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Eau de Toilette

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Agree with reviewers below that it starts out super juicy green tart rhubarb, but dries quickly to something a little TOO pie-y. Wish it stayed longer with that plant ful stage.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/14/2020
Very natural and juicy rhubarb scent in the opening, like sniffing on a stock of freshly cut rhubarb. However, it becomes very feminine as it dries down. Not for me as it becomes to feminine and sweet after an hour.
By   - Worker from NYC on 10/5/2020
Pure, unadulterated, sharp, green rhubarb to open, then a the sweetness arrives bit by bit to make it even more appealing. And, not a HINT of strawberry, as in the wimpy 'strawberry rhubarb pie!' I adore this fragrance (RIP, sample), but it doesn't last long enough on me to make me buy a bottle on my tight, retired old lady budget. If you've always hoped you'd find a true rhubarb, and are sort of a rhubarb purist, just go ahead and buy a couple of bottles. There's nothing else like this. Enjoy!
By   - Ret. Counselor from Oregon on 9/17/2018
Love the freshness, love the tartness, and love the price. And the bottle is cute too. This is truly one of my faves from Luckyscent, along with peppermint and cinnamon sherbet. They're all divine.
By   - writer from chicago on 4/8/2018
This doesn't last long on my skin, but even so I love it. That first hit of rhubarb is right on the money, as no other ones stating they containing a rhubarb note are. This is just plain delicious and makes my mouth water in expectation of a big piece of pie - and yes, this is a good thing. I don't usually like anything that smells foody, but this one is fabulous.
By   - Therapist from Oregon on 4/24/2015
Bright and zingy and not at all what I expected, but in a good way!
By   - from Memphis on 2/28/2015
Sweet, green, and creamy, yet bitter and tart. Complex yet approachable and universal. If you're thinking about it, buy it. Comme des Garcons definitely has even their lower-key releases well thought out.
By   - Student from Chicago on 12/13/2013
Oh yes, this has a slight celery/rhubarb scent to me - it's even just a tad earthy. Then this becomes sweet, perhaps like a rhubarb pie, but not terribly cloying. I prefer using it in warmer weather. I like it, but it's not a love story.
By   - medical from NorCal on 5/16/2011
Delish! Great pick-me up scent of rhubarb and creamy vanilla with a slight citrus edge. Not too sweet, not too sharp, not too foody if that makes sense. This somehow works. Hey, at under $50, you really couldn't do any better :)
By   - from NYC on 4/12/2011
Just recieved a sample of this one, it kind of for reminded me of Eau de Cartier, but greener. Nothing special and little masculine.
By  on 3/21/2011
The lasting power is unfortunately 3 hours, the fragrance is beautiful, fresh, a little bit sour, not too sweet, but very summery.
By   - from Pittsburgh on 6/4/2010
I'm a rhubarb fan, so I had to try the sample when I discovered it last year. I waited patiently for warm weather to roll around and have just purchased the bottle. At first spritz, the fragrance is very peppery to me. This dissipates quickly and leaves behind a tart, green scent that's sharp without being citrus-like. After 15-30 minutes, it evolves into something softer that's only slightly sweet and balanced by the faintest hint of creaminess--it could be called vanilla, but if others hadn't said vanilla, I wouldn't have--and woody notes. It's a very clean fragrance without a lot of depth, which is just right for summer.
By   - from Boston on 5/25/2010
I don't usually like fruity smells but that one is different, as most perfumes from CDG, you like the style or you don't. Nothing common, always original and very subtle and refine. That one is as fresh as it's warm, I agree, it's contradictory..just imagine a fresh stem of rhubarb with a dash of vanilla..yummy
By   - Publisher from Montreal on 10/28/2009
lovely, quirky, and fresh. for those of you who think its too "masculine" is smells lovely layered with vanilla.
By   - from riverside on 5/18/2009
I just had to try this fragrance out of pure curiosity. The previous reviews are such a mixed bag. Certainly it is not at all unpleasant. I find it to be very green and refreshing, albeit a bit overwhelming. If you are looking for a fragrance that spells pure GREEN--in capital letters--then this is it.
By   - teacher from San Antonio on 5/6/2009
So many rhubarb notes smell so unlike rhubarb it makes me sad. This one, however, smells just like a fresh, green stick of rhubarb. It's sour and fresh and green smelling and I kind of want to eat my arm with it on.
By  on 3/8/2009
I love this - normally I hate fruit-scented perfumes (too sickly) but this is exceptional - fresh, dry, with the smell of a freshly-snapped stick of unsweeetened rhubarb, and a light almost incensey scent in the drydown. Not a hint of sweetness - very refreshing!
By   - Bookseller from London UK on 9/23/2008
This smells like weeds that I just pulled from the yard! I wish that I had tried the sample, but the reviews were so great I bought the whole bottle. I don't smell anythign sweet or like rubarb in this. It is just awful.
By   - from Miami on 9/20/2008
The first time I tried this I thought it was too way out there. But the second time I really like the juxtaposition of tart and sweetness. It is really delicious and very unusual. I really like this one a lot.
By   - student from Amsterdam on 7/5/2008
Like the initial smell. Well, I like the tartness. I had Cinnamon and this reminds me of it in that way that it smells absolutely nothing like what you would want or expect it to. But not necessarily bad, it's very clean. But then yeah, it turns into this really vague sort of what the hell who where what is that on me. On the right person this would be great. A little too unisex for me, much like Cinnamon. There is nothing sweet about the sherbet series from what I can tell. They're all very fresh and kind of on the cool side.
By  on 3/31/2008
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