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"Whoever blushes is already guilty; true innocence is ashamed of nothing." - J. Rousseau A quote I thought of the first moment I put this precious gem on. Wish I could take this scent and lock it up in a cabinet. Make it ALL mine!
By   - RN from NYC on 2/19/2017
I freely admit I had no idea what an "oceanic" musk might smell like but my first thought was "aquatic" followed by "nope". However since I like other Sage scents I decided to try it and was upset. Upset with myself because I don't find this to be an aquatic scent at all. It's a wonderful light and airy sandalwood amber and musk. I find it similar to Pearl but minus the sweetish vanilla which is perhaps why I like this one much more.
By   - Account Manager from Oklahoma city on 11/7/2015
Diamond is my first experience with the Sage Machado line. I love this scent for it's simplicity. It's soothing like rain gently hitting the windows while the wind-chimes softly play music. It's a comfort scent, light sillage, and softly long lasting. I find myself craving it especially after a rough day at work.
By   - Coordinator of all things complicated from Somewhere in California on 10/23/2015
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