Serge Lutens

Douce Amere

Eau de Parfum

75ml Palais Royal Bell Jar $310
0.7ml sample $6
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Here's what other people are saying about Douce Amere...
Mmmm, no. Definitely not for me. This scent is too masculine for me. The best thing I can say about it (or in my case, the worst) is that it lasted forever on my skin. Even the next day, after scrubbing vigorously the night before, I could still smell it.
By  on 5/5/2011
I love this scent. Then again, I'm a SL addict (I just wish my wallet could indulge my addiction). What I love about Sheldrake is the way he surprises me. No matter how much disconcerted (polite term for, I hate it) I may be at first, I know that I only have to wait for the drydown to fall in love with the frag. And I do! I always do. This is one of Sheldrake's cold-warm scents (like Cedre and Gris Clair). Serge Lutens' scents cannot be just sprayed on and go. They HAVE to be appreciated. Slowly.
By  on 11/20/2010
I dont know what makes me think of Safran Troublant when I wear this ..... thoug it is a good point as ST is my favourite of all time!!!! Very foody for me, dangerous, dark, sexy!..... I love it.
By   - from paris on 2/5/2010
Probably the best essay on artemisia there is. After the top dissipates, DA has a positively narcotic hum to it.
By   - from Melbourne on 10/29/2009
Very unique,sweet and resinous,love the licorice aroma! SL has a way of getting you totally addicted to their creations!
By   - Perfume lover from cincinnati on 7/27/2009
This opened up with a a bitter-green herbiness that read as very unisex (which is not what I look for in a fragrance). However, I knew from the other reviewers to stick with it and the creamy sweet notes would develop. Good gracious, do they develop! This scent blooms into the deepest, sexiest, and sweetest on earth. I can't recommend this enough for those who love gourmand fragrances but are bored with all the literal interpretations of desserts out there. Bonus: My boyfriend LOVES it and he's had nasty things to say about every perfume I've ever worn.
By   - student from Memphis on 1/29/2009
It smells quite a bit like the much cheaper Amour by Kenzo... good, but not great.
By   - from Seattle on 1/16/2009
At first, it's horribly medicinal. Then it segues into the realm of Good'n'Plenty candy--pure licorice. However, after the drydown, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm in love! (I adore DA, I just need to plan ahead.)
By   - Teacher from Toronto on 11/20/2008
Douce Amere was the first lutens scent I had tried from export collection. It was love at first sight, to the point of swooning at the counter. Quite surprising for Im a floral and delicate type. However, ever since Ive discovered arabic oud fragrances Im not that into floral scents. Im currently on my 9th douce amere bottle and each time I wear this fragrance Im transported ( this happens to me with every lutens frargance) to a far away land in another era, with douce amere, Im transported to the tales of the perfumed garden. Its dark, Its sexual, masculine, animistic and screams forbidden. The effect this scent has on men is incredible! Im always amazed each time I wear it. Opens up very powerfully however its staying power isnt as longlasting as i'd like it to be. Apart from that I totally Love it!
By   - Technical Director -kama beauty and ayurveda  from Malta on 4/3/2008
This is absolutely a sublime fragrance. A lovely and easy to get addictive fragrance. which explain why I have stocked up 5 bottles of this. It is so far my #1 favorite of SL's entire line out of 20 they sell on Lucky Scent. I also have 7 other SL perfume but I highly recommend anyone who love creamy, vanille type of fragrance must give this a try. This perfume is very sexy, sophysiticated, total man-magnet type of fragrance. very comforting and subtle. the only thing I have problem with it is that it doesn't last as long as most of SL's other fragrance. (that's also why I urge to stock up because I use fast on this) Must give a try!! it's sooooo YUMMY!! SEXY YUMMY!!
By   - from L.A on 12/17/2007
At first it smells very much like licorice but only for a bit. It then smells very similar to Chergui-a sweet, milky tea scent. To me, it is a light fragrance but still so delicious.I love the edge that the absinthe adds. I really think this is lovely and an extremely feminine smell...while still having that incredible Serge Lutens twist to make it stand out.
By  on 12/12/2007
I desperately want to try this one. Absinthe is such a mysterious dark drink, (forbidden, as far as I know). I look forward to a customer's review.
By  on 11/16/2007
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