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I just cannot get enough of this one. I think it's the sexiest thing in the world. I can't stop sniffing my skin when it's on. I think the fenugreek works on me; it's a curry spice with a maple syrupy smell and on my skin it's so yummy but not gourmand (the dream!). This is the next full bottle I buy. My partner can't even smell it on me, so I guess it's just for me, totally worth it.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/10/2020
Oh jeez I love this one. It must vary a lot by your chemistry, on me it's the softest sexiest warmest yum. The cinnamon is subtle (I don't get it at all actually, and I'm relieved because I was just scarred by diptyque's l'eau) and I do not get the curry notes (which I'm assuming is fenugreek; I HAVE gotten curry notes from other frags before but not w that note in particular). The benzoin comes out nice and strong but not too gourmand; the woods smooth everything out really well. I didn't have high hopes for this one and I'm blown away. Love the 'cashmere sweater' description in a review below.
By   - Business from Boston on 10/26/2020
I received a sample of this from a friend. I got hit with a whiff of a foody spice, like saffron. It must've been the fenugreek. Not a good scent for me.
By   - Supervisor from Pleasanton, Ca on 3/3/2010
Well, it's not my imagination but there is no curry smell in Santal blanc. i would put it more in a kind of powdery scent. It is true that it is a very special and peculiar perfume not made for average taste but I must say that everytime I wear it I get very positive reactions, they smell a very very beautiful perfume and they all want to know what it is. So I am afraid it's the skin of some people that make the curry come put of this perfume, and I agree that you must try it before. The only certain thing is that Santal blanc is not a perfume for everyone, thanks god.....
By   - from Amsterdam/Holland on 11/1/2009
I have to agree with the "curry" prognosis (sorry to the last poster). This is ALMOST nice, but that weird, foody/curry smell makes me vaguely nauseous. Sample before you buy!
By   - professor from Syracuse, NY on 8/25/2009
LOVELY! A perfume that my skin chose in place of myself. After trying I do not even remember anymore the number of perfumes in more than a month, while trying lot's of Lutens, I thought that it would never come to the point of getting Santal Blanc, but it happened. After several hours it smelled like nothing else i have ever tried. i bought it and i treasure it. It's very unusual and IT DOES NOT SMEL LIKE CURRY. It surprises me that it can be fresh and warm at the same time, strange and sensual. Irresestable. I would not buy it without trying it first. And give it time to settle on your skin.
By   - from Amsterdam/Holland on 5/20/2009
Is you smell curry in this you're right and the reason is the fenugreek which is listed in the description - a very aggressive spice.
By  on 4/6/2009
The description fails to mention the dreaded cumin note. When I wore this, my friends commented that I smelled like I had cooked some kind of curry (I hadn't!) Nor did I eat anything with cumin in the last month! I love sandalwood - I have a precious vial of the good stuff that I adore. In Santal Blanc, sandalwood and pink pepper hide in the background, and the orris isn't apparent until many hours of wearing this scent. It's mostly fengreek and cumin with a hint of sweetness. It's not the worst thing I've worn but I am not impressed.
By   - from California on 1/31/2009
oh no ..... the smell doesn't really matched with the explanation .............
By   - from jakarta on 1/22/2009
I love sandalwood and this is a very nice sandalwood scent. There is a sharpness and bitterness in the opening but is warm and very satisfying as it develops. I find all stages very pleasing. Beautiful and comforting in the colder months, this is a very alluring unisex scent which would be wonderful on a man. I like this very, very much. It seems that many people who are put off by it object to sandalwood in general. If you like that note, this is elegant and beautiful, truly.
By  on 10/10/2008
Smells like BO. I am not impressed by this line with the exception of Daim Blonde.
By   - Finance from Chester on 10/10/2008
Much as I love Montale, I equally dislike Lutens. While Montale builds upon the beauty of its fragrance notes, Lutens seems to delight in throwing a wrench in the works. I have no doubt that the sandalwood in this is top notch, but then it is obliterated by a reeking cedar like note (saffron?) that completely destroys it. Why Serge, why?!!!!
By   - from Halifax on 9/24/2008
I get a very pleasant complex sandalwood, with an undercurrent of saffron. Since I'm not a fan of saffron, it's not for me.
By   - writer from S.F. on 3/20/2008
This is delicious! Sweet, but not sickly, and the pepper definately comes through. Multi dimensional, looking forward to cloaking myself in it during the cooler months
By   - from Adelaide on 1/31/2008
Santal Blanc smells like a cashmere sweater stored all summer long in a wooden drawer. Now, I know there are fragrances with the *name* "Cashmere" this and "Cashmere" that. But do they smell like cashmere? None I've smelled (even though I've smelled some lovely 'cashmere' named fragrances) Santal Blanc is the way your skin and the cashmere sweater, one against the other smells on that first crisp day when you pull it out of the wooden (could it be a sandalwood?) drawer and put it on.....just you and the cashmere, the remnants of the storage drawer....the olfactory bonding and blending as the day passes. You walk quietly out in the forest. Sit. The leaves are mostly gone and the autumn sun is shining on you but it's a bit chilly...and that fresh out of the drawer cashmere and wood enfolds you, holds you......and you smell everything at once.... Ever done that? Well, just take a shower and put on some Serge Lutens Santal Blanc. Same thing.
By   - from NC on 10/24/2007
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