Sweet Suite

6 piece sampler - Eau de Parfum

Sweet Suite Sizes Available:
6 x .7 ml $30
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So far, the only one I like out of this sampler is ginger ciao. Disappointed--I was hoping to love them all!
By   - from Athens, AL on 11/15/2013
So glad I purchased the YOSH suite. I'm loving them, well, all but one ... for some reason the Ginger Ciao smells like curry on me. But I'm strangely starting to like it's nuttiness (as in peanuts, not cuckoo). There are two standouts: Omniscent and Stargazer. Worth buying in sample size to try out, then make up your mind which iones you really love enough to buy full-size. But definitely worth a try.
By   - designer from Vancouver on 2/13/2009
Got these as a gift; I'm a big perfume purist. YOSH scents are packaged alot like they are artisinal fragrances but all end up smelling alot like the regular mass marketed crap fragrances. Sorry. I wanted to like but you're better off with houses like L'artisan if you like artful scents.
By   - designer from NYC on 2/20/2008
Yes, the price seems high, but it's really worth it. These tiny vials will last you a long time, plus you can always give this luxurious set as a gift. Any girl who knows anything about perfume will appreciate it.
By   - from NYC on 9/2/2005
After sampling Ginger Ciao and La Contessa individually, I was hooked and had to try everything Yosh. The price might give you pause, but Yosh is such an artisan you get your money's worth. This is how I found Omniscent (wow!), Stargazer and Sottile. Think of it as a mini fragrance wardrobe. (And $30 is a small price to pay vs. $130!)
By   - journalist from Manila on 8/31/2005
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