Serge Lutens

Five O'Clock Au Gingembre

Eau de Parfum

50ml $150
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Five O'Clock Au Gingembre...
Nice but I'm not as enamored as I wanted to be; giving it to the guy. It does dry down with some nice complexity but I think the patchouli is throwing me off somewhere deep down there.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/19/2020
Spicy and Cozy. Great stuff!
By   - Developer from Seattle on 9/17/2017
At first this is an amazing scent, I tried it out and in the first five minutes had to stop myself from ordering awhole bottle without a second thought! Beautiful woody, soft ginger with enough sweetness to round it out, just divine. In half an hour though, this dries down and all i can smell now is amber! I like amber but I want this to stay gingerbread-y!! (cries like a baby). It stays close to the skin and is still a warm cosy type scent, but it will require further testing to see if I can make the first phase stay alot longer, otherwise I won't bother buying it.
By   - admin from melb on 5/17/2011
This is my second sample of 5 O'clock. It is definitely FB worthy. have to order it. SO good there are no words. Uber nice....
By   - Mommy from Midwest on 5/9/2011
By  on 1/26/2011
I am head over heels in love with FOCAG. I bought it for my husband, and he's very happy about it...
By   - from OC on 12/16/2010
I bought this for my husband on our honeymoon in Paris and it has been my favorite scent on him, hands down. A little spice, a little sweetness, and a lot of warmth. It's definitely unisex...I thought about buying it for myself! I just wish they had an entire line of bath/body products in this same scent. It's really just wonderful.
By   - from St. Louis on 12/16/2010
Great scent! If you like fragrances along the lines of L'artisan's Tea for Two or Parfumerie Generale's Un Crime Exotique, then you should give this one a try. I do find the fragrance leaning more on the masculine side of unisex though.
By  on 7/22/2010
This is a very nice Masculine Fragrance.... I fine gift idea for that special guy you want to treat and get him a special something for his Birthday or Christmas. I like it ... but not enough zing! to buy it for myself .. but as a gift ... ahhh ....Yes, lets rendez-vous at 5pm Thank you!
By   - Fragrance Lover from SAN FRANCISCO,Calif on 7/21/2010
Livelier than the typical gourmand, more spicy, less foody. A lighter, more wearable ginger than PG's Un Crime Exotique, but with surprising staying power and consistency. Have seen several people describe it as a male scent, but I disagree. Very unisex. Bright, sparkly, not super complex, but enough to be interesting.
By   - writer from Denver on 4/5/2010
I own this scent. It hadn't occurred to me that it would appeal to men before reading the other reviews, but I can see how its richness can be appreciated by all. I consider it a spicy gourmand, deep but with a brightness to it. (Maybe that's the gingery bergamot coming through.) One moment, it's peppery, then honeyed the next. Interesting note about this one: It converted an anti-fragrance friend of mine into a niche-perfume enthusiast!
By   - from Boston on 9/24/2009
OMG. At first spray, was not overly impressed. Nice, but nothing to rush out and buy. Have been sitting at the computer for about an hour with it on my hand and decided to sniff again. Can i say again, OMG. FBW to the nth degree. I tried Arabie (too strong) and Chergui (can't smell it after 10 minutes), but this is I am in love.
By   - Legal Assistant from Washington, DC on 9/2/2009
I'm really liking this one! It's definitely light for a SL-I think that's the direction most perfumes are going in at the moment. It's spicey, comforting and yummy.
By  on 8/11/2009
fantastically constructed masculine. I love wearing this comfort scent.
By   - Colorist from New York on 1/17/2009
Whaddya know...Serge has a lighter side after all! My first impression of this scent was 'playful', something I've never before associated with Serge. And in spite of being light and playful, it still has some of the characteristic chameleon qualities we associate with Serge. As with all Serge scents, this is a journey through the notes, but in this case we're skipping, not strolling.
By   - Energy Analyst from Denver on 11/12/2008
Love this scent, but not for myself--my husband! I think its a really great unisex scent which works on both of us, but I really enjoy its warmth when he wears it. He had to get over wearing "perfume" but once he did, he loved it too.
By   - CEO from Atlanta on 10/27/2008
Okay, I should have known better that after all my Lutens bashing, I would one day be forced to recant. This is really gorgeous. I get a peppery ginger underlaid by the best of Patchouli. Intense, sweet, sexy without being cloying. Great lasting power and very good sillage. Does anyone else smell Chanel Allure Sensuelle? No complaints either way. May have to possess
By   - from Halifax on 9/29/2008
Warm and moist ginger cookies. It's nice, certainly, but not the most impressive (or interesting) Lutens offering.
By  on 8/5/2008
Similar in feel to Rousse, but with a ginger note. Very nicely done.
By  on 6/6/2008
By   - agent from saint petersburg on 5/28/2008
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