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Fille en Aiguilles

Eau de Parfum

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100ml Gratte Ciel Edition $375
0.7ml sample $5

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Here's what other people are saying about Fille en Aiguilles...
This is my favourite Serge Lutens by far. It's not a medicinal pine at all. See the video review for an accurate description. It is a sublime walk in a winter pine wood with mulled cider going on an open flame near by. It is heaven. I am upset that moved this out of the square glass bottles completely as the new ones are impossible to find in Canada and when you do find one it is over 500 dollars. Since I love other perfumes that's a lot to fork out for one bottle and yet, I likely will do that. My other favourite Serge was moved too! I may be stuck with decants for a while but, as for the pine needle girl? I have to have her!
By   - International Student Coordinator  from Kingston on 7/11/2019
Fille en Aiguilles by Serge Lutens is one of the best fragrances ever created in my opinion. It fills me with a sense of well being in a way that few other things in my life have. I never want to be without this fragrance. I hope it stays around for the at least the next 50 years. Bravo Serge Lutens and Christopher Sheldrake!!!
By   - Business from S.F. on 4/25/2017
Educational Note: Christmas is coming, kids. :/ I wonder which reputable website Santa will shop at for the best deal on Fille En Aiguilles. I can think of a few. *scratches head knowingly & waves happily* :)
By   - Retired Artist  from New York City on 9/7/2016
I freely admit to thoroughly enjoying Fille en Aiguilles because the overall effect is so very merry Christmasy and Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Warm, cozy and comforting like the smell of something baking in the oven. Stays put on the skin so this one's personal. For projection and longevity though, I think it best to light a candle.
By   - Retired Artist  from New York City on 8/26/2016
I love the scent of a pine filled room. This smells just like a Balsam & Cedar Yankee Candle. If you want to walk around smelling like Christmas Eve then by all means buy it. You'll only smell Christmassy for about 30 minutes though. The dry down is a beautiful incense that sits right on top of your skin so that you nor anyone else can detect it unless your nose is two millimeters from your skin. A seriously beautiful scent. If only it lasted on my skin.
By   - Pastry Chef from NYC on 1/24/2016
Sexy campfire! I find it quite strong; it almost reminds me of smelling a sweater you've worn while sitting at a campfire. I happily wear this in fall when I know I'll be outdoors but for me it's too strong to wear inside. Have a sample of this, won't buy the full bottle but I do like it.
By   - social enterprise evangelist from Halifax on 10/10/2015
Wonderful scent, but lasting power is terrible. Anyway, I really don't pick up very much pine in this one, if any at all. To me. the most dominant note is the balsam fir. I just recently received a sample vial of balsam fir absolute (not the essential oil) and it smells almost identically to this.
By  on 5/8/2015
It's pine, but soft and cozy. Compare to CdG's pine scents and you'll see and smell. It's tempered with soft incense and a touch of kyphi-like fruit. The drydown is a bit weak. It lasts 4 to 5 hours on me. Warm weather amplifies the sweetness, while cold meshes better with the incense and pine. I bought a full bottle on sale elsewhere. Is truly unisex, but might be too soft for some guys looking for a Juniper Ridge all natural vibe.
By   - from Chico on 1/5/2015
Mad Men Actress, Christina Hendricks mentioned this perfume in article in Health magazine, May 2014 and I wanted to try it. I am so glad Lucky Scents had a sample. The perfume is sensuous and beautiful, it does smell like pines; however, like the other Serge Lutens the scent doesn't last long. I added to a skin cream to see if it would hold, but it didn't.
By   - Librarian from San Antonio, TX on 11/28/2014
This is marvelous stuff. Smells like no other scent I know of...except perhaps with a nod towards that great pine/sap/evergreen classic, YATAGAN. A dreamy, evocative opening of pine, fir balsam and rosemary immediately transport you to a rugged mountain cabin in Montana. The aromatics are bracing, invigorating, tonic, never turpentine or floorcleaner-like. Closely supporting the evergreen mood are some savory, kitcheny notes of carrot, celery, black pepper and sage.... FILLES is never sweet, never cute or cloying... no, it is bold, outdoorsy, vegetal, cozy and chic. Maybe leans towards the masculine, but some bold women will like it, too. If I were to spend a Christmas holiday skiing in Colorado, hiking in Northern California, or painting in oils in Santa Fe, I'd want to smell like this every day!
By   - digital artist from boerne, TX, usa on 7/9/2014
Love it! The PERFECT pine/balsam scent. It gets it just right. Never gets gross or smell like cleaner. Im going camping in the Rockies and this is exactly what I want to smell like!
By  on 4/27/2011
Hmmm, it's strong but the pine is so lovely... This is one of Lutens' stronger creations from the past few years. The smoky incense weaving through the pine needles cuts the greenness a bit, which is a welcome aspect of this composition. I love this, but for x-mas scents nothing beats DSH's subtle, gorgeous Minuit.
By   - from NYC on 9/17/2010
my sister just fell MADLY in love with this the pine the veviter SO santa will bring it to her via lucky scent! it is a lovely winter scent.
By   - agent from st pete on 11/26/2009
This scent was harsh and was exactly like having a smoking cedar bonfire on my wrist. Not pleasant. Luckily it had only an hour of staying power. Phew!
By   - from East Bay on 11/23/2009
winter up north first snow the air so cold it snaps this is perfect for holiday time pine ... with all array of christmas smells...
By   - agent from st pete on 11/21/2009
I compared this fragrance with Parfum d'Empire's "Wazamba" today. Wazamba smells like Christmas on me - all coniferous trees and spice. I don't get pine at all from "Fille". Instead I get a smokey incense (which reminds me of CdG "Nomad Tea") for about 1/2 hour followed by beeswax. It's lovely, but it certainly was unexpected given that it is advertised as a pine fragrance. Both perfumes last for hours, but I have to admit that I prefer Wazamba.
By  on 11/14/2009
SL fragrances just do not seem to work w/my chemistry. There's an underlying harshness that I'm getting w/this one. However, it may work nicely on someone else & it's the best predominantly pine scent I've smelled. Also, keep in mind this is a cool scent & I prefer some warmth in what I consider a fall/winter scent.
By  on 10/18/2009
Smells like Parfums D'Empire Wazamba. Its a very foresty, piney..dirty sort of smell...just not for me.
By  on 10/15/2009
The candied fruit and forest notes sound similar to those in SL Chypre Rouge, though we know that even equivalent notes don't necessarily make a similar fragrance! Please, any comments from luckyscent friends on likenesses/differences between these two??? (thanks!)
By   - from LIC, NY on 9/29/2009
lovely top-notes, so resinous and piney that i actually got kind of excited about it -- but then, alas, the disappointing drydown (fruity and unsubtle.) pass.
By  on 9/29/2009
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