Serge Lutens

La Vierge de Fer

Eau de Parfum

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Jasmine and pear, luscious and sweet. This must be what the Garden of Eden would smell like. I don't detect anything metallic or aldehydic about this -- it's purely lush fruit and flowers, and absolutely heavenly. This would certainly be my Holy Grail of perfumes.....if only it didn't vanish entirely on me after two hours. :(. But try a sample and see if it lasts longer on you!
By   - Futurologist from Philadelphia on 12/22/2015
The other reviewer commented pear, my first impression was apple. This scent surprised my because, based on the description, I expected fresh and tart, but I got lots of sweet instead. It is like a syrup, but the incense makes it interesting and the aldehydes keep it from being too sweet. I do smell the jasmine but it's different from what you'd expect. I don't smell lily but I believe it's there to add the freshness rather than stand out on its own. All in all, a really nice, fun and inoffensive spring/summer scent.
By   - Property manager from Orange County on 9/2/2015
PEAR. Sweet, perfectly ripe, fresh cut, a little juicy. The jasmine really adds to syrup here, but right out of the bottle it's just pear. Clean, sophisticated, inoffensive - probably a little sweet for someone looking for the lilies or the musk, but that sweetness chills out a bit with the dry down. It seems like a great spring/summer scent.
By   - Bookseller from Los Angeles on 8/20/2015
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