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blown away by this product. Especially the longevity which outlasts almost all the fragrances I have owned or sampled, and that numbers beyond 200. I think it is the combo of cinnamon, cardamom and sandalwood that has me hooked... but not sure. I just know I will keep coming back to this one.
By   - writer from Chicago on 12/22/2018
I have not given a 5 star review here in a VERY long time. However, this one deserves it. I love that we reviewers are so all-over-the-map on whether this is feminine or masculine or in the spectrum. I will agree with someone else who said this was black tie ready, and he meant for a guy--I totally agree, but I'm a woman who loves spicy scents, and I'm going to go to this one a lot this winter. I'm hoping those who say it's got great staying power are right. I want this to sniff all day.
By   - writer from Chicago on 12/6/2018
This is an awesome scent. I know that everyone smells scents differently; however, this scent also reminds me of "Kiste" from Slumber house...just more calm and tame without the boozy notes. At any rate, this is an excellent scent...women love it! I layered "Costume National and Kiste" and my coworkers lost their minds---in a good way, they thought I was wearing a luxurious SEX scent...the women at work could not stop smelling me...(Kool-Aid smile).
By   - Army Researcher from Charlottesville on 10/6/2017
A new favourite for me. I've been using it almost every day, and get drawn into the same urge to sniff myself excessively each time.
By   - Musician from Toronto on 1/1/2017
Ok, so I blind bought this based on Rachael's (From Lucky Scent) recommendation. Let me just say that I better stock up on this just in case they decide to discontinue it. It is Holy Grail Material! Who remembers the great Egoiste Cologne Concentree by Chanel? This is an excellent substitution for that fragrance. It's not exactly the same but they both have a wonderful blast of cinnamon in the opening and they also dry down to this creamy, intoxicating, sandalwood aroma. Dazzling!
By   - Musician  from Pensacola on 11/19/2015
to the anonymous person who left the 1st review at the bottm who says they wore this and his office mates said it smelled like her friend "anna" , i think ur friend anna is really named "adam" cos this is in nooooo way too feminine. i can totally see this bein gender neutral but i agree w/ luckyscents meter that pushes it slightly to the guy side (i think its the labdanum and the cloves, which i love). as for vanilla ashtrays .. the hell ? there isnt any vanilla in this . anyway costume national homme is awesome . i love alot of ropions stuff , the one he did for malle that came out in the same yr as this , geranium pour monsieur , shares similar qualities to this . u should check that one out too if u like this one . of the 2 i prefer this one and u kno what else is great about it? the price is relatively inexpensive for the amazing quality of this perfume . lots of ppl seem to like it on me , was sittin on the bench waitin for the bus and this lady next to me was like you smell good. i was like thanks . i even had a few guys hit on me the couple times ive worn this
By   - nakee pizza boy from chicago on 10/31/2012
An outstanding composition from the great Ropion. The combination of cinnamon, clove and labdanum is quite captivating and the value proposition is even more-so. Absolutely brilliant!
By  on 8/27/2012
2 words...signature scent. i've lost count on the number of head turns over the last couple of months. it's a stunning fragrance.
By   - from Sydney on 7/29/2012
LOVE this scent. The first time my husband tried it I went wild. It's fresh, citrus overtones are delightful and it lasts for ages. To all those who hate it - all the more for me!
By   - from Australia on 8/18/2011
It has a nice combination of spices to start with, clove and cinnamon that are intertwined almost to be indistinguishable. I am getting a vanillic dry-down, so I am not sure about this one after all.
By   - from Puget Sound on 6/6/2011
Is this where male scents are headed? Gross. I agree with the assessment of the ashtray vibe in this one. Smells like a female smoker's apartment after a night of burning vanilla scented candles with her college friends. Really people?
By  on 2/10/2010
Just wonderful, though my nose and skin seem to differ from others. For me this is a creamy and complex sandalwood with an almost coconut-like base layer and gentle, soapy overtones that are bright without being sharp (the bergamot and grapefruit under control); yummy but unsentimental. I like this better than the (also wonderful) Serge Lutens, which I find less interesting and too sweet. Great staying power.
By   - from near SF on 2/9/2010
And....Richard from Gaithersburg-YOU my friend are getting a date wearing this perfume. I think the other 2 reviewers are straight out of luck. I do a double take to any guy who smelled like this!!
By  on 2/8/2010
LOVE IT!! I have two problems though. First, that bottle???? Seriously? its soooo ugly. Who would know such a treasure lay inside. I wouldnt have even sampled this if it didnt come in that sample pack...and Costume National 21 is one of my favorites! Second, why are we still using Homme in perfume titles? We aren't at Macys. I feel like anyone shopping here knows that its all up for grabs...masculine, feminine, unisex...whatever. We like what smells good on us. Im a young (ish) girl and I WANT TO SMELL LIKE THIS...but Im having a hard time paying money for anything with that name or bottle. Nonetheless-Love it!
By  on 2/8/2010
An ashtray with the residuals of smoked clove cigarettes, mixed with a bit of women's face powder, and cheap vanilla hand lotion from Walgreens. A man's scent? OK, whatever you say.
By  on 2/4/2010
Fabulous, Simply Fabulous...Another one that is on it's way to me right after wearing the sample vial. I LOVE this fragrance the moment I put it on! I absolutely disagree with the previous review, I do not detect any feminine qualities/components whatsoever; Costume National Homme is full-on masculine! This fragrance is somewhat linear, it starts out with tobacco, woods and spice and stays this way until the dry down stage and then it morphs into a powdery incense. It reminds me of two other fragrances, Aedes de Venustas' roomspray and Christian Lacroix Tumulte but with a smoother controlled edge. The sillage on this scent is moderate to strong, so use sparingly. Costume National Homme is a wonderful fragrance for an evening out, a board meeting or a is very masculine, urbane, classy and smooth also a black-tie cologne. I highly recommend this cologne...A DEFINITE MUST BUY!
By   - from Gaithersburg on 2/1/2010
I was expecting something quite masculine from the descriptions. However, when i spritzed it on it reminded me of all the other CN fragrances. It has this feminine quality to it. It lasts really long, but it was too feminine. I had 5 women in my office do a sniff test on my of them said I reminded her of her friend Anna. See for yourself.
By   - Corporate Sales Manager from Chicago on 1/29/2010
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