes), but when it melded with my skin, it was the most lovely smell ever! It totally matches the decription. I would desribe it as lovely, pretty, and so so comforting. I think I might just have to buy this one (dang it!).
By   - stay home mommy from dewey, ok on 9/10/2008
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