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Interesting how moods or just the day (if that makes ANY sense...) can affect a perfume.. Tried Chia 2 days ago, late at night ( I was not wearing any other perfume) and did not like it: all I got was baby powder and then about ten mins later,nothing. 2 days later and it is a different scent on me. It IS very similar to Aquolina Pink Sugar - which I like but feel like I am too old for that scent now ( I just turned 44) Chia is like an Italian, classier version than that. I feel like I am still at the carnival of Pink Sugar but am on any of the rides, just watching..
By   - Nanny from Chicago (Via England...;) on 3/23/2017
Wanted to love this so much but all I got was an overwhelming powdery scent for about 15 mins then nothing (and a bad headache..)
By   - Nanny from Chicago on 3/20/2017
If you like Acqua e Zucchero, you''ll like this. Chia is maybe a little softer than AeZ, like sugar water on a cloud, instead of straight-up sugar water. I can understand the comparisons to Pink Sugar but when you sample them at the same time, this makes PS smell very cheap and chemically. Chia and AeZ are 2 of my favorite fragrances ever! I adore Chia! I always get compliments and I can''t stop inhaling the scent! Chia is sweet but not cloying and definitely fit for a lady. Well worth the $!
By   - from New England on 7/2/2014
I was stopped on two separate occasions--''what are you wearing?''Both people loved it and so do I.
By   - from N. J. on 1/11/2013
I understand the comparisons to Pink Sugar as the initial blast is very reminiscent of it. Chia however is much more subtle with more restraint and sophistication. Powdery and nutty blown over with syrupy sweetness and with a slightly floral dry down. Very pretty but definitely sweet all the way.
By  on 8/21/2012
Color: Neon light blue. All I can say is that I think I just came up for air after swimming through a cotton candy machine doused with milk chocolate and funnel cakes. Not bad if there is a craving but I never want to stay there too long. For my taste, this frangrance is too sweet, too heavy, and too inticing for big bad wolves or a swarm of bees to come and eat me alive. That being said, dry down allows for some florals to appear although too short for significance. If you want to exude the essence of sweet candy, this is the fragrance for you! Very sweet.
By   - Art Therapist from St. Louis on 7/31/2012
Full bottle worthy on first whiff. Love!
By   - bartender from Bay Area on 3/7/2012
As someone who loves pink sugar but wanted something more sophisticated, I had high hopes for Chia. I get this burning plastic note out of Chia. So for only $40 pink sugar is a far more natural and appealing scent.
By  on 8/30/2011
Did not agree with the pink sugar comments. Did not smell like that on me. This is a great smelling scent but it is very light and the scent completely vanished within about 2 minutes.
By  on 3/17/2011
yuck! I just didn''t like this scent. Maybe it was my chemistry and on others it would smell nice but on me it wasn''t good. Cara is much better by far.
By   - from Puerto Rico on 3/1/2011
Yes, it''s VERY similar to Pink sugar, but better, less cheesy somehow.
By   - from Californiaa on 12/9/2010
It does smell much like pink sugar and Acqua e Zucchero- cotton candy. They all have slight differences and this time the pricing does reflect the quality of the product. This is better than pink sugar but the scent and lasting power do not compare to Acqua e Zucchero.
By  on 12/7/2010
smells just like pink sugar, short lasting. i love cara, but chia was below my expectations.
By  on 1/20/2010
perhaps too powdery. there''s something a wee bit medicinal about Chia . . . Summer''s Eve? yikes.
By  on 9/1/2009
Okay. I get the Lea reference, and even the similarities to Pink Sugar. However,Chia is quite glorious in its own right!Italian? Yes. Expensive? Yes. Gorgeous Almondy Deliciousousness that you can''t say no to? YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 8/27/2009
If you''re in the market for a high end version of Pink Sugar, this might just be your cup of, um, cotton candy. It''s a charming, nicely-done scent, but even for this fragrance snob it''s too similar to the far less expensive Aquolina fragrance to warrant a purchase
By   - from San Francisco on 2/14/2009
This is lovely but reminds me so much of St. Barth''s Lea which I already own!
By   - from LA on 10/29/2008
I used my sample of Chia this morning and when I ran into my 4 year old goddaughter she said I smelled like "cake"! It''s true that it has a very warm, comforting vanilla scent to it.
By  on 10/22/2008
Love it, but it''s so similar to Pink Sugar that I won''t pay the $$$ for Chia.
By  on 10/2/2008
this is way to foody sweet for me gave me a headache. I kept looking for the rose but on me it never came out just smelling like candyI could see someone younger wearing this
By   - from canton, mi on 10/2/2008
This reminds me of something in between Lea St. Barth and Profumum Acqua e Zucchero....or maybe the La Maison Vanilles, a mixing of Tahiti and Mexique perhaps? Either way it''s a sweet, fun unsophisticated concoction.....something candy-like to wear when you''re in the mood for a sugary comfort scent.
By  on 9/29/2008
almond powdery sweet soft.i had gotten lea and this is very similiaron my skin but none the less gorgeous.italian perfumes are wonderful.this line is totally gorgeous. i like sooooomany of them! i will never shopdepartment stores for perfume again.
By   - agent from st. pete on 9/24/2008
Oh no, I think I am too old to love such a sweet perfume but I don''t think that I care. The fragrance reminds me of Pink Sugar and Joy comes from within. This is basically super sweet with a slightly clean aspect to it.
By   - from Chicago on 9/21/2008
I''ll have to steal heavily from the words of Annon'' from NYC:Nice, vanilla-caramel candy-orange-musk-almond fragrance, quite pleasant but rather unoriginal. You can get a cheaper version of this easily.And that''s about all I have to say about that.
By   - Haflacrat from Gleann Abhann on 9/17/2008
Waayy too sweet for me. I kept waiting for this to dry down to something lighter, but all I got was a headache. It also reminds me of pink sugar, which i was in no way fond of
By   - from chicago on 9/16/2008
At first I wanted to dismiss this for poor lasting power, but damn...it''s SO good! I caved and ordered it. It''s so fun and the rose note in it is so unexpected and mature''s it a little. For the woman with a child inside. Gorgeous. Dare I say, signature scent worthy!!
By   - from Tampa, Fl on 9/12/2008
Nice, powdery orange-musk-almond fragrance, quite pleasant but rather unoriginal. You can get a cheaper version of this easily.
By   - from NYC on 9/11/2008
Here is the problem Im having. I love thisand Acqua e Zucchero but they are so similar to Pink Sugar. They are both better (and I actually prefer this one to Acqua) and I want them instead of Pink Sugar but I just cannot justify spending so much when Pink Sugar is sooo cheap and Ill get pretty much the same effect. I''m by no means a cheapy when it comes to perfume..Im actually OUT OF CONTROL!! If I had never heard of Pink Sugar Id be so smitten with this...I still am but,alas, Ill probably never own it....
By  on 9/11/2008
Kayliana is right! Before I even read her reveiw I tried this a second time and I thought to myself, "this kind of reminds me of Pink Sugar!" But I like it a lot better than pink sugar. When I tried it a second time, I realized it was a little too sweet for me to own, but it still smells really yummy! I would totally wear it if it were a gift.
By   - stay home mommy from dewey, ok on 9/10/2008
Reminds me of Aqua e Zucchero but with an elegant rose thrown in. Smells good. People who love Pink Sugar but feel a little too old for it will love this.
By   - from Tampa, Fl on 9/10/2008
Oh my goodness! this is delicious! It totally matches the description! When I first put it on, it smelled EXACTLY like Phylosophy''s shower gel in Fresh Cream, (which smells like cake) except classy and expensive. I have never smelled a perfume that can pull off a ''cake'' type smell without smelling cheap, young, and annoying until now! love it!
By   - stay home mommy from dewey, ok on 9/8/2008
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