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The most adult, warm, gentle, wafting delicious sweet caramel and vanilla aroma. One of my top five.
By   - slaving over a hot computer everyday from Upper Midwest on 2/6/2018
An exquisite fragrance. Like walking past a dessert table in a very expensive restaurant and breathing in all the lemonvanilla flavoured desserts: lemon meringue pie, a lemon pound cake, a pavlova ... each more decadent than the last. The only problem I have with this fragrance is the staying power, it''s not great. I have another scent by Farmacia - my favourite scent of all time: Vaniglia del Madagascar - and I easily get 12 hours out of that one.
By   - Nanny from Chicago on 5/14/2017
Not even Play-Doh smells as play-doh-ey as this. Astounded by all the positive reviews mentioning other notes. (What other notes?) Dang.
By   -  from from Atlanta on 2/7/2017
This. Is. It.I have been searching for over 15 years for a duplicate of the Body Shop''s original vanilla perfume oil. The one from 1996-1998. I literally have maybe 10 drops of my last vial of it left, hoarded and worn for super special occasions. I swear I have tried every vanilla on the market by now, and none were quite right.Enter Cara.Got a sample vial, applied, sniffed. Froze. Sniffed more. I legit almost cried, people. I cannot tell you how amazed and happy I was. This is my vanilla. Warm, sugar cookie-ish, with an almost Play-Doh note. I put one of my few remaining drops on to check. And yes, we have a match. I ordered a full bottle immediately and may order another few to hoard.
By   - Streamer from Florida on 1/4/2017
and also mint on the top. Beautiful!
By   - student from Seattle on 6/7/2016
This is my favourite perfume! Even when the exchange rate is awful, I will ensure I have enough pennies to constantly have this scent in my possession. Men, women, kids and dogs love this perfume. I once had a small child I was carrying lick my neck in their sleep because they were dreaming of ice cream.I get told that I smell like: cookies, cake, donuts, marshmallows, ice creamYou will make friends everywhere you go wearing this perfume, but especially elevators. You''ve been warned!
By   - Awesome AP Clerk from Vancouver, BC on 5/4/2016
I love gourmand scents... specifically sweet ones. On me, Cara doesn''t smell sweet. It just smells smoky.
By   - Procrastinator from Alpharetta on 2/9/2016
I gave this perfume every possible chance, because I wanted to like it so badly. But alas, it is straight up Play-Doh in my skin. Nothing but Play-Doh. Which, of course, isn''t gag worthy by any means. But also not something I aspire to. Pass.
By   - Writer from Austin on 9/23/2015
My kids love when I wear this... It''s so unlike my usual clean, spring-like favorites & perfect for fall & winter. Cozy, sugary almonds & cookies - a little sharp at first but the dry down is heaven. My only disappointment is it doesn''t seem to last long on me (but most fragrances do not)-- buying myself a full bottle after sampling for a month now.
By   - from New York metro area on 11/17/2014
I was wearing Cara the other day and someone walked into my house and said "Have you been baking cookies?". About an hour later, someone else walked into my house and said, "Have you been baking cookies?". Once it finally dawned on all of us that it was my perfume, we all agreed that it smelled delicious, and everyone wanted to know what it was. Based on the above, I can also state that sillage is great. Cara is just lovely, sweet, cozy, and very appealing to others. Personally, I love it.
By   - from Houston on 2/22/2013
I like it, don''t love it. I smell only almonds too. Plus it''s way too light and fades so fast. I dumped a bunch on me 15 minutes ago and can''t smell anything now, nothing. To me, Chia is much better.
By   - Bartender from Bay Area on 4/11/2012
All I smell is almond. I like almond, but I don''t love it, and this one fades quickly on me. If you really like almond scents, try this one.
By   - from Bay Area on 3/9/2012
Soft and pretty. Cherry, marzipan, almond, and marshmallow are all in this fragrance, so on paper I would love it. Unfortunately, everything comes together to smell like a Cabbage Patch doll. I can''t get over that association or the artificial note attached, so three stars it is.
By  on 12/15/2011
Cara takes me back to my childhood in Europe. The tiny pots of paste we used sparingly ar our desks in elementry school in Paris - scented so delicatly of almond. The Mozart chocolates in our Christmas stockings, the matzipan on new years. All these delicate scents wrapped into a perfume that is delicate, soft, and precious. But not too feminine. The way a memory should smell.
By   - business from Riverside, IL on 10/19/2011
This is a very airy, light, and pretty scent. Good for hot or cold climates. I smell cherry play-doh but it''s actually kind of nice. It isn''t spot on play-doh but it''s similar for sure. Don''t know why I get a lot of cherry smell since there doesn''t seem to be any cherry note in here... One major turn off for me is that I don''t find it lasts long enough. Maybe only an hour or two on my skin. It also wears close to the skin which could be good for certain people but I almost find it too mellow and soft to think about buying a full bottle. I adore almond and vanilla scents and want to like this but on me it''s just not up to par compared to other scent in the same category. But I do like it much better than Chia.
By   - from Montreal on 10/3/2011
I did catch the elusive "something" in this fragrance - I think someone referred to that John Travolta film ''Michael'' where the angel smells of something wonderful baking. But it was 99% overwhelmed (and that is saying something in a perfume that''s this wispy and fleeting) by the play-doh aroma. Disappointingly nostalgic and linear.
By   - Writer/Producer from NYC on 10/3/2011
Wow, I didn''t think it was possible but it really does smell like vanilla wafers and playdoh! Maybe good if you are nostalgic for pre-school. Scent is quite faint. I was looking for a grown up Pink Sugar but I''ll pass on this one.
By  on 9/9/2011
P.S. In Anne Rice''s Witches series, a scent is described that occurs whenever the character Lasher comes around. This could be that scent... like something good baking, but you can''t put your finger on what it is. Yummy!
By   - jewelry designer on 7/8/2011
I think something must be wrong with my sniffer, because all my samples seem very faint. I couldn''t smell Cara until I accidentally spilled it in the sample bag. Now I get a light, sweet, delicious fragrance, definitely something that reminds me of food, but in a delicate way. A fluffy pastry of a scent. Wish I had more!
By   - jewelry designer on 7/8/2011
3 words: chocolate cake batter.
By   - from Reston, VA on 6/13/2011
I just tried samples of Chia and Cara. Well, you can keep your Chia. Give me lovely, sweet Cara every time! I don''t believe there is anything in this world that smells better than almonds and sweet vanilla. That is Cara. I was devastated to see that it is backordered until the end of June. And Luckyscent seems to be the only place in the U.S. that sells it. So, I''ll be stretching out my sample vial drop by drop until my full bottle arrives.
By  on 5/6/2011
Play dough, and nothing else, (which is fine, if this is what you are looking for). This reminds me of when I worked at a community center cleaning up fingerpaints and other kid''s crafts. It''s so linear and nostalgic, it could have been something from Demeter. Poor lasting power.
By   - from Baltimore on 4/23/2011
I definitely like this delicate, powdery perfume. It''s feminine and soft. On me it last pretty long. I envision light puffy clouds when I smell this on me. I prefer amande sucree by sinfonia di note. They have similar properties to them but Cara is almost a touch too simple, maybe. It has a touch of blandness to it, at least with my chemistry. Try one it''s worth a sample for sure.
By   - from Puerto Rico on 3/1/2011
I definitely like this delicate, powdery perfume. It''s feminine and soft. On me it last pretty long. I envision light puffy clouds when I smell this on me. I prefer amande sucree by sinfonia di note. They have similar properties to them but Cara is almost a touch too simple, maybe. It has a touch of blandness to it, at least with my chemistry. Try one it''s worth a sample for sure.
By   - from Puerto Rico on 3/1/2011
This smells like playdough and vanilla on me. It wore off in about 10 minutes. I make my husband smell it and he said it was ok. He did not think it smelled like playdough. He said sweet and vanilla. Would not buy.
By  on 1/28/2011
This is delicious. It does have a hint of almondy play-doh, but it''s a good thing. It''s warm and inviting, vanilla goodness. This will be the next addition to my growing collection.
By   - Volunteer from Rheinland Pfalz, Germany on 1/11/2011
I just realized that the sample I thought was Cara is actually Chia... so the previous review was for Chia.
By   - from D.C. on 10/21/2010
On the drydown, Cara reminds me very much of Lea, which is my Holy Grail fragrance. However, initially Cara is more lemony, whereas Lea starts out as pure almond on me. I love almond fragrances, but I find that many have an "off" note that I can''t quite place my finger on that reminds me of artificial cherry flavoring or handsoap in a public restroom. Both Cara and Lea avoid that and are the soft, milky almond that I love so much.
By   - from D.C. on 10/20/2010
Yikes! I get visions of wrinkled skin, liver spots and knitted wool hats in unflattering colours. This scent is so one-dimensional I could cry.
By   - graphics designer from Diessen Netherlands on 10/4/2010
WOW, I first got a sample of this and fell in love with this scent. Not only is it MY NAME (which is kinda cool) but it is ME. I love these types of scents. Like others have mentioned, Marshmallow goodness, fluffy vanilla, nothing musky or overwhelming. This reminds me of SERENDIPITOUS (LOVE!) without the chocolate. I enjoy this very much and so much so that I immediately ordered a full bottle and waited impatiently for it to arrive. I was so excited that it was delivered today SATURDAY! Hooray! Thank you Lucky Scent for both a wonderful scent and THE best customer service ever!
By  on 7/17/2010
It was between this, confetto and Amande Sucree for me (they all do smell quite similar) but this has a great size and better cost along with wonderful staying power without ever being heavy. I get hints of play dough, but mostly in the beginning and then it turns into a subtle sweet, airy marshmallow vanillaalmondamber for the rest of its long lasting power on me. It is I bought a fb and it is my favorite lucky scent purchase yet!
By  on 1/19/2010
By   - password on 11/16/2009
This, on me, does smell remarkably of Play-Doh, in the most lovely of ways! I''d seen the play-doh comments and couldn''t remember the smell from my childhood, until I put this on! Wonderful. It began with a big, strange Boing of the toy scent, then moved to a happy Saturday-morning-cartoon-cereal scent, then dried down to a lovely, not too bitter almond. Very sweet. This really is what I would think My Little Pony would smell of, or Tinkerbell or even Hello Kitty. Pink-hued, girlish and fun! Not quite my thing, but so great to try for a sample.
By  on 9/9/2009
too sweet, too candy-like :(Now Chia, THAT''S the BOMB!
By  on 8/30/2009
i like this scent. it is very sweet and very vanillish, i do however feel like it smells more like my little pony than grown-up perfume. i''ve even had comments that i smell like my little pony. it has good lasting power and a decent throw, i like it ok, but i don''t love it.
By   - from Canada on 5/26/2009
This high class gourmand scent has become my new daytime favorite - the perfect foil for my Geisha Noir which I wear at night due to its more sultry tonka bean. Cara starts out with a true marshmallow, not sickeningly sweet, just a cerebral memory of a Dunkin Vanilla Creme doughnut without the calories. Then the almond and talc take over on the way to a pillowy soft, clean vanilla. It dioesn''t smell like playdough on me - what a mouthwatering childhood I would have had if my playdough had smelled like this! This is a sophisticated, grown-up''s marshmallow, not a teenager''s discount store cologne. It reminds me of Jessica Simpson''s "Taste" but much more elegantly executed. Lucky Scent is right - this is a very comforting, feel-good fragrance.
By   - from Dallas on 5/2/2009
Smells just like Play-Doh on me. All day, I kept getting whiffs of something familiar that I thought was strange to be smelling at work - and that''s because it smells just like Play-Doh! Very strange.
By   - Marketing Manager from Chicago on 4/6/2009
I was so excited while trying the sample but I smelled too much almond and amber :( Cant say that this is not good however I think I expected a bit more of caramel and vanille. Maybe this perfume is not very compatible with my skin as it didnt stay on me long, either...
By   - HR from Istanbul on 3/10/2009
This is beautiful. Sweet but not overly so. The drydown is gorgeous and you can really smell the almond. I''m going to have to try it for a few more days to decide if I need the full bottle.
By   - Mom/Wife/Reader/Dancer/Nerd from East Bay on 10/11/2008
My favorite in this line, it reminds me of Acqua di Parma''s Sicilian Almond but with a much lighter hand. I would love to try the discontinued amber scent, but since that one is not available, this is the one I will be buying.
By   - research analyst from Oak Hill VA on 10/9/2008
This was love at first sniff for me. Lightly sweet, a mist of spun sugar, marzipan and marshmallows.....delicate, fluffy and snuggly. Delicious!
By  on 9/29/2008
Jordan Almonds, marshmallows, very very fresh play doh, and a general light, happy aroma - maybe just the faintest trace of orange spice cookies? Now THIS is what Child should have smelled like.Certainly pulls the best bits from my childhood memories. very nice, although wears close to the skin. Worst of all, this sweet, gentle fragrance disappears rather quickly. Ha! Just like the few and fleeting moments of childhood happiness.
By   - Haflacrat from Gleann Abhann on 9/29/2008
Cara smells like marshmallow at first, then dries down into the softest, freshest heliotrope imaginable. Its closest cousin is Etro Heliotrope, but Cara is even more delicate.
By  on 9/18/2008
The amber is very strong on my skin, completely overpowering the almond beneath. This one doesn''t wow me...
By   - from NYC on 9/11/2008
reminds me of italian weddingsthe candy almonds ...LOVELY .. i get a sweet almond marzipanscent that is NOT overdone or cloying.just yummy!
By   - agent from st. pete on 9/11/2008
This is a very soft, doughy almond. It smells lovely and comforting and while it is light, it has good lasting power. It reminds me slightly of the doughy almond of Dior Hypnotic Poison but without spices and much, much softer.
By  on 9/11/2008
I think Kayliana and I have the same sniffer! The drydown is so similar to the almond in Lea, but with some extra yummy-ness, but it''s different enough that I would wear both. (Lea is my #1 all time favorite). I am always going to step class with a different scent on and no one ever says anything, but when I wore this one, everyone said, "someone smells good!" This whole line just rocks....
By   - stay home mommy from dewey, ok on 9/10/2008
Play-doh, exactly! Reminds me of Lea but with more everything. Very light in structure but smells damn good. $120 bucks good? The jury''s still out. I think I would have to splash this on for others to smell it at all.
By   - from Tampa, Fl on 9/10/2008
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