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by Sage Roll-on

Onyx Sizes Available:
1/8 oz. Roll-on $45
0.5 ml
0.5 ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Onyx...
gorgeous and dark, I just adore this. It''s very intoxicating, it''s a little on the masculine side but if you''re naughty a lady can pull it off. It''s a straight forward, simple smelling type perfume - a very nice combo. The coconut is not overwhelming, just a lovely dark scent
By   - from Fairview on 8/19/2012
sage fragrances have a way of coming back at you after you think its gone very warming on the skin. a little more tobacco would be nice but still lovely.
By  on 7/3/2009
Woody tobacco with coconut. The vanilla is tastefully in the background with my chemistry. Onyx is a warm, creamy, delectable base-note blend. I''d like to layer it, too bad I didn''t order a sample of Peridot to test the dual-roll-on suggestion! Simple and yummy.
By   - Biotech from Providence, RI on 10/23/2008
Yuck. Cheap coconut. Makes me slightly ill.
By   - Market Manager from Kansas City on 8/28/2008
Smells completely of coconut on me after drydown. It''s a nice, adult, non beachy coconut and quite edible, but I get almost no wood or vanilla. Touch of tobacco, but mostly dark coconut.
By   - from Chesapeake on 5/2/2007
I bought both the candle and the frangance. The candle is fine, but the fragrance smells just like any old vanilla musk perfume oil I could get on 125th street. Nothing special, this scent
By   - Researcher from NYC on 4/20/2007
Onyx is my all time favorite scent. There is nothing else like it out there. People are always asking what I''m wearing....Onyx! It''s intoxicating.
By  on 1/5/2007
This is a really great oil, but as some have said, it does not have a lot of lasting power on me. I wish it did. I usually layer this with the EDT over it so it lasts a little longer. It is a wonderful combination of vanilla, tobacco, and amber. When I first tried it I smeared it all over my body it was so good! The coconut is very subtle, it just gives a little sweetness to it, but the tobacco and amber really spice it up nicely. One of my faves!
By   - psychologist from Louisville on 11/17/2006
I''m in love with this fragrance. There is nothing out there like it. The combination of dark coconut and oakmoss is very bewitching. Another winner.
By   - from Honolulu on 9/22/2006
Onyx neither repulsed nor amazed me. I really wanted to smell more coconut and tobacco notes, but the vanilla is what really stood out on my skin. If you like vanilla, this is a lovely warm version. If you''re looking for the other notes, you''re going to be disappointed. Overall, not a bad scent, just didn''t do it for me.
By   - college english teach from pittsburgh on 9/17/2006
Sensuous, delicious and totally warm and sexy fragrance. LOVE IT....that was after i got over how tiny the bottle was..LOL
By   - Student from West Palm Beach on 9/13/2006
The scent is truly awesome. I love it so. Unfortunately it fades within an hour. Must take a couple of stars away for lack of potency. Bummer. I''m truly jealous of those of you who finds it long lasting. :(
By   - Broker from Brooklyn on 8/9/2006
Love, love, love it! The best version of Onyx (as opposed to the EDT). So good, just want to sniff my wrists again and again. Good job, Sage!
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 7/31/2006
Unbelievably sexy...come hither and reel him in with a fishing pole sexy! I cannot believe how incredibly warm and inviting this fragrance is! It merries so lovely on your skin and lasts longer then 24 hours! I mean men were leaning in to smell me at the local bar and it was wonderful! I really could not detect coconut or vanilla, but regardless you''ll love it if you love rich scents! What a great oil! I am very impressed!
By   - sales from NYC on 5/8/2006
Really warm and woodsy. Dries down to a sweeter fragrance, but is very smoky on me for the first hour or so. I''m going to try mixing it with something a bit citrus-y as some have recommended (Peridot), so I don''t feel like walking pipe tobacco for the first 60 minutes of wearing this. It''s a must-try for vanilla lovers, and fans of coconut or nutty fragrances a very grown up and dark version of all of the cakey and sugary-sweet vanillas on the market. The oak moss and tobacco keep the other notes from being unsophisticated and too cutesy.
By  on 4/28/2006
smells a bit of smoked meat, then dries down to a very powdery scent. Smells cehap to me.
By  on 4/26/2006
Veeeeery rich and moody. Go easy on it, this stuff is strong. But I love it.
By   - Designer from San Diego on 4/6/2006
A keeper!
By   - Designer from NYC on 2/25/2006
I purchased Onyx because I''d read somewhere that it was comparable to Yosh Ginger Ciao. Though I do like this scent, it doesn''t really seem to bear a lot of similarities! It''s strong on the vanilla factor, and I smelled a little more tobacco than dark coconut. Definitely great for an everyday daytime scent, but I''ll be purchasing the headier, more exotic Ginger Ciao for night!
By   - Project Manager from SF on 8/29/2005
Warm vanilla and coconut with a smoky sweetness - rich, creamy....smells good enough to eat.
By   - from South San Francisco on 7/20/2005
Warm, sensual but never overpowering. It''s a great alternative to the much-overpriced Yosh Ginger Ciao
By   - from NYC on 4/14/2005
This is really light and fresh, but VERY subtle.
By   - Legal Secretary from NC on 2/22/2005
this was a nice scent. like a rich vanilla with some spice, yet still soft. doesn''t smell like tanning lotion coconut, it almost just makes the vanilla smell deeper.
By   - from encino,ca on 1/26/2005
Mmmmmmm...very sexy and exotic without being overly heady. Love this!
By   - from Seattle on 1/23/2005
the best fragrance from sage..the only coconut scent that doesnt smell cheap and tacky..i get compliments whenever i wear this..dries down to a really soft fragrance
By   - from ny on 11/23/2004
In deciding between Onyx and Exact Friction of Stars, I chose Exact Friction because I thought it had more going on-- choco-coco as opposed to just coco-- but I tried layering Onyx with Peridot and was blown away. Now I have to have Onyx, if only to layer with Peridot! On its own it is a very appealing coconut scent.
By   - journalist from the Philippines on 10/22/2004
Reminded me of a car freshner, and gave me a headache.
By   - from Detroit on 10/21/2004
One of the sexiest scents out there. I get a ton of compliments from men whenever I wear Onyx. A scent to be reckoned with.
By   - from New York on 6/22/2004
This scent is very rich and exotic. My husband loves this scent. He goes crazy when I wear it.
By   - Student/Wife from N. LA on 6/22/2004
I could take a bath in this it''s so great. It layers great with a lot of other fragrances, too!!! WONDERFUL!
By  on 5/28/2004
Totally delectable!
By  on 5/12/2004
This is one of the best fragrances out there. Sexy, delicious and exotic.
By   - from Los Angeles on 3/15/2004
i was dissapointed in this...everyone seemed to love it. i agree with the previous comment, it is heady and somewhat musky.
By  on 2/21/2004
Heady! so musky and coconuty. i do like the slight hint of vanilla necter, but it''s way to heady.
By  on 2/21/2004
The first and only coconut scent that I''ve found doesn''t come across as "cheap". This coconut actually smells sophisticated and rich.
By   - from austin on 1/28/2004
One of the only Sage fragrance I find worth getting to know. Amazing staying power and utterly sexy! The other Sage fragrance worth gettingto know would be Topaz. Smell them, I guarantee you''ll love em too!
By   - from Minneapolis on 1/12/2004
Amazing! Onyx is very exotic. Makes my feel sexy everytime I slather it on.
By   - from Los Angeles on 1/8/2004
This is a very rich scent that smells of coconut, vanilla and tobacco. I have actually given Onyx to my male friends as presents and they like it. It''s a great unisex scent
By   - from san francisco on 11/26/2003
Onyx is amazing! Definitely a rich and exotic fragrance. My boyfriend is now always borrowing my Onyx so I might have to switch to another Sage scent. I''m thinking Pearl or Garnet.
By   - from New York on 11/20/2003
This is amazing! Dark and luscious and sexy. Love the coconut-tobacco blend. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!
By   - from Pasadena on 11/4/2003
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