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The sexiest fragrance I’ve ever owned. Warm, animalic musk with hints of powder, honey, and post-coital funk. This seems to be one that’s especially dependent on body chemistry. It’s worth trying just for the experience.
By   - Dancer  from NYC on 12/15/2020
Thrilled that Luckyscent is once again carrying this one-of-a-kind, fabled scent, as it has been hard to find in the interim. MKK is for many musk lovers like myself, the go-to, reference, holy grail modern musk. Oily/sebaceous smelling, dirty and carnal, with waxy, sweetish beeswax and cistus hints. Smells human, sensual and masculine, like the used t-shirt and briefs of a 22-yr-old suntanned muscled auto repairman. Fore some it borders upon repulsive... yet it's always compelling and fascinating. A Mapplethorpe photo in perfume form. I adore it and hope never to be without a flacon of it. A stunner. Even though its price is nearly double now what it was when it was first released.
By   - digital artist from boerne texas usa on 6/7/2019
I'm only here to read the reviews. Oh and buy a sample, duh.
By   - Junior high teacher from Porterville on 3/26/2019
SL's Muscs Koublai Khan. This was a blind purchase for me. After reading all of the reviews I admit I was very curious as to what it would smell like. Would it smell like balls? Spicy? In my opinion this is a very sheer nude skin fragrance. In the opening it smells like a 80's musk for ladies - powdery, clean, barber shop, soapy. After the initial dry down I can smell very faint hints of crotch and it is actually a good balance with the cleanliness of the opening. A very faint suggestion of dirty cumin/spice can be detected, but you have to search for it - not prominent at all. Projection is weak, and silage is about 4-7 hours depending on heat and body chemistry. I like it. Has the powdery feel of Prada and Dior Homme. This isn't a head turner, but I can tell the faint animalistic hint will leave an impression on a lover ;) Makes your skin smell like a better version of itself.
By   - Mortgage from Dallas on 11/7/2013
Hot!! Seriously hot. I mean, it smells like heat. One end of the musk spectrum is Nasamotto White Musk. Clean as soap. Koublai Khan is the extreme opposite. Dirty and hot! And has bite. Don't judge it after the first test spritz. Give it a chance. Live with it for a day or two. Come back to it a couple weeks later. This is the only way to actually judge a fragrance. (BTW, this goes for any fragrance. Catty, off the cuff reviews are silly and ignorant and not really helpful). I don't often CRAVE certain scents - but on a cool autumn afternoon, Koublai Khan is calling my name. I do tend to wear this more in the fall and winter. But who cares about seasonality. Wear what you love. I have pretty big fragrance collection, and I easily give this a 5.
By   - from NYC on 5/7/2013
I had a misfortune of trying a wax sample of this on my upper arm right after a nice bubble bath. It smells like poop! It is shocking to me that Serge can get away selling this and even find fans! It is disgusting! If I smelled this on a stranger, I would have thought that the person is incontinent. I cannot believe someone can find this appealing.
By  on 4/10/2013
to those who are sampling this : dont put your nose rite onto the skin , instead smell it diffused in the air , like spray it on ur wrist and then move your arm around and smell it a few inches away from ur face. the dirtiness isnt nearly as potent that way and u gotta remember this is the way others will smell it on u as well . i often see ppl spraying this and theyll stick their nose rite to their arm and be like " ughhhh noooo " and thats not the way to do it with mkk . if u ever get the chance to smell this on someone else youll find just how warm , soft , and only moderately musky the sillage is . i just sprayed this on my arm now and when i put my nose rite to my skin it smells alot like ball soup but moving my arm away and smelling it as it would naturally diffuse in the air leaves this beautifully rich (as in density and rich as in $$$$), warm , sweet aura behind . i wear perfumes for myself but this one i wear for everyone round me also ; i get MANY compliments on it and when i ask what they smell surprisingly not many say " musk ". i give this a genuine 5 stars not as a lutens fanboy but becos mkk is a masterpiece
By   - nakee pizza boy on 1/8/2013
they NAILED it with the name! This is probably exactly what Koublai Khan smelled like: Riding across the globe on a horse for a year, sweatily climbing up mountains, having sex with slaves, dressed in dirty animal skins!
By   - lawyer from san diego on 6/28/2012
I've been waiting to review this. I'll be blunt, this was a sweet pleasant, erotic surprise for me. It smells like slobbery roses... sweet, beyond sweet, erotic skin smell. The DryDown smells of PURE civet grease, which has this.... sweet yet faintly metallic Pear Skin, Anise vibe, with a notable fecal tone, like.. as i say, after trying to wipe with a single-ply tissue.. I'm saving this for special occassions. It's a mood fragrance. As i describe it... If i washed my mouth out with Rose water.. and then slobbered on a crotch, let it dry a bit, and then sniff.... that's what MKK is. This is one.. DIRTY animal, and ah love eeet!!
By   - Student from Miami on 2/3/2012
I just got my bottle and was anxious to try it- but reading some of these anon raters, i was not sure. It has been 4 hours and I still love it, light and close to the skin, I finally found my musk scent. I think the guy that said it smelled like his balls was not smelling his arm, maybe a bit lower- why are these people afraid to post their name when they leave a bad review- do they really even try it? Anyway- 5 plus stars from me!
By   - artist from Marina Del Ray on 12/17/2011
RE: It absolutely does not small like the Body Shop's white musk. I made a trip to the mall specifically to find out. This is a warm, true musc. It smells like sweet loins and a little powder. It's beautiful and nasty.
By   - Arts Administrator on 8/4/2011
This is almost a carbon copy of The Body Shop's White Musk, which costs a fraction of the price. A pleasant, light and clean musk.
By   - from London on 4/30/2011
This is deliciously naughty. Someone who smelled it on a tissue said it smelled like poo. Maybe just a hint but mixed in with so many other things, it doesn't matter. Definitely smells dirty, but in a very good way. Sadly, no staying power. I have to put it on every couple of hours. No one else wanted to try it, so I can't speak to skin chemistry, it smells good on me. So naughty, so awesome.
By   - social work from portland on 3/22/2011
If ever there were a scent that smelled like Bigfoot's penis, this would be IT.
By  on 3/18/2011
OK....Tried it once, read the reviews, decided to go back in all fairness and try it again before giving everybody a bad, don't say I didn't try...I love sex just as much, or probably more, than the next guy...I mean that really dirty sex, piggy sex, get down and withit August-no-airconditioning-and- about-four-hours-into-a-marathon-stay-at-home-afternoon-and-on-the-third-go-around kind of sex, when I say something is skanky, nasty, nothin I would touch at grandma's house when she was down and needed the laundry done after it hadnot been touched in a week without gloves and a n oxygen mask with portable tank...this fluid needs a haz-mat sticker on it...will someone call the CDC about having that done...People, please, you cannot like that smell on your body...I had coworkers asking me to go home and take a shower, and wink wink nodnod from all the guys in the office who assumed I had had no sleep since the day before....until they got close enough...then they just sort of snorted, sneered and walked off...I did make a new freind though...anyone know what a warthog eats...I can't get him to leave,.. cg.
By  on 2/9/2011
I love this fragrance, I put it on and immediately imagine myself as being rich and powerful....for me it is a an amazingly masculine fragrance thanks SL
By   - Director from Cairns on 11/8/2010
I have to say, this one on me is rank stank. It smells like wet groundhog. Not that I know what that smells like but, I can imagine. I am going to try it again because A. I LOVE SL ( all of them so far besides this ) , and B. All of you people cannot be wrong. I need to be in a different mind set. I was soo thinking that I would smell like crotch that I wasn't open to the possibilities. Not sure which is worse, crotch or wet vermin. Anyway, will try it again.
By   - Mommy from Somewhere in new England on 8/13/2010
This is like sex with James Bond - the Sean Connery incarnation. Pure human sensuality. Not dirty, rank nor unclean - but androstenone and a little brutish. It brings to mind the warm scent of a man's skin in a room furnished with cedar furniture, leatherbound books, vases of roses, a little patchouli and tobacco burning, and a (what else?) a bear-skin rug in front of a roaring fire. Grrr.
By   - Femme Fatale from Sydney on 6/28/2010
This scent is so delicious, but rather intimate. Seriously, I just can't see myself wearing this to work everyday (unless I were to become an extremely high paid prostitute). I can definitely see wearing it for those "special" nights (and shouldn't every night be special?). I do think it is great but a little too personal to share with the world.
By   - attorney from los angeles on 3/10/2010
Smells like my cab driver last night and a little like my balls after a day of partying
By  on 2/23/2010
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