Le Boise

Eau de Toilette

Le Boise Sizes Available:
100ml $115
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Le Boise...
Nice woody scent with a hint of spice. I dont get any vanilla smell but this is still a great scent.
By   - DJ from Vancouver on 8/19/2017
This scent is absolutely stunning! The opening is fresh and woody then settles into a sexy "head-turner' that has gotten me more compliments than any scent I've ever worn. I get no traces of vanilla at all, which is fine with me. The unfortunate downside is the longevity..two hours and it's gone with the wind.
By   - Technology from Eastvale on 11/3/2016
After I tried a sample, my husband bought me a full bottle of Le Boise on the spot, declaring it to be incredibly sexy. It starts off with a slightly astringent mild cedar/oak fragrance, almost like fresh wood shavings. While it might not sound very pleasant, it is quite lovely if you like woody fragrances, which I do. However, the surprise twist for me is that it turned into an elegant dry vanilla note at the dry-down. I adore vanilla, but I can't wear most vanilla fragrances, as they are sickeningly sweet on me. Vanilla is not in the description as an ingredient, but it's the mysteries of body chemistry, I suppose. This is truly a beautiful, understated fragrance for both men and women. My husband borrows it, and of course, it smells different on him - no vanilla, but more of a slightly sweet, exotic sandalwood. It's gorgeous.
By   - Office from Boston on 8/10/2015
The bottle and packaging alone makes it a 5 star gift; the scent is "expensive, mature cedar", very delightful, although not strong and has only slight longevity.
By  on 5/1/2015
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