Bois de Paradis

Eau de Parfum

by Parfums DelRae

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50ml $150
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At first whiff I did not love this and almost scrubbed it off. After letting it evolve for several minutes, POW, a gorgeous rush of heady aldehyde and a cocktail of other notes (can''t pick out individual ones at this point) rise up to form a sensual, beautiful fragrance reminiscent of Chanel No. 22 (on me). It reminds me of my aunt (no, not that one) the ultra-chic one who went to live in London in her twenties and became a spy. The one who speaks five languages and earned two degrees from Cambridge. The one who eschews a Jaguar in favor of a Ducati.... Yeah, that one. This is far, far better after letting it develop and getting to know it for awhile. Definitely worth a try!
By   - Allied Health Professional from Ann Arbor on 1/23/2018
I love it!This is gorgeous!
By   - Perfume lover from California on 11/26/2016
Pickles, fig, grandma, classic 60-80... love this perfume ( I am yang )). BlackBerry leaf and wood are adding more actual notes
By   - household  from Seattle on 7/30/2016
I''ve had this fragrance for years, and while I tire of many quickly and easily, I keep coming back to BdP. I am not even a "girly" fragrance gal - I like ambers and sandalwoods and boozy scents - but this is so beautiful. You get the rose, but it''s not grandma-y or sheepish or withering it''s bold and spicy and not for faint of heart, in a very very good way.
By   - Marketing from San Jose on 5/4/2016
This fragrance is HEAVENLY and I am seriously considering splurging for a bottle. I am not a huge fan of rose fragrances, but this one is a honeyed, spicy, woody version that has me hypnotised. It has great sillage and staying power. I would not recommend this for our hot Australian summers, but this is perfect for cooler days. It is rich and deep and redolent - I can imagine it to become a signature fragrance, if there weren''t so many phenomenal fragrances in my wishlist :) A favourite.
By   - Research from Perth, Western Australia on 4/13/2016
So interesting to read the mixed opinions. For me, this started off smelling strongly of very sweet woods, like sandalwood, and then after 1-2 hours they quieted down and citrus, florals, and jam appeared as well. 10 hours later, it was still lingering but the spicy and citrus notes were gone. My favorite part were the intermediate hours - the first bit was simply too strong and once the sharper notes of citrus and spice are gone, it smells like a previous generation of women to me.
By   - director from NYC on 2/8/2016
This is one of my all time favorite perfumes. This is the scent of hanging garden dreams, with parrots cracking nuts between the flowered vines and spice trees. I don''t really get rose, blackberry or fig on me. But yes to spice, woods, citrus, fruit, and a hint of osmanthus and green tea. I wore this for my wedding last summer. Every time I got a waft of it, it helped me feel happy and grounded.
By   - Environmental scientist from Vancouver BC on 10/8/2015
My passion and profession is flowers. I will not expound on this gem by trying to define it. All I have for it is I feel damned Sexy wearing it. It is an orgasm for your nose, and maybe any man lucky enough to witness it on you.
By   - Floral Designer from Creston on 12/25/2014
I wrote to the Scent Desk to tell them I love pc01 (summer) and asked for a fall recommendation. They nailed it with this one. It is Queen of the Fairies as someone else wrote in the reviews. Pure joy. I ordered a bottle. Great from the moment you put it on and lasts all day.
By   - Risk Consultant from Berwyn, PA on 8/10/2013
I''m amending my last lukewarm review of this scent... I''ve continued wearing it over the past 6-8 months and its subtlety and elegance have really grown on me. My boyfriend likes it too and he''s not crazy about most of my fragrances. I''ll definitely try another bottle, simply because it''s different enough from all the celebrity garbage that''s out there. And I might try the body cream for more intensity.
By   - from NJ on 6/25/2011
A decent scent overall. It is spicy and interesting and I agree that it is similar to Luctor et Emergo''s People of the labyrinths. However, I tried both perfumes at the same time, one on the left arm, one on the right arm and from the very top notes til the dry down, I preferred People of the Labyrinths. I feel that the ingredients and the overall composition of POTL is much smoother and of better quality.I ordered a sample of bois de paradis cause the ingredients sounded so interesting, and it IS an interesting perfume, but I can''t really make out any of the individual listed ingredients. Good lasting power and good sillage too.
By   - from Puerto Rico on 5/25/2011
The figs, the woods, and the amber? I''m loving it. However, it isn''t intense enough for me. Take all that beautiful stuff, and crank it up a notch...then I''ll be enthralled enough to get a full bottle.
By   - from Baltimore on 4/23/2011
A perfect fragrance for the queen of the forest fairies. Damp, dark woods with the most gorgous rose dipped in succulent jam. Luscious and deep.
By   - from Mt. Lebanon, PA on 3/1/2011
Absolutely gorgeous.
By   - from OC, CA on 12/21/2010
I bought this sight unseen or, rather, sight unsmelled because of all the hype. With a few months of use behind me, it''s neither fabulous nor offensive... just unremarkable. At first spritz, it''s pleasant with some interesting layers but a few hours later all that''s left is a light powdery scent that, truth be told, reminds me a bit of the old ''70s fave ''Love''s Baby Soft.''
By   - from NJ on 10/24/2010
I have already posted about this perfume, but I wanted to mention something in response to the people who keep lamenting about the size of the bottle: I actually bought the lotion instead of the perfume, and I prefer it. It is just a tiny bit milder -- it doesn''t threaten to overpower as the perfume does if you happen to apply just a tiny bit too much. But, it still lasts all day. Very, very nice, plus the lotion is much less expensive! I keep trying to place this scent, and I realize that it smells a bit like a (much higher quality version of) CdG''s White. I love it!
By   - professor from Syracuse, NY on 10/19/2009
Loved the scent but there''s something in it that created a nasty rash on my arm. :-(
By   - from Vancouver, B.C. on 6/2/2009
By  on 5/26/2009
Stewed apples, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg all simmered down and topped with fresh, pink rose petals. Cured prunes, sprinkled with pistachios and topped with fresh, unsugared creme. There is also a creamy, fleshy freshness to "Bois de Paradis" that reminds me of early morning in summer the warming dew and gentle breezes, clean skin that still has a hint of "sleepyhead" oils on it. There is a woody moistness to "BdP", like smelling slightly damp earth, bark and pine needles beneath your feet. While the blend is fresh and feminine--if a little spicy--it conjures up the strangest sensation of being in front of a bonfire in a windy, brisk place---like near the seashore or in an open field. Spice, fresh rose, prunes, cream, nuts, salt, wood and earth--"Bois de Paradis".
By  on 5/23/2009
I really agree with the reviewer below who noticed a similarity between this scent and POTL. Both are unusual and sweet-incensey. In fact, I had been a devoted fan of POTL right up until I first smelled this. To me, Paradis is a more refined and subtle version of POTL. Also, it does not seem to become "musty" as POTL tends to do after a full day of wear. Rather, Paradis exhibits a spicier drydown which I find to be much more pleasant at the end of the day. Nice work, DelRae!
By   - professor from Syracuse, NY on 4/28/2009
Fabulously beautiful but I agree with a previous poster smaller bottles needed. A little goes a very, very long way.
By  on 3/30/2009
Pretty, sweet, a little too sweet for my taste, the blackberry makes it "fruity" - a similar yet preferable scent would be L''Artisan Parfumeur''s Voleur de Roses.
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 3/13/2009
I read the review here and elsewhere and ordered a sample. I do love it. I see the simularities in all of Michel Roudistka''s perfumes here in the Delrae line . I''d be very happy with a 20 ml bottle vs a 50 ml bottle of this because of the price and the intensity of the "Jam" scent in there. For one like me who adores strong perfume it''s odd that I''d say it''s too strong. Only the jam part is a little much for me. I enjoy it but wouldn''t want 50 ml''s of it.So far, Ammourrse is my favorite of the line. I am hoping Miss Delrae will make available smaller amounts of her perfumes so us common folk can own some.You really want to smell good? Wear Datur Noir by serge Lutens and a few hours later apply this one- Bois de Paradis! It''s a wonder.
By   - grade school teacher from Pacific Northwest on 3/8/2009
I really really tried to let this grow on me, because the description sounds so spot on with my tastes (except the bergamot). But all I could get from it was bergamot and woodsy and attic. It had a sharpness that lingered on me and I got no fruit or rose at all. The description of the other post about it being an old fragrance hit home with me - this smells like something from the 40s, that maybe your grandmother wore when she was young. Very sophisticated and complex, but just not me.
By   - from Princeton on 2/26/2009
Hands down the most alluring fragrance I have ever found. Beautiful, richly deep but not overpowering. Most perfumes wear off on me within a couple of hours, but one squirt of this lasts all day.
By  on 2/20/2009
Maybe I''m just not sophisticated enough, but this was not my style at all. It''s spicy and complex it smells like one of those "classic" perfumes that''s been around since the 1930s and has died a bit in the bottle.
By   - from Alexandria, Virginia on 2/18/2009
I love this but wish that I could buy a tiny bottle a little goes a long way. I think that is is a near perfect scent but for those who find it too sweet, try Serge Lutens Bois et Fruits. That is similarly beautiful but to my nose is drier and less sweet. SL still picks up the fruit with cedar but it doesn''t seem to stay as warm and ''jammy''. Personally, I prefer DelRae.
By   - from Buffalo on 1/2/2009
I really tried to like this. It gets such rave reviews. But on me it''s baby powder with a whiff of camphor, turning to tea rose and aluminum shavings. It clings to the back of my throat all day imparting a wierd metallic taste to everything that goes in my mouth.Just doesn''t work for me.
By  on 12/16/2008
This is a very lush, classy scent. I also think it is very youthful and ladylike. I can imagine a sophisticated woman, who is too young for guerlain, wearing this. It smells of blackberries with a hint of spice. Suitable for work or a night out, but maybe not for jeans.
By   - grad student from la-la land on 11/23/2008
This is truly a Masterpiece of a fragrance! It reminds me of POTL but with a little softer twist, its only competition is its sister Amoureuse who I would say is her older more mature sister ( and very worldly) and is also a total knockout!!!!!!!!
By   - from Hawaii on 7/7/2008
Bois de Paradis is just not my taste. I found it very hard to be around and not in the least masculine. Try a sample before buying.
By  on 5/17/2008
This does not work on me at alllll. I get no notes other than cinnamon-y yuckness.
By   - from va beach on 5/11/2008
I loved this sweet, woods-like, and intricate scent for an hour or so—and I admire it still—but the lasting scent carries way too much amber for me, with only the tiniest hint of cedar, herbs, and fruits. It didn’t get powdery on me as other have commented. Long-lasting, but not to my taste too sweet at the last.
By   - Music, words & software from SF Bay area on 5/6/2008
I was a bit suspicious of this at first, thinking it would to way too sweet for me. However, after giving it a few minutes I became completely enchanted by it. On me this is a beautifully rich combination of spices, woods and dark florals. Absolutely gorgeous and like nothing else I''ve encountered. I have Illuminee and may have to get this as well.
By   - from Portland on 3/27/2008
A truly gorgeous perfume: very adult but not, to my senses, at all "grandma". But sensual, complicated and beautifully blended. M. Roudnitska, will you marry me?
By   - from DC on 1/18/2008
though there are lovely elements to this perfume - a sophistocated woodsiness balanced against creamy amber florals - it melts too quickly into a heavy powdery smell that, though nice....IS kinda grandma-y! at the end of the day, my wrist smelled like a slightly softer and more refined anais anais. you could wear it with a cardigan and feel charmingly vintage-y....but i wish the listed citrus (and less so the blackberry) were a bit more pronounced to cut through the wall of scent. nice enough to finish the sample, but not to buy the bottle.
By   - from toronto on 1/16/2008
From the reviews and write up I thought this would be a wonderful fragrance. On trying the sample all I could detect was a close to the skin soft spice scent and unfortunately that did not last long either. Too bad sounded so pretty.
By  on 1/9/2008
I purchased a sample based on all the rave reviews. A nice quality perfume very well blended but unfortunately not for me. I don''t think I like the rose and it gets quite powdery on the dry down for me. It definitely would not stop me in my tracks or make me ask someone what perfume they are wearing. Maybe if it had more spice? I need more of an edge. It reminds me of something but I can''t figure out what. Grandma, perhaps?
By   - Banker from Brooklyn on 12/7/2007
This is unquestionably gasp-worthy. I''ve sniffed hundreds of scents and never had such an intense and immediate reaction as I did to BdP.It''s beautiful in the bottle, but it literally bursts with joy when it touches your skin.On me, it''s all luscious fig and rich, smoky woods on a base of warm amber.All I can say is WOW. I have found my fall-winter HG.
By   - Energy Analyst from Denver on 12/4/2007
So when I first put it on, I said out loud: "Oh my GOD, that''s BEAUTIFUL!" Then I came here to review it, and from the Luckyscent description it seems like I''m not the only one to have had this reaction. This is such an exquisite scent. The delicate sweetness of the woods reminds me of honey. This is classy without being restrictive and harsh, sweet without being cloying. The vibrant interplay of the complex notes makes you keep returning to it. Now I hate myself because this amazing juice is over a hundred clams for a bottle (deservedly so), and now I have another item to put on my to-buy list. Please try this one -- it''s really something else.
By   - Student from New Jersey on 11/9/2007
I have worn Scherrer II for over 20 years. Yes, I have to shelve it for the summer months, but out again it comes for Fall and Winter nights. For some time now, it has not been as satisfying and I have been hunting for something similar but gentler, more refined...romantic. Bois de Paradis is it. I like my fragrances well-blended without different notes demanding separate attention. Bois de Paradis does this with refinement and elegance and deep femininity.
By   - from Abilene, TX on 8/20/2007
My favorite fragrance ever and I''m into my second bottle. It''s my "go to" scent. Very rich, complex and I get a lot of compliments with many comments that they''ve never, ever smelled anything like it (and they''re very disappointed to find out that they can''t just pick it up somewhere the next time they go shopping because it''s not that easy to find). Darkly fruity but not too gourmand. The woodsy notes are beautiful. I''ve never been into woods until Bois de Paradis. Now, I''ve got to test any fragrance that lists similar notes. None come even close to this one.
By   - Biologist from Rockville, MD on 8/12/2007
I totally agree this is a very special, high quality scent. It is very, very rich and really has a dark sweetness. I got lots of berries and fruits- ripe, juicy and definitely intense. Still it is just not for me. Way too strong at the beginning even though it dries down very nicely.
By   - from Dubai on 8/2/2007
Top notes rose and green leaves. Base note amber. Top note fades very quickly. Soft base note after 2 hours, fades soon after.
By   - from denver on 7/8/2007
another winner from Del Rae - rich rich rich. I love smelling it
By   - from Brooklyn NY on 7/7/2007
This is hands down the most beautiful, high quality fragrance my nose has ever encountered and I am thrilled lucky scent is now carrying Del Rae Roth''s collection. Roth''s fragrances are inspired by the atmosphere of San Francisco. As a one time resident, I confess that Bois de Paradis actually makes me feel homesick when I wear it. I smell ocean air and the flowers that grow there mixed in an uplifting, modern way. It''s warm, cool and clean on my wrist... it parallels walking the city on a foggy, misty day with a cashmere coat on. It''s original and has lasting power. Sophisticated enough to wear to the office and then out for a drink in the evening.If you are more of a streamlined person, try Illumine. It''s a little silver dress in a bottle. Clean with notes of wet cement and sea air. Incredible.
By   - Sales from OC on 7/7/2007
The description says it all - this is a drop dead gorgeous perfume!
By  on 7/1/2007
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