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Cuir Mauresque

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about Cuir Mauresque...
This scent is not for me as it is a bit fruity for me. However, it is a very strong and well-made fragrance. Hands down a rare scent for the many that love a 'fruity smell.' Job well done as a whole Serge Lutens
By   - Sales Executive from Minneapolis on 3/10/2020
I love certain SL scents like Chergui, but this one has some undertones I dont' love - maybe it's the civit that comes through just a tad too strong. I tend to love leather scents, but this leather is just not to my taste. I preferred Reve en Cuir to this one. I have it on and it's not bad, but not one I'm going to order a full bottle of.
By   - Consultant from Weybridge on 11/10/2011
Unfortunately, this does not suit me at all, which is a shame as it smells so lovely in the bottle. It's way too leathery for my taste.
By   - Pharmacist from London on 3/31/2011
All the notes in this call my name, I only wish that on me it had some sillage and lasted. Too bad, because I could adore this. MKK is one of my favorites, and I had hoped to get something as deliciously wicked with Cuir Mauresque. Unfortunately my skin drank it up and left me with a slight whiff.
By   - from Mt. Lebanon, PA on 3/11/2011
The floral notes are a wee bit much. Still a great scent overall, but wrong for me.
By  on 3/11/2011
Kind of a fruity leather, like Daim Blonde but warm instead of cool.
By  on 12/22/2010
When I read the description, I thought it was gonna be chic. It's not my type of scent... I like odd and weird smells, but this is retired old people. If you want to smell like a little Chanel No. 5 with fresh soap, lots of leather and smooth spices then this is for you.
By   - Student from Atlanta, GA on 12/14/2010
I had the opposite experience to the reviewer below - I didn't like this one at all sprayed, but just a couple of tiny dabs made it bloom wonderfully and deliciously. Experiment both ways to see if it works for you!
By   - from San Diego on 12/7/2010
One of truly great leathers. CM is glove smooth with floral underpinnings and animalic accents. Apply heavily - you won't be disappointed!
By  on 10/27/2010
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