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Eau de Parfum - Haute Concentration

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I love Louve! I have tried other similar perfumes like the Loukhoums, Sweet Oriental Dream, and Etro's Heliotrope, but for some reason I find this one to be the most wearable. I think it's that touch of fruity marachino cherry that I like about it. I don't know, but this one speaks to me. I do agree it's awfully sweet, but I find the sweetness fades a bit over time. It's a very light perfume, and I think I would like it even more if it were more intense.
By   - from SAN FRANCISCO on 10/4/2012
I was so unwhelmed with this one. Based on the ingredients I was pretty sure that this would be lovely and suit my likes, BUT it was way too light to really be of any impact. I could smell the fruity notes in the opening, I'm thinking cherry btw. Other than that I couldn't decipher any other notes at all. It was such a faint fragrance that after only 20-30 minutes I could barely smell a thing and what I did smell really wasn't very nice. I'm very disappointed by this one. Thank goodness I manage to get a sample thorugh the excellent staff at lucky scent. This scent SHOULD be excellent but it's a big fraud in my opinion.
By   - from puerto rico on 3/14/2012
No. Certainly this can't be the Louve sample that I have so looked forward to? Horrible. Smells exactly like the spray they use in department store toilets. And doesn't dry down to anything delicious, either. After wainting 30 min's I still smell like a loo towel and I am going to wash this off.
By   - designer from Diessen NL on 8/13/2011
I adore Louve. I also adore Rahat Loukhoum (The absolute best. I could drink it!), which is very similar, but lighter on the powder, stronger on the almond. And while Louve is very powdery, it is not in a cloying way like KM Loukoum or Montale Sweet Oriental Dream. This is an almost perfect combination of soft, sweet almond, vanilla, rose, and powder. I actually wish the scent was a bit stronger, not quite so soft. While it does last a long time, I found myself repeatedly spritzing on more so I wouldn't have to sit with my nose glued to my arm. Very cozy.
By  on 5/6/2011
Wow. What an amazing perfume. This one tells a story. When I dabbed it on, I got a sour, whiny, cherry medicinal smell, which at times reminded me of cherry 7Up. I didn't care for that part too much.. but I waited. After about 10 minutes I began to smell something creamy, almost milky coming through, to be honest this smelled to me like maternal milk...not that I remember that smell, but I think that's what its referencing. The shrill/sourness of the cherry had faded to the background, and it started to smell good, edible. 10-15 more minutes passed and I smelled it again, now something about it was starting to creep me out...what... was it...?? BLOOD!! Yes, you heard that right, a faint undertone of metallic blood coming through the milk. For some reason, this scared me but also made me feel alive, primal! Careful about wearing this one at night, haha! I wanted to take a bite out of something/someone, and had the urge to go for a walk outside at 11pm!.I smelled my wrist again...Amazing!! Now it smelled like the fur of my beloved burmese cat. Yes! There is FUR smell there! Its not stinky though, if you've ever smelled the fur of a sleeping animal, you'll know what I mean, its a warm, musky and almost hay like odor. This is an animalic without an offensive stench. Its a clean, wild animal that lives in the forest. Its very, very primal, nurturing, comforting, but..... with teeth! Its absolutely as someone said a LUNAR fragrance in all the connotations of that word.
By  on 2/11/2011
I purchased Louve and another Serge Lutens perfume a few weeks ago to wear separately and to layer together. Louve on me is a soft, almond scent that isn't too sweet and isn't overpowering. You have to get in close to enjoy it. I've searched long and hard to find that special almond perfume and finally found the right one. I'm a happy lady.
By   - Wife and Mom from East Bay on 2/10/2010
Made the big mistake of going to the department store to try this on before work. It smells EXACTLY like the community pool changeroom from when I was a kid! I'm picturing gooey pink sickly-sweet soap in plastic jugs... And my coworker said "ew" when I gave her my wrist. The good news here is that there is one perfume less in the world to put on my wishlist. For that I am sincerely grateful.
By   - from Montreal on 11/27/2009
I love it! My husband loves it! A bitter almond scent with some spicy notes on me. And at last the smell of marzipan. Yummie!
By   - from Montreal, Canada on 10/8/2009
Very airy and still very present, sweet and powdery,feminine and discreet, sensual but distant... There is a contradiction in this perfume that makes people really want to smell it all over and all over again. It's a perfume that makes people tell you their deep secrets. I wore it during the summer nights on a greek island, with lot's of wind and felt I was a part of the night myself. Dreamy with a perverse innocence, that's Louve. One of my favourites.
By   - from Amsterdam/Holland on 8/20/2009
wanted to like it . . . there is something plant-like about it. grass-scented talcum powder.
By  on 8/18/2009
way too sweet!!!
By  on 8/11/2009
Sadly, I didn't get any almond from this. I did, however, get a noseful of Cherry Nyquil in the top notes that never faded. The vanilla and musk are nice, but not enough to make up for the unpleasant cherry note.
By  on 4/25/2009
Not my kinda fragrance but the drydown is quite good.
By  on 12/16/2008
Stunning! Couldn't stop smelling myself. Light, unusual, feminine. Too bad it's soooooo pricey
By  on 7/30/2008
i used to love jergens almond cherry scent because it was clean light and Not too sticky sweet. this is like that ... so nice to keep saying out loud ' i smell wonderful' perfect for summer..
By   - agent from st pete on 6/3/2008
Almond= She-Wolf coat ? I don't think so. A puppy, perhaps.
By  on 2/25/2008 word says it all......i love this fragrance. I am drawn to some of the gourmande scents but stay away because they tend to be overly sweet. This one is perfect. sweet, almond powdery...yummi. To the reviewer below me, i love Montale also and i am lucky that most perfumes have great staying power on me. But don't be sad, Montale is another awesome line, i own several.
By  on 2/14/2008
I couldn't wait to try Louve, I thought that maybe there was finally a Lutens that I could love. The first whiff was beautiful, it was a soft and powdery scent, right up my alley. But slowly, it began to fade. An hour later I was sniffing my wrist repeatedly, trying to catch a final glimpse. Sadly, it was gone. I'm known to be a scent-killer, nothing lasts for me... except for my beloved Montale. Why oh why do I stray when I have the lovely Sweet Oriental Dream to make me happy? I really do love you, but I think I'm hesitant to admit that I've found my Holy Grail. That would mean I'd have to stop sampling and I would hate that!
By  on 1/23/2008
I got this as a Christmas gift and I am SO pleased. I ADORE Serge Lutens. It is so different. I love Louve. It's creamy, sweet, and at the same time, not cloying. I wore it when hubby and I went to dinner for Xmas and I could not stop smelling myself. This is a keeper.
By  on 12/30/2007
I adore this fragrance. It's simple yet packs a punch. By far my favorite in the Lutens line.
By   - from Laguna Niguel, CA on 12/12/2007
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