No. 7

Eau de Toilette

75ml $125
0.7ml sample $3
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I know that the human sense of smell can be subjective to that person. However, the last reviewer, "Magpie", either does not have a fully-functioning nose growing out of the middle of his or her face, or has never smelled Dior Fahrenheit in their life, which Cereus No. 7 smells nothing at all like. There is no comparison, period. What it does smell like, is a calmer, non-chemically induced version of Davidoff Cool Water. It's wonderful and I wish I'd smelled No. 7 before smelling (some years ago) Cool Water, but I don't have a time machine (but do have a nose). I would give this a full 5 stars instead of 4, but sorry, Zino beat you guys to it :( Maybe I'll buy a 75mL bottle just for the hell of testing whether other people can tell the difference between the two :)
By   - from DC on 8/17/2011
This really reminds me of Dior's Farenheit...which is not bad, just a lot less expensive.
By  on 8/10/2009
A fresh and clean scent, but for Grown-ups. Very sweet, but never sickening. It smells like the last drops of honey-sweetened iced green tea on a hot day, left in the bottom of your glass with the melting ice. Great for casual wear and whenever heavy wood fragrances aren't appropriate.
By   - from Sixburgh on 2/4/2009
Very nice! Fesh and natural smelling, yet unlike anything I smelled before, in this category. Not ozonic at all. Soft and sensual in the end. Big thumbs up from me!!
By  on 1/25/2008
I got a sample of this - and when I put it on, the ll was an aquatic/ozone accord - the one that is currently popular in mainstream perfumes and colognes. This makes this nearly unwearable for me. I wished the description had indicated that the aquatic/ozone accord was used. For some reason if it is in a perfume, my skin amps it up to the exclusion of all else. What a pity!
By   - Professional from Rochester, NY on 1/23/2008
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