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I feel the mint, it is fresh BUT it does not last long. Feel free to apply a second time during the day. It will be a good fresh go To the beach scent not too loud. No my favorite.
By   - Legal office  from New York on 12/30/2018
So happy I tried this. Love all 3 sherbet scents. Would be hard to choose the best.
By   - writer  from chicago on 4/8/2018
Where I grew up, there were commercial spearmint fields just to the south of town. In the mid to late summer, when breezes would blow from the south, the air became redolent with the wonderful smell of fresh spearmint. This little beauty takes me right back there. It's called peppermint, and contains peppermint, but to me there is a very distinct spearmint note, particularly in the open.
By   - human resources from denver on 2/8/2016
I wasn't too hopeful about this smaple, but I tried it just to get a sense of the whole sherbet series, and its really nice. very minty and refreshing, and i don't relly get any weird synthetic notes from this. Really cool.
By   - student from chicago on 5/31/2013
ooh! Delicious and delightful. Fresh without being artificial. Definitely a lighter note than Heeley's Menthe Fraiche, but just as nice. Someone else on LuckyScent described a different fragrance as "smelling like a giggle," which is the perfect description for this.
By  on 5/9/2013
Oh. Vomit. Oh. I love minty, fresh and just showered. I did not get this on my skin. I got spearamint vomit. LOL Sorry it's the only way I can describe. I have at least 20 samples from luckyscent and this is the only 1 I have actually thrown out.
By  on 7/11/2011
One of my my most admired Duchafour masterpieces of fragrance mixology. The subtlety of transitions are brilliant composition. Starting with peppermint to white pepper, cardamom, amber and then white musk. The blend creates an all new kind of fragrance that is very original and wonderful. Fresh but masculine. The affect of white pepper on the middle notes is profound. The fragrance lasts a 5-6 hours but the peppermint is much shorter lived giving the impression that overall it is a weakling - its not. But I do like this one.
By   - artist / entrepreneur from Oklahoma City area on 1/21/2010
I get more spearmint then peppermint, but I love it, I smell my wrists constantly, very fresh with just a hint of some synthetic-candy note.
By  on 4/14/2009
I just have to comment on this one again: This is only sharp in the beginning. Once it melds with your skin it smells so wonderful. It smells awesome on my son, I spray it on his head (he's 2), and it makes him smell clean and the musk adds a comforting smell to it. Give it a little time, and you might like it!
By   - stay home mommy from dewey, ok on 9/5/2008
I love this - although I'm still wondering if smelling like mint, even a sophisticated, complex mint, is a perfume people will respond to? I wore it out the other evening and it was so soft and clean and fragrant, it made me feel happy to wear it, and it was like having a nice secret that no-one would know what that nice smell was (maybe!).
By   - Student from Amsterdam on 7/2/2008 is very green,sharp and somewhat spearminty. It is not as natural smelling as I hoped.if you want a REAL mint fragrance-try MINT GINGER MIST by Aura Cacia-from a health food store for under 10$!!!
By   - jack of all trades-master of none from cincinnati on 9/5/2007
I love this mixed with Vanille Bourbon! It makes the perfect scent!
By   - stay home mom 27 from dewey, ok on 5/5/2007
I probably won't be purchasing this again. It's not a bad fragrance, but I do agree with most of the other reviewers...the supposed amber, cardamom, musk, and other notes didn't really come through. It is a bit sharp. Once it finally settles down some, it doesn't last very long. The product name isn't very fitting...sorry.
By   - Artist from Midwest on 3/14/2007
Nope...gag me! Hated it! Much too sharp (& horrible) for the first many minutes. But IF you want to get noticed (& don't have enough tatts & piercings)...slather some of this stuff on.
By   - tour guide from las vegas on 3/8/2007
Very light, and smells like true spearmint and peppermint, with added richness. I love it, but wish that it weren't so very light. It disappeared quickly. I'd still buy it, but I'd keep a sample-sized bottle in my purse to touch up with. Wish that it had a prettier bottle.
By  on 10/8/2006
Clean mint with green undertones Lasted about an hour on me,wish it had better staying power.But at this price can't complain
By   - RN from Tampa on 7/16/2006
it's nice, a little minty a little soapy, fresh smelling, subtle
By   - filmmaker from la, ca on 6/20/2006
Very herb-gardenish-lite. This is not a sweet, buttery, chewing gum scent, and definitely not a dessert, so im wondering if someone goofed on the naming of this series! FOR MINT PURISTS ONLY>>>Not ice cream vendors.
By  on 2/18/2006
This should have been named "Garden Mint". The title peppermint led me to think that this would be a strong, almost mentholated fragrance. It's rather watery and very green. The mint note is very faint as are all the other other notes this supposedly contains ( pepper, amber, musk...). On my skin this smells like fresh mowed lawn - not exactly what I would like to wear as a perfume!
By   - from South San Francisco on 12/27/2005
this smells so pretty and fresh. i also detect a very faint sweet note as well. it smells exactly like peppermint and spearmint leaves!
By   - from los angeles on 10/8/2005
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