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before, I always associated cinnamon with a warm scent. This is cinnamon but cool and fresh. How wonderful. Gets noticed in a good way
By   - writer from chicago on 4/8/2018
A lot of warm berry notes. I don't actually get cinnamon in this, but I positively love it.
By  on 7/10/2013
i really like this scent and i am surprised the sherbet series is so underrated. just the right amount of cinnamon with a nice spicy sweetness. a little on the masculine side, however.
By   - student from Chicago on 5/31/2013
I loved this. A fresh smelling cinnamon. I definitely did not get the "stick of gum" smell. I thought I smelled great. It was a light scent and definitely appropriate for the office. However, if you are a lady that is into guys, like I am, I bet your man is not going to like this. He will think that you smell like a man, and he will be right. It is definitely not a feminine smell.
By   - Assistant from Queens on 4/6/2013
What's this? Is it a 13 year old boy's first perfumed deodorant? I smell fresh manly onedimensional something. No cinnamon. At all.
By   - graphics designer from Diessen Netherlands on 10/4/2010
This is what a wood nymph would smell like... very playful, warm and woodsy. Not overly sweet, or spicy -- just a good blend of sugar and spice and everything nice. Love snuggling in this scent... it has a 'je ne sais quoi' that keeps my nose to my wrist. This lasts a long time too... and lingers on your clothes. Lovely, natural and soft.
By   - SAHM from Bridgeport on 11/16/2009
I like cedar scents, and the pepperiness of carnation, but this is too sharp and masculine for me - it's like a gentlemen's cologne. Housing this in a collection entitled "sherbert" is misleading, as this implies a sweetness that is lacking in this fragrance. Sample first"
By   - Administration from UK on 9/26/2008
Never have I ever found a perfume that I have fallen so deeply in love with. I like a very particular scent, nothing overpoweringly effeminate but also something that doesn't have any masculinity to it. The androgynous nature of this scent was just what I was looking for, and unlike the others in the series, was not too sweet nor too particular. Something about the intricacy and awkwardness of the scent just sat well with me. Apart from being a very cold scent, it works well in both winter and summer, feeling refreshing during the warmer months, and right at home during the cold ones. I reccomend this for anyone who likes a strange, yet beautifully addicting scent. Cool, crisp and minimal, goes well with visual styles that reflect that!
By  on 9/19/2008
This is a strange one. I smelled it in a shop and fell in love with it, ordered a sample and was quite disappointed second time round.. It is very woody and interesting but just not quite right. I will try it a third time and hope it's the charm.
By   - Student from Amsterdam on 7/2/2008
'fraid not. I love cinnamon but on me this smells just like a stick of cinnamon gum: no more, no less. Not a dreadful scent but unsophisticated and - seriously! - who wants to smell like something you chew?
By   - Fundraising from Toronto on 2/10/2008
I ended up giving this to a friend who likes very fresh, blue/green, unisex scents. If you are looking for something that smells even the slightest bit dessert-like, try a sample. The cinnamon comes through in this as a little more of a bark/wood essence, it lends a dry undertone to the fresh, "wetness" of the other notes. This is not a sweety dessert type scent. If you like androgynous, crisp, cool scents you'll really like this. I like it, but I was expecting more warmth.
By  on 1/20/2008
This reminds me of Calvin Klein Escape. It's very fresh and green. What it's not is cinnamon. Not even a little tiny bit. Some people mentioned spicy, but I don't get that from this. If you want a fresh green scent, this may work for you. I'm giving it only one star because I expected cinnamon based on the name and this doesn't deliver. I was very disappointed.
By   - Trainer from Austin on 3/31/2007
I have tried several samples and love this one, very summer-like. A+
By   - Medical Secretary from Atlanta, GA on 7/6/2006
This is a magnificient fresh smelling scent. It makes me feel fresh and feminine. It lingers and is delicate, a little sweet and a little naughty. My BF thinks it is the perfect scent for me. I wouldn't of tried it on my own but got it in as a sample and didn't really think much of it at first, but a few minutes into it -- i was wondering what that DIVINE scent was. Who would of guessed it was this. I know nothing that smells like it... it's light but lasting. I can't wait to get another bottle.
By   - Nutritionist from NYC on 6/4/2006
Spicy, fresh and green. A nice daytime scent.
By   - from New York on 4/17/2006
well it's woody and spicy and light at the same time,but cinnamon ain' would be frank to call it bergamot or even saffron,at least this the notes that i get.still if you don't mind that cinnamon is missing try it!
By   - from athens greece on 3/18/2006
Had tried the rhubarb first and found it way too sweet. With the Cinnamon, however, I think CDG has found a near-perfect fragrance. Youthful, subtle-yet-interesting, and just a little spicy; I can see this as my lovely new "every day" fragrance.
By   - grad student on 3/10/2006
ZIINNG! It's scent matches the packaging perfectly! Fresh, chilly, white, then sugary, buttery, minty, then airy, bright, and warm...yet surprisingly simple! The best of the Sherberts! Changes dramatically on every skin, so definitely sample it.
By  on 2/24/2006
Cinnamon is as cozy as warm rice pudding, yet it doesn't smother you with dessert vanilla and syrupy sweetness; it's lightened up by the bergamot, the teak. Really lovely.
By  on 2/17/2006
WOW... I spoke way too soon! I hadn't tried it on when I commented because usually scents that smell musky in the bottle only get muskier and darker on my skin. What was my surprise when it went on cool and fresh, almost a L'Eau or Mare kind of clean water scent, with a barely-there spicy cinnamon/cedar note that registers more as an invigorating sensation than an actual scent. Love, love, LOVE! I ran it by my fiance and he likes it the best of anything I've tried so far except Mare. At this price, DEFINITELY a buy!
By   - teacher from NC on 6/10/2005
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