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Un Lys

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Un Lys Sizes Available:
75ml Palais Royal Bell Jar $300
0.7ml sample $6
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Here's what other people are saying about Un Lys...
This is a truly stunning scent. Crisp, creamy, green, and luminous with depth and romance. I can only liken it to stepping into a florist's shop and being submerged in the scent of fresh green stems. Beautiful and classy.
By   - Perfume editor and consultant from London on 4/12/2013
Update: I still love the fragrance and will be ourchasing a full bottle. But I noticed that it says limited release. I emailed SL USA and they sent a reply saying that it is not limited at all. Maybe I am not understanding what this means, but it's available and will continue to be ( thank goodness ) lol.
By   - Midwestern Mommie on 8/10/2011
I have to COMPLETELY agree with anonymous from Santa Monica. hate it for what it is yet love it for what it is! I see this ( for me ) with with slouchy boyfriend jeans, cardigan sweater, pearls and original ray ban wayfarers. Sexy classy cool....
By   - midwestern mommie on 8/4/2011
Dreamy, floral, comforting. So pristine, classic, sweet. It is my favorite Serge Lutens ... I've been on the quest for a "perfect" white floral for many, many years -- jasmine, tuberose, gardenia, some greenery thrown in for texture. And here's Un Lys -- perfection in a white floral. I put it on when I want to feel serene, pretty, content. It's a marvel!
By   - Dilettante from Portland, OR on 4/26/2011
One of my favorite fragrances of all time. I have been using Un Lys for over 6 yrs and I still can't get enough of it. I am in love with this very feminine and delicious fragrance. When I wear it if any is near me they always tell me they love the way I smell. This one and Tubereuse Criminelle are my fave perfumes.
By   - from Long Island, NY on 11/21/2009
A soft, pretty lily, delicate, not heady. I see what you mean by classic & versatile, it's elegant, just not very sexy or addictive. It improves in the drydown with a musky, creamy vanilla, but doesn't last long. I tried layering it with a single-note White Ginger sample I got from Parfums Raffy & it improved immensely, mmm, ginger lily.. but I don't think I'll be wearing it often.
By   - from southampton uk on 9/12/2009
Un Lys reminds me so much of Easter lilies. At first, this is very strong but calms down after a few minutes. This is the type of scent that I could wear a couple times a year, not a full bottle purchase. Very nice nonetheless.
By   - from Chicago on 8/31/2009
I got no vanilla or musk in this. Just straight up lillies. Nothing more and nothing less. It is very strong especially to begin with. I was so looking forward to this after reading the reviews and seeing that this is one of the highest rated Serge Luten's on MUA. But no, this is CRAP to me! It actually reminded me of the cheap carnations my grandma buys when she goes to the cemtery to visit her dead son. No I do not want to smell like this and I dont want to be near anyone who smells like this either. Massive disappointment! I can't explain why so many seem to love this - it just doesn't work for me. It's possibly the most air-freshener-like scent I've ever tried, there seems to be a hint of lilac at the beginning. I don't think any guy would find this in the LEAST bit sexy, he would probably think you smell like a just cleaned toilet bowl. (not that we should wear scents for guys - it's just an extra comment). I will say this though - it IS a TRUE lily scent, as if your head is buried in a bunch of them.
By   - admin from melbourne on 6/1/2009
I agree with all the posts about how lovely this is. Worth every penny. True lily scent. Also i want to add how quick luckyscent is about shipping! Thanks!!
By  on 4/16/2009
My this is a lovely thing. I've recently been educating my 22-year old DIL on the difference between commercial fragrance and fine fragrance. This is a wonderous example of the latter. There are any number of fragrances that smell of lilies. But this doesn't smell of lilies, this IS lilies. As a previous poster said, this starts out lily and remains lily. In this instance, the Serge chameleon doesn't change color. But in this case, linear is A-ok. If you're still struck with a need for more depth, layer this with a bit of any of the CdG Incense series and you will be mentally transported to a Catholic Easter high mass. In no way is that a bad thing.
By   - Energy Analyst from Denver on 11/12/2008
Lovely. Feminine pretty with a long lasting true clear scent that makes me smile. I challenge non floral lovers to try this, Un Lys changed this cedargirls mind about big white florals.
By   - from London on 8/2/2008
This is the most beautiful floral that I have ever worn. I was in awe after trying my sample. Un Lys is predominantly lily with definite touches of lilac. A mild vanilla note in the drydown makes the impression creamy overall. Warm, lovely, entrancing, hypnotic; without being overwhelming. Simply stunning! I will have to have a bottle.
By   - artist from upstae NY on 7/21/2008
Absolutely accurate olfactory portrait of lily. I mean lily like, easter sunday pots around the altar lily -- so how you feel about this scent probably depends 100% on if you like putting your face into a lily for a long time. Doesn't have the dramatic stages of, say, A La Nuit -- it's a lily, and it stays a lily for a decent amount of time. Which, again, is great if you love liles.
By   - law student from nashville on 6/16/2008
In a fluke I wound up purchasing a 5 ml decant of UN Lys for just $5 from someone. I am NOT a big fan of flower scents but I figured that for just five dollars I didn't have anything to lose and I could always pass it on to someone else if I found I didn't like it. Boy was I thrown for a loop...five minutes after applying it to my wrist I was smitten, SMITTEN I tell you! This is a lily scent that is beautifully haunting. The sillage is great so you don't need much. I usually go for all of the stranger serge Lutens scents like MKK anf Fumerie Turque, but Un Lys has bescome my Chanel No. 5 (which I don't like because it's too obviously "chemical" to me)when I want to reach for something that says "classy, sophisticated and timeless". I've now learned that when it comes to Serge Lutens, I can never say never. It was a wonderful surprise.
By   - fortunteller from Washington, DC on 5/23/2008
beautiful simply perfectly beautifull sits next to serge l bois vanilla and tihota indult
By   - publisher  from beverly hills on 4/7/2008
i got this in the original paris store last year before it came to the US. i have mixed's very pretty and feminine; con--it's too pretty and feminine (and i do like floral scents). makes sense? i like it, but have to be in the right mood, whatever that is, to wear this. a little goes a long way. and if you're going on a date, you might want to spray it half an hour beforehand...or you may smother the poor guy.
By   - from santa monica on 10/29/2007
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