Hydrating Body Lotion
Hydrating Body Lotion 12 oz
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I use this product on my wife. She loves how soft and smooth and silky it feels. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue on her skin or on my hands.
By   - Asst. Mgr. from Roanoke Va on 6/3/2018
I ordered the pineapple. For the first five to 10 minutes, you get a sort of vegetal smell, quite pleasant, from the oils. Then that fades and you get the most delicious floral pineapple fragrance. It's close to the body, but luscious. It works really well as a body lotion. Not sticky, not oily, fast absorbing and feels good for hours.
By   - Writer from PHX on 4/22/2016
The texture is really smooth and creamy,its a very SWEET aroma,that lasts a pretty long time!
By   - perfume reviewer from cincinnati on 5/2/2009
I love this product! The lotion, body scrub and the sugar scrub are great and addictive. I discovered them during our vacation when I visited the hotel's spa. Very good stuff!
By   - paralegal from Salt Lake on 8/25/2007
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