perfume oil

by Sage

Jade Sizes Available:
1/8 oz. Roll-on $45
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Jade...
Tantalizing, yet disturbing...in word, provocative.
By  on 8/12/2009
got this sample and had to have more very intriging and the more you sniff the more you fall inlove!
By  on 6/25/2009
I decided to try this based on all the reviews-good and bad-got the sample and absolutely LOVED IT! Couldn't stop smelling my wrist! Waiting on my full-size roll on-may even get the lotion! This is so unique!
By   - Recruiter from Clearwater, FL on 8/4/2006
Sounded so good from the description. Another poster desribed it as smelling a bit cheap. That is not entirely untrue. From the bottle, it smells great. On the skin, it is a tad hippy-dippy. No, thank you. Yet I know among my friends there will be a taker for the unused remains of my test vial!
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 7/31/2006
This is a very nice or ~naughty~ oriental! I've seen that some people have noted a similarity with Monyette but my nose says "Fifi"! They both have citrus notes, amber and vanilla which seem to clash on my skin for the first few moments before the fruits settle into the background. I also get a tobacco note from both which must be the amber/tonka bean combination with Jade. This is a strong exotic fragrance that could probably clear a room if overapplied...but a dab is lovely! Overall...very well done!
By   - from APO on 7/12/2006
Super beyond-average heavy Oriental scent. Not worth the money to me.
By  on 4/26/2006
It reminds me of Monyette Paris only more earthy and less beachy. I prefer this to Monyette because I think it is sexier. I would say Jade is Monyette's hippie sister.
By  on 8/17/2005
Not for the faint-hearted. You WILL get noticed when wearing this bold oriental. Have to hand it to Sage, though. A verrry intriguing, exotic fragrance.
By   - from Manila on 10/20/2004
I'm on my ninth jade roll-on and continue to get compliments. Nothing else like it out there.
By   - from Miami on 1/8/2004
I like this scent because it always creates a sense of mystery when I wear it. I get lots of compliments but know one yet can quite figure out the scent. I like the twist of adding Amber and Jasmine to Tuberose.
By   - from Seattle on 11/20/2003
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