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Eau de Parfum

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Extremely cooling and atmospheric. After a hot shower, this is the added touch that makes me feel completely fresh. I love it when fragrances make me think of a place as well as a time. I think of the 80's in Miami.
By   - from Planet Earth on 8/11/2011
This is a great smelling perfume. however, the price increase of 75$ really made me rethink my decision to purchase this
By   - Retail from USA on 3/25/2011
Really different fragrance. Fantastic and startling opening. Only the poor longevity and rich price would prevent me fom ordering a bottle on the spot.
By   - Herbalist from Atlanta on 3/18/2011
Smells like Menthol Rub on me.
By   - Healthcare Provider from Tampa, Fl on 10/14/2009
I like the scent but it has no staying power! I can see the point about menthol but I would add it's musky. It is a touch masculine but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Be sure to sample to see how well it lasts on your own skin.
By   - bartender from KC on 8/4/2009
Certainly an unusual scent. On me it was almost menthol-y. I could get with that for a daytime fragrance but must say it had no staying power whatsoever.
By   - therapist from Kansas City on 4/2/2009
after getting a sample i knew my sister would adore it .. and i was right. incense. woods. this is not for the faint hearted... if you have read TWILIGHT.. that says it all.
By   - agen from St Pete on 3/24/2009
My goodness! The previous two comments make this fragrance seem almost mild! It isn't on my skin. It is a respite from the hectic world in an ancient, tiny chapel. Incense hangs in the air. Old wood pews and beams with centuries of wear and polish...A large fresh vase of garden flowers and herbs stands on the altar. This fragrance is a step too masculine for me, so I probably won't buy it. I would however, follow a man for miles who wears it, and, if a candle of this comes out...I'll get it in a heartbeat.
By   - from Abilene, TX on 11/29/2008
minty, fresh, slight incense, easy to wear and beautifully done
By  on 11/27/2008
This is the nicest and most approachable scent I have tried from this line. The mint and spices predominate on me without being overly sweet or incense driven.
By  on 11/16/2008
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