Serge Lutens

Borneo 1834

Eau de Parfum

Borneo 1834 Sizes Available:
100ml Gratte Ciel Edition $375 $265
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Borneo 1834...
This is a fruity coco kind of scent. Very feminine in my opinion. Not for men.
By   - Executive in sales  from Minneapolis on 5/18/2020
Ok chemistry is a strange thing. I'm not getting chocolate from this so much as I am straight up dirty patchouli. People fawing all over this scent have clearly never worn hippie/witchy oils that have that same "I am marinating in patchouli" essence as Borneo 1834. I was expecting something complex, dark cacao scented and non-linear and sadly this is not it.
By   - slacker from Redwood City on 11/29/2011
The smell that I get in the first five minutes is very masculine. This is bury your face in his neck stuff, but on me it smells like the skin where you just took off a band aid. Oh well....
By   - Mommy from Midwest on 5/9/2011
If you love Patchouli, this is your scent! Very masculine! I love it.
By  on 12/21/2010
This is about the most beautiful perfume I have ever worn. It's so...sensual, jeez. Patchouli, dark chocolate, coffee, tobacco, licorice and a dry-down, roast beef kind of thing. Like everything my body is comprised of in a perfume. Work with me. Compliments up the wazz from men and women. Borneo is compelling and witchy.
By   - Admin from SLC on 2/1/2010
Smells like chocolate and then a few minutes later it smells like chocolate and fruit.Not fabulous. Not horrific.Just not for me.
By  on 11/19/2009
i think i might have FINALLY found the serge i like. i just ordered another sample to wear ONE more day. if i am sure i will ask santa for it.
By   - agent from st pete on 11/11/2009
i walked into my doctor's office today and the nurse said " you smell spicey like christmas" kinda nice!
By   - agent from st pete on 11/6/2009
i am really trying to love serge. i keep trying! this one is unique so i am going to wear it all day. patchouli is coming through on me but a sweet patchouli which is nice. another great thing is that i can smell it and enjoy it. it is deep and mysterious .
By   - agent from st pete on 11/6/2009
I adore this amazing fragrance! I was introduced to this one by a friend who was well aware of my love/hate relationship with TM's Angel, and thought I would like to give this one a try. At first sniff, I was in heaven! It draws you in with warm, rich patchouli and dark chocolate, and keeps you intrigued with a symphony of dark and inviting accords. It really is lovely! Like Angel in reverse...instead of jumping out at you, it invites you into its parlor....
By   - from San Francisco on 10/28/2009
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