Serge Lutens

Fumerie Turque

Eau de Parfum

100ml Gratte Ciel Edition $375
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Fumerie Turque...
Extremely smoky - there's a big tobacco hit. Smells like a good Shisha bar, or a quiet Marrakech alley at dusk. There's also something quite old-fashioned, that reminds me of someone's granny. It starts with a blast - almost too loud a blast - of billowing smoke and, after a few hours, it morphs into a soft, ashy mixture of patchouli, leather and honey. Another one that I'd buy in a 25ml bottle and wear sometimes - but not one I'd commit to for 100mls and daily wear. It starts off strong (borderline too strong) and it weakens very quickly.
By   - Lawyer from Australia on 4/15/2019
I like Chergui very much, and when I saw that this has the same notes, I was expecting to be bowled over. It opens up kind of musty and something that slightly resembles Muscs Koublai Khan, and then TABACCO. Now I love the smell of tabacco, but this one lacks the honeyed smokiness of her sister Chergui. This is just like sticking your nose to some dried tabacco leaves. Where Chergui is sweet, Fumerie Turque is salty. Chergui is absolutely gorgeous layered with some vanilla ( I tried Montales Vanilla Absolu); I tried the same layering with FT, it didn't really do much and the predominant note was still tabacco.
By   - Nurse on 8/18/2011
Smoky, sweet and spicy, this is not for the faint hearted! A very unique fragrance, though not one I could wear every day.
By   - from London on 4/25/2011
On me, this is something weird. I cannot say what it is or what it even smells like. I am sweaty from cooking and cleaning so i will try this after my unscented soap shower and hopefully it will be nicer. So far, not fb worthy (( not even worthy of finishing the sample ).
By   - Mommy from Somewhere in new England on 8/14/2010
Fumerie Turque is a long inhale of honeyed absinth, followed by a multi-hour exhale of the most luxurious smoky leather. The opening blast has a stimulating tonka/coumarin/anise spike not unlike Jicky, Ange Ou Demon, Shalimar, and Musc Ravageur. Underneath this top lies a rich complex base that resonates warmly in a strange excitation. Within 30 minutes the top melts away and Fumerie progresses through a fresh unsmoked tobacco, with hints of the initial spices dispersing. Then Fumerie simply starts to smolder and smoke, very much like cigarette/cigar smoke. Finally, the smoke begins to clear, and the dry down is an incredibly warm, non-smoky leather/tobacco/amber skin scent that lasts well overnight. It's all incredibly complex, strange, glamorous, manly, luxurious, offensive, alluring, darkly feminine, mischievous, wise, calming, intoxicating, soothing, and enigmatic. It also begs to be layered upon.
By   - from San Francisco on 3/29/2010
Everything everybody has said plus this: absolutely darn sexy.
By   - from SCQ on 1/16/2010
This scent has grown on me. I love to wear it on lazy days. I also like to layer it with Kilian's Back to Black... it cuts down on the way-sweet top notes of b2b.
By   - Legal Assistant from Washington, DC on 1/16/2010
OMG! Reminds me of a guy I used to date in my teenage years who smelled incredible. Smoky, sweet-ish pipe tobacco, a bit spicy, sexy beyone belief. My husband loves this...on me.
By   - from SLC on 9/18/2009
This scent is the bottled experience of walking into the incense shop at the Renaissance Festival- as weird and as lame as that reference is, it smells *exactly/perfectly* the same as walking into the Renaissance Festival incense booth in Charlotte, NC. And I love it, hah! Smoke and tobacco, with a lot of earthy/spice-y hints to it- can definitely pick up the patchouli, followed by balsam, rose, and beeswax. Great scent!
By   - from Rock Hill on 8/29/2009
The most gorgeous leathery, tobacco concoction, makes me feel like one sophisticated little mama! Just divine, I love Carons but this is head and shoulders above their Tabac Blond. A non-export that so desperately needed to come out in to the big wide world. Absolute perfection!
By   - Aromatherapist from Sydney on 8/19/2009
You know, life is rough. Full of disappointments, travails, frustrations. But there are some things in life that can utterly make life worth living: FUMERIE TURQUE is one of them. It is, quite simply, pure pleasure... pure, rich pleasure in a bottle. It is a balm and a delight to the body and soul. Sweet, intoxicating tobacco laced with tonka and wood and vanilla. Makes life worth living.
By   - graphic artist from boerne on 8/9/2009
Gorgeous ... soothing and so warming on cool nights. Ifyou want a hint of how this smells pick up a bar of Grandpa's Pine Tar soap -- if you like that scent.... you'll adore Fumerie Turque. It's addictive.
By   - Nutritionist from NYC on 7/16/2009
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