Olivier Durbano


Eau de Parfum

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I had high hopes for this, despite the off-putting color, which sort of reminds me of a toxic waste spill. And sadly, this is what this was on me. I didn't get any of the lifting hyssop, or any herbal notes that would have offered a counterbalance to what, on me, was a sickly sweet powdery hot mess with an acrid top note that keeps going strong. IF this works for your skin, and IF you want something that will stick around, then give a try? If you like sweet versions of cinnamon, ambergris, vetiver, and musk, this may well work for you. For me, walking a dog on a beautiful May morning, I felt like I was wearing insect repellant of the most relentless sort. Not much poetic about Chrysolithe for me.
By   - Educator from Baltimore on 5/2/2020
This is a big shaggy smile of a fragrance and really does move in mysterious ways -- I hate to raise the image in a scent review, but this must be what it feels like to be a happy St Bernard galumphing around through trees and high grass on a sunny day, not really headed anywhere but having a glorious time barreling around. (No, this does not smell like dog. You wish dogs smelled like this. You wish you did too.) Warm, green, and joyous, with a delightful drydown.
By   - editor from Seattle on 7/12/2016
Light, sweet and crispy just the way I imagine my day lifting up and ready to take off for an adventure. Just perfect.
By   - Teacher  from NYC on 1/7/2016
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