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Gris Clair

Eau de Parfum

Gris Clair Sizes Available:
100ml Eau Politesse Edition $165
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Gris Clair...
Very soulful. It smells beautifully like lavender and incense -not smoke but the real stuff- and also there's a hint of raisin bubble gum but it totally works. Warm and cold at the same time. Gris clair has a lot of personality but it's soft, cozy and easy to wear. Pretty addictive!
By   - musician from Montréal on 4/5/2017
Just got a sample,totally amazed!I'll def buy one bottle
By   - Chemical from Athens on 1/8/2015
This is my favorite perfume to wear on a cold, rainy day. For me, it's the scent equivalent of a cozy cashmere sweater. It lasts a long time on my skin and I get a strong scent of lavender and amber.
By  on 9/13/2014
Beautiful. Own a full bottle, love it. Never got any grape anything from this, I hate things that smell like candy, so I'm glad I'm anosmic to whatever the other reviewers are finding.
By  on 4/3/2014
Fragrances are like wine, in a way. There are many notes to pick out and if you have never experienced each note separately, you are sure to miss the subtleties of each note used. If you've never smelled a high-end lavender essential oil, or frankincense or cade oil or ambergris or the myriad other scents used in perfumery, you won't know what you're smelling. This has a very nice, slightly sweet (tonka bean) lavender scent up front that mellows nicely into a very subtle incense aroma with some cedar and something that smells a lot like ambergris and vetiver. I think anyone can wear this. Longevity is wonderful at 7 hours or more. Sillage is mild. It has a clean and classy feel.
By   - HS from NY on 3/23/2013
To the poster who wanted fragrances "gender" labeled, it is labeled as gender neutral. It is best to sample first and then decide whether or not to buy. Customers of Lucky Scent, for the most part, are scent connoisseurs who wear man fragrances without regard for the gender label. I found this lavender very wearable for a man or a woman. It is all the taste of the wearer.
By  on 9/26/2012
I get men's shaving cream from this one (the cheap, white, foamy kind). Not worth my dolla
By   - from Anywhere but here... on 10/21/2011
Those who love lavender would love this one. I'll pass! Somewhat medicinal to me. 5/17/11
By   - therapist from NYC on 5/17/2011
just ordered sis this because she is now hooked on lavendar... she loved it. this line is simply like a great friend you have to be patient enough to know over a period of time. so worth it!!!
By   - agent from st pete on 8/14/2010
There's definitely a grape Kool-Aid note to this one, but I think that's part of what I love about it. It adds some warmth to an otherwise austere composition, but has enough ambiguity to invite further contemplation. Better, I think, for fall and winter months, when the wearer can derive comfort from the smokier notes, and can catch a whiff (however fleeting) of the summery lavender. Definitely worth sampling if you're a lavender fan.
By   - Musician on 11/15/2009
I got a sample of this a few years ago but shelved it when my boyfriend described it as "bug spray." I've since learned that perfumes only fall into three categories with him: bug spray, smothering aunt, and cookies. Well, I'm not the type of woman who would ever wear one of the other two, so I gave the bug spray another chance. Now I've exhausted my sample (though I keep trying to get just one more spritz) and will have to invest. It's a very dry, woodsy lavender that lasts throughout the day. Like most Serge Lutens fragrances, it's satisfyingly complex. It has mineral undertones (probably the incense note) and smells warm like static in the air or sweaters from the dryer.
By   - from Boston on 9/2/2009
Sorry, but... Seriously? I get grape soda and really not too much else. An hour or 2 into the drydown it smells better, but still. At these prices you want to be blown away right away without having to wait for a drydown. To me this is expensive grape soda for your skin. I'd have to be smacking bubble gum to wear this...
By   - from Jersey on 7/10/2009
i tried a sample and bought a bottle..i love this starts off with a strong lavendar and drys down to ambery incense woody smell. lasts forever and IMO wears well on a woman,as well as a man. i love the amber and lavendar combination.
By   - college professor from lincoln on 6/10/2009
Bert just summed this elixir up perfectly. It is an impressionist portrait of a stalk of grey lavender high in thin air amidst stone. I have much respect for the spell this scent evokes in me. It is elegant, mysterious, enigmatic, contemplative, and a little melancholic. It is intellectual and philosophical, transcending gender. It is a scent of the soul. I will await cooler grayer days when once again wrapped in my thoughts and my cashmere peacoat, I will sally forth wearing this scent
By  on 6/4/2009
Endless mystery in ultimative elegance and class. The BEST work of Mr. Lutens, is no doubt. Highest quality of ingredients, presence and touch of melancholic feel. This is on masculine side of course. Longevity is the best ever. Simply FANTASTIC
By  on 3/1/2009
A fresh, lighthearted, masculine lavender blend. It's not as simple as a run-of-the-mill shaving-cream manfume, however; the high-quality lavender note is complimented by a sophisticated harmony of supporting tones. The resulting effect cuts down on lavender's distinctive sharp herbal character and softens and warms the fragrance. Magically attractive, although I'd hesitate to wear this as a female as my scent. I'd be more likely to use it as sleep aromatherapy or to snipe the husband with it. : -)
By   - Biotech from Providence, RI on 1/21/2009
Really intriguing scent. Definitely unisex...
By   - from Seattle on 1/16/2009
I'm all for wearing a men's fragrance now and then, but I do like to know what I'm getting into. Oh, I wish luckyscent would label things by gender! I would probably have liked this better if I had known it was going to be more masculine. But I was expecting and wanting something more smokey/powdery/feminine. This really is just straight-up lavender, although thankfully not cheap, run of the mill hippie-oil lavender. I'm sure I will be in the mood for this once or twice. Then I'm passing it off on my partner.
By   - social worker from Portland. Oregon on 12/2/2008
I first smelled this stuff in western Canada and the moment my olifactory sense picked up this scent i knew I had to be an owner of this fragerance!
By   - Massage Therapist from Las Vegas on 9/7/2008
I think this is a GREAT fragrance. It's warm, fresh, and very long lasting. It's unique and a beautiful scent.
By  on 6/18/2008
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