Olivier Durbano

Black Tourmaline

Eau de Parfum

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I was very intrigued with Olivier Turbano and his scents. I received a green and earthy tone to it; however I desired a bit more spice.
By   - Exec in sales from Minneapolis on 5/17/2020
i was surprised this was so far on the masculine side, , I wouldn't particularly care for it on a man. I have been getting oliver samples for a while now and I love it. I decided to just go ahead a splurge and purchase a bottle. I wanted to purchase joseph stat but it is no longer made, it too was unisex . I am very sorry can't get jo stat but this is very appealing for one who loves that incense, earthy scent
By   - therapist from charlotte on 10/20/2017
Agree with Colin - Black Tourmaline starts out beautifully, like a lightweight smoky incense that fades through a kinda turpentine/kinda leather phase, more conventionally masculine. The longer it stays, tho, the less interesting it becomes. It is unusual to have a smoky fragrance be this airy, most of them have a lot more "earth" – this is one is nice that way. I'm not crazy about the dry down. Pleasant overall, but I like the hard-hitting Ladamo better.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 11/9/2015
Daring scent; not bad, but a bit too harsh for my own tastes, like another reviewed said, "menthol".
By  on 6/2/2015
This one is a beautiful disaster for me. This fragrance starts off very nice with a smokey haze. On the top you get smoke, I mean real ashy, smoke mixed with some very nice incense. The top notes are so beautiful, it reminds me of the types of incense they burn in church. The middle notes consist of the smoke/incense turned down with a kick of black pepper, still very nice. The base is where this one loses me, and this is when the spice comes in. After about the sixth hour of the fragrance the base started to settle in and it was pure middle eastern spice. You get a heavy dose of cumin and cardamom which I personally can not stand. I am just not a fan of middle eastern spices there is something about them that makes me gag. It's too bad that the fragrance took that spicy turn at the end otherwise it would have been an intant buy for me. Very beautiful opening and middle with a disappointing end. I give it a moderate to slightly strong longevity and projection.
By  on 4/12/2013
I guess some of the reviewers are right. Definitely not for everyone. To me, it turns out kinda menthol (like mentholatum)
By   - vocalist/pianist from osaka on 8/7/2012
Smoke, fire, pepper, wood, incense, and something very dark. Autumn in a bottle! It's smoldering and delicious. My husband absolutley loves this on me. It is a masculine scent but women can definately pull this off in a sexy way. I was afraid I would love this one. Shame it's soooo expensive. Maybe if I'm good, Santa will get it for me.
By   - Insurance Agent on 10/14/2010
I couldn't figure out why this scent smelled so masculine on me. DUH, it's leaning towards the masculine anyways. Oh well. I don't really like this one nearly as much as rock crystal. it isn't horrible though.
By   - Mommy from Somewhere in new England on 8/18/2010
You can't go anywhere else to buy it cheaper. The creator of the perfume, Mr Durbano, increased the prices globally. No one sells it at lower prices. What this monsieur did is a very ugly thing and its very "faux-pas". Better find something else to buy...
By  on 3/9/2010
Hey!!!I wanted to buy this and now you guys increased the price from $125 to $200!!! I have to go look for it somewhere else now...
By  on 3/6/2010
I received this with about 30 other samples and this is in my top two (it's down to this and Andy Tauer L'air du Morrocain).. this would probably be number 1, but it wore off more quickly on me than Tauer. As a lady, I keep trying to wear floral, froo-froo fragrances, but they just don't work on me; I guess the reason why is these smoky ones mix better with my chemistry. This is fabulous! I love it. I can't stop smelling my skin and will be buying this very soon.
By   - Legal Assistant  from DC on 1/9/2010
Just wanted to add that this IS primarily masculine but CAN be worn by any woman who wants to without smelling "weird". Much like Bandit is mostly feminine, it too could also be worn by a man. Lovely!
By  on 11/26/2009
What Karen said. Only I would wear it in public, in private, sleeping, waking. . . . WOW!!!
By  on 11/26/2009
how did they get the smell of smoke in there? starts strong and spicy but dries down smoky just like other reviewers mentioned! this is a masculine scent
By   - from montreal on 10/8/2009
Loved it. Bonkers. It's the next campfirey step up from the Incense/Comme DG standbys, sophisticated, dark, myrrh with a nice woodsy(woods is all yum, no sharp edges) listing towards masculine, but a confident lady could ROCK this scent. Stayed on for hours, mellowed only slightly, was so surprised.
By   - coal daughter from Brooklyn on 10/4/2009
For the first ten minutes, I was thinking, "This is PERFUME? No, this is TURPENTINE." But then it developed and Oh...My...God. Dark night; dark woods; dark jewels; dark velvet; dark liqueur; dark eyes; dark desires...Can I wear this in public? Gorgeous, evocative, mysterious, beautiful. No, I cannot wear it in public unless I can stop sniffing my own wrists. Which I cannot...I love it.
By   - from Wisconsin on 9/28/2009
As soon as I'd applied the sample to my skin, it was love, I swear I was faint! I've never smelled anything like it, and out of piles and piles of samples and bottles, this one remains my ultimate favorite. I consider it unisex, though I tried it on my boyfriend, and we didn't like it half as much on him as we did on me. Smoky, very incense-ie, and on me, quite a bit of peppery cedar (though this mellows after a bit)- I think haunting is the most accurate word I've seen describing it. Ever buy a bottle that you love so much you end up leaving a pile of other "favorites" on your vanity, forgotten and unloved, for weeks, months? That's this one for me!
By   - from SC on 5/27/2009
I tried a sample, fell in love! This is the absolute leathery, smloky scent I have been searching for! I hope this will always be available I don't know what I would do if I could not get this! I finally found my signature! Thank you for having it Luckyscent! : )
By   - from Silver Spring, MD on 2/2/2009
To me, this is very masculine. Normally, I dont mind masculine scents, but this one is a little much. It's very smokey and would be incredible on a man. I love the way it smells, but it's not for me.
By  on 12/7/2008
This should never have worked on me: I'm very ladylike, I've never liked masculine scents on myself, and my skin chemistry renders 98% of the perfumes I try cheap and nasty. But you know what? This is absolutely divine on me... smokey, leathery incense. Definitely sample this one first, but if it works on you, you'll go delirious from huffing your wrist too much.
By  on 9/26/2008
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