Sushi Imperiale

Eau de Toilette

by Bois 1920

Sushi Imperiale Sizes Available:
100ml $205
0.7ml sample $4
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After reading notes and seeing so many great reviews I ordered sample eager to try it. I tested it expecting a sweet fragrance but on my skin it smells horrible! Animalic for the opening of a wet cat in a barn it changed to a horse barn later yuk! I assumed I was given wrong perfume so I waited and reordered sample. Nope! Sadly I cannot wear it. I live in the Arizona desert and it is 122 degrees so maybe heat ruins it. I recommend trying this perfume do not blind buy it! On a positive note I did find a different perfume that smells like apple pie on me - Nobile 1942 ale Danza Delle Libellue and love it!
By   - Writer from Bullhead City on 8/4/2018
i loved this. very sweet on me.
By   - nail tech from everywhere on 3/10/2012
Sushe Imperiale is a wonderful fragrance its like Christmas in a bottle-apple pie--yum, oh boy!!! Glad I purchased a bottle!!!!
By   - Teacher from Grand Rapids on 4/17/2011
Sushi Imperiale is a deliciously spicy peppernutmegcinnamon juice, which I found to be very much like al02 by biehl parfumkunstwerke. It''s a top shelf spicy fragrance that is light enough to welcome using it for layering on others. al02 is a bit more potent, spicy and heady. Sushi is a lighter less committed version.
By   - from San Francisco on 3/29/2010
Purchased a sample. I can''t smell the cider smell! To me it smells like the other spices - nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper with a hint of citrus. Too strong to wear all day - I would have to wash it off after an hour. Can''t see it as a masculine.
By   - medical secretary from St. Arnaud, Victoria, Australia on 2/10/2010
Smells like my husband''s aftershave. Very linear and masculine.
By   - Writer from LA on 9/20/2009
Crisp and serious. I don''t get the overpowering single notes listed in some of the reviews. A perfect fresh and well balanced daily driver for a man.
By  on 8/12/2009
When I put it on, I get a nice crisp citrus opening, and then it quickly turns into a wonderful, spicy-sweet apple scent with a dash of cinammon. It''s warm and evocative without being cloying. Reading the reviews, I guess this scent really depends on your chemistry. I''m the type who usually can''t do florals (white flowers turn to soap, alas), but I can pull off the amber and gourmand scents. I totally love this one. On me it''s pretty feminine, but if a guy wore it I wouldn''t mind!
By   - from LA on 3/8/2009
Grape juice was what I got, rather than the ginger fizz. Soft, baby shampoo, grape smell that smoothes out really fast, sweet but mature, it gets quiet real fast. Unisex, but maybe a little too food-y for a guy.
By   - writer from chicago on 2/17/2009
am i crazy or does this remind anyone else of egoiste?
By   - from philadelphia on 12/26/2008
Rootbeer! Very crisp and delicious. I suppose it''s actually supposed to be a pickled ginger accord like Demeter''s sushi, with some warm rice. It''s a lovely crisp gingerherb tonic that manages to be round and jolly. Totally wonderful.
By   - student from New York on 5/7/2008
I smelled like I rolled in a tub of bruised apples mixed with rotten honeysuckle petals and cheap vanilla extract after dabbing this on. I had an instant headache, and could not scrub it off FAST enough. Which is a shame, because it smelled as good as some of the other reviewers have described...before I put it on.
By   - Student  from Redondo Beach on 4/19/2008
I didn''t feel that this a scentmarketed for males at firstbut later is reminded me ofa cross between John Varvatosand Coco! It lasted andlasted.
By   - healthcare professional on 4/8/2008
This reminds me of Dinner by Bobo, but 100 times better. I like the spicy, mulled cider-ness, but it is quite foody. I haven''t figured out yet whether I love it or hate it.
By  on 3/22/2008
I received a sample of Sushi Imperiale a couple days ago, along with another order. At first, I was curious as to the name, thinking it would smell like... well, sushi, or some forgotten ancient Japanese temple filled with incense. I was wrong. I am very impressed with the scent, which is reminiscent of me working on a wooden apple press, pressing apples for cider in the Northwest. Starts off with a burst of mulled cider, with a hint of nutmeg, to the soft almost powdery dry down of vanilla. I just had to order me the full bottle! Addicting scent indeed.
By   - Bon Vivant from California on 2/20/2008
Fresh, bracing, gorgeous scent! Probably my favourite new discovery this year. Deliciously cidery. A+
By   - from Vancouver on 12/7/2007
This is an update for the one below: this is for sure a man''s scent, but it still smell''s good!
By   - stay home mom 27 from dewey, ok (bartlesville) on 12/6/2007
This smells really really good! I have never smelled a foody scent that smells clean and fresh! I can smell all the notes listed. I think this is a man''s scent-I''ll have to try it on my husband (but he''s in Iraq :(
By   - stay home mom 27 from dewey, ok (bartlesville) on 12/5/2007
This smells like a man''s cologne, it was strong and biting...must be the pepper note. I don''t get all the raves for this one.
By  on 11/7/2007
I want to love this scent - but I get all of the citrus and none of the spices. Even on the drydown. It makes me sad....
By   - trainer from Washington DC on 9/24/2007
I smell cinnamon, spice, and everything nice. Mostly I smell mulled cider. This reminds me most of Frapin 1270, another very elegant gourmand fragrance. It would make an excellent fallChristmas fragrance for a man who''s not too dignified to be a rampant foodie.
By   - journalist from Manila, Philippines on 9/5/2007
This is a potent fruityspicy scent that lasts and lasts. I agree with the poster who mentioned candles - also reminds me of pomanders made from oranges stuffed with cloves.
By   - from San Diego on 8/27/2007
Love it as a mans fragrance , only the very last of the dry down is unisex to me.
By  on 8/1/2007
Beautiful and warm, comforting and classic, romantic and royal. This scent reminds me of Creeds Royal Delight but far more approachable and wearable daily. This is perfect for someone who wants to make a memorable impression.
By   - from Topanga on 7/13/2007
rich...spicy and warm on me. yes it doesremind me of the holidays.. winter...and dressing UP ... very feminine notmasculine at all for me... i assure you... this is a walk in the roomeveryone notices you perfume.lovely!
By   - agent from saint petersburg on 6/29/2007
To me this smells just like a christmas-time candle. A wax smell pervades, and it does smell like it was made for a man.
By   - from Gillette, Wyoming on 6/28/2007
Ahhh, what an amazing scent for a boy. Clean, clear, bright and then the vanilla gives it just a bit of sexy.
By   - from seattle on 6/24/2007
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