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Omg, why did no one warn me about the patchouli in this. Ugh. First time I wore it, I wrote down some notes—'sexy complex overwhelming drunk/drugged??'. I went and read the reviews and thought, I love rose, I love violet, I love pepper, musk should go great, what am I missing; I'll try it again. Tried it again. The quote from that show The Good Place popped into my head—ugh, why do I smell loud and confusing? Realized it had to be patchouli, did a bunch of googling bc SL doesn't list the notes on their website either, Fragrantica confirmed. I think there's something nice hiding under there but oh my goodness not for me.
By   - Business from Boston on 10/27/2020
She is a wartime girl in a simple dress with a floral pattern, blonde, very young and naive, at the dawn of strange times.
By   - musician from New York on 5/1/2020
According to multiple sources, the inspiration for La Fille de Berlin is not the German femme fatale of the '20s but the women of Berlin who survived the brutal Russian occupation after World War II. There is tremendous violence and pain in this back story, to which Lutens has alluded in his oblique descriptions of the scent. In that context, La Fille de Berlin is a rather tame interpretation of the endurance, courage, and beauty Lutens set out to convey. This is a lovely, just-right rose with some green and peppery facets and finally some fruitiness and mild animalics that can be worn from the office through the evening without raising any eyebrows. But I had hoped for a bit more intrigue.
By   - Editor from Providence on 12/21/2017
F. B. W. I had a feeling I would love this, but I had no idea I'd fall IN love with it. New signature scent for sure.
By   - Journalist from Eugene, OR on 2/2/2017
I admit, the color is what initially drew me to this. My little sample is a gorgeous plummy color, I can't imagine how nice the FB is. But I really like this! I'm fairly young (20), so I tend to avoid rose scents like the plague thinking they're gonna be too "mature" for me. But this is very pleasant. It's not loud nor does it hurt my nose with any sharpness/chemical smell. It's slightly warm, but I do detect some green notes. It's very jammy and inoffensive. I think this is a good introduction to rose scents, I'm eager to try more now!
By   - College Student from Cleveland on 1/20/2017
I am incredibly picky about my rose scents, I typically don't wear roses of any type because I don't like the usual chemical/boring smell to me--but I love it in this form. It's wonderfully rich and jammy with a little bit of a kick that keeps it from being too romantic and heavy. I wear this in the winter, but it is a bit too heavy for summer. I think this rose scent reminds me of a rich, full bodied red rose, romantic but with a little bit of an edginess that keeps it feeling modern.
By   - Office from Irvine on 3/14/2016
This rose has the clarity and radiance of a perfect ruby. La Fille de Berlin is a juicy, cabernet sauvinon red rose, supported by a subtle hint of dark green leaves, and a whisper of goose down soft musk. Subtle, yet present sillage and longwearing, this is my perfect rose. Like an exquisite fairytale illustration, its simplicity is both haunting and deeply romantic. Other roses can be too sweet, sharp, blowsy, or complicated; this one is perfection.
By   - Arts and Cultural Affairs from Los Angeles on 3/10/2016
The rose definitely overpowers this perfume. The violet is also noticeable and gives this perfume an air similar to Tom Ford's Black Orchid without the alcohol smell that resonates with it. The spiciness of the black pepper helps ease the old lady vibe of the rose. I like it - but its definitely not my favorite Serge Lutens scent. Its almost too femme for my tastes - but it definitely grows on you - literally after 15 min , when it incorporates with your own personal scent.
By   - Analyst from Portland, OR on 2/20/2016
I had hoped that LFdB might be unisex, but make no mistake: this scent is ultra-feminine. The Victorian rich red rose is gilded with a frilly muguet and a waxen, soapy tilleul that push the scent WAY into girly-girl territory. Rests on a very slightly skanky musk. Given that, it would make a great bridal scent, or va-va-voom retro scent.
By   - digital artist from boerne texas usa on 1/7/2016
This is a good rose fragrance. I am not a fan of Lutens perfumes, have sampled many and find most of them disgusting, but this one is nice. Opens sweet, fresh (green half-note?) and very rosy, dries down pleasant, not-quite-woody, a little flat, and doesn't last long, but definitely nothing unpleasant or cheap-smelling. I would hardly call it a "sillage monster," lol! It is in fact very light, once it's been on for a few minutes.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 12/10/2015
Auntie's rose hand cream was the initial impression. Then the most lovely dry down. I can't stop sniffing.
By   - Artist from Atlanta on 12/6/2015
This is what I always hoped houses like Yves St Laurent would create - a scent of substance, plummy, jam-like, but not sugary sweet. A bunch of roses of all sorts- bulgarian and tea rose mostly, a drop of jasmine, and the trademark Christopher Sheldrake dash of spice. Dasmascones, oh my! Stabilize it all with a whisper of neutral musk, and a barely detectable warm note of wood. It is versatile, and can be worn all the time aside from the hottest of days. No weak floral here! Full bottle worthy. I want a shower gel of this!
By   - Artist in general on 1/5/2015
Breathtaking...a shockingly lovely, haunting rose...
By   - from Orange County, CA on 1/28/2014
Another 5-star rating for La Fille de Berlin. I just bought this yesterday. It is divine. This is a lovely, ripe, full-bodied ROSE that remains rosey. The violet note in this helps the rose drydown to stay kind of sweet, with a tiny hint of fruitiness. The musk and pepper is verrrrry subtle, but helps to anchor the composition so it never gets too heady. First few minutes is an eternally blooming rose; next handful of minutes is a little potpourri-ish, but the expensive kind; after about 45 minutes, it settles into a warm, sensual, robust, and well-rounded rose that doesn't get sour. moderate sillage... the area of effect is large, but the concentration of the scent remains much closer to the skin. the thing i love most about this vs. other rose fragrances is that it remains rose even after 4 hours. It's long lasting, but doesn't turn sour or rancid or vanilla or cheap-smelling. it is a grown-up, confident, sensual rose.
By   - from studio city, CA on 6/20/2013
IMO, rose fragrances can often smell like a sachet in an old lady's underwear drawer. Nothing could be further from the truth with La Fille de Berlin. It's the perfect rose scent: unabashedly feminine (without being cloying), classic, and sexy. The musk and spiciness add depth. I wore exclusively unisex or more masculine oriental scents for years until this fragrance convinced me to try something new. I'm so glad I did!
By   - from dc on 6/10/2013
This is exquisite. It's clean, subtle, but mysterious and sultry. The rose is front and center with a hint of spice that plays on just the right chords. I was skeptical but my goodness, this is utterly beautiful.
By   - from the Big Apple core on 4/27/2013
your scared to try it, its dark red, so was i, your thinking maybe this is going to knock me out in one punch its lutens after all....dont be afraid its a beauty of a rose....with a history of classiq roaming the air....maturity advised. woman not girls need apply.
By   - from edmonton on 4/8/2013
Glorious. Glamourous. Supposedly a tribute to Marlene Dietrich, la fille de Berlin. It's a wow silver screen rose with a modern twist. The director, Billy Wilder, also from Berlin was a great friend of Dietrich's so it's funny the creator of la fille de Berlin is named Sheldrake, a name Wilder put in "Sunset Boulevard," and "The Apartment," as an inside joke.
By   - from Fairfax, Virginia on 4/5/2013
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