Narziß - (Narziss)

eau de toilette

60ml $140
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Narziß - (Narziss)...
I got this for my brother because he loves the book; but then he came over wearing it and I got a REAL appreciation for it! Now I wish I had gotten it for my boyfriend instead -- it's sooooo good!!! I think the review is dead on: "every woman wishes every man could smell like at least once." WOW!
By   - from LA on 3/12/2007
A wonderful fragrance! Warm leather + sensual fig with a mysterious deep green side. I could swear I smell mint too. All this without getting too heavy. Highly recomended.
By   - from Norman, Oklahoma on 3/12/2007
Got a sample just like old english if you like old english buy it last longer!!!
By  on 3/3/2007
I'm giving this three's a nice enough fragrance. To my nose, it's not all that unique but it's certainly OK as a FRESH scent. My objection is the price which is ridiculous...comparable "fresh" colognes go for 1/3 to 1/2 as much.
By   - tour guide from las vegas on 1/13/2007
This fragrance works best when worn sparingly. It is very unique - no relatively similar fragrances out there like this one. A hearty green spice top note that softens with the tonka/fig and has an ethereal almost otherworldly final note that you feel more than smell. The description is very accurate.
By   - Artist from Oklahoma on 1/18/2006
Smells like a cross between Courum and Drakkar Noir. Try Mark that's a great scent.
By   - marketing from los angeles on 1/17/2006
Very masculine, with predominant notes of vetiver and cedar. The freshness of the sage cuts the strong woody heart, but it's not enough to make this wearable for me. Not a terrible scent, in fact it would be great for guys, but I can't wear this.
By   - from NYC on 8/19/2005
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