Eau de Toilette

by Ginestet

Botrytis Sizes Available:
100ml $110
0.7ml sample $4
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Bought this for my Mother last year for Xmas... she''s fallen in love with it... result! This year she says it''s the only thing she really wants for Christmas! Out of stock! Please tell me they haven''t discontinued this! :-(
By   - UX Designer from London, UK on 10/4/2018
Smells like marshmallow on my skin - and I love it desperately. Too bad it seems to fade away within 10 minutes. Absolutely no projection or staying power. Truly sad!
By   - Baker from Lowell on 6/19/2018
The honey scent to end all honey scents. Nuanced, delicate, delicious, and utterly irresistible. The staying power isn''t stellar but if it means drenching myself in heavenly golden ambrosial nectar twice daily, then it''s a sacrifice I''m willing to make.
By   - Designer from Charlotte, NC on 10/17/2017
To quote Elf: "I''m in love, I''m in love, and I don''t CARE who knows it!" I went through two sample bottles before committing to a full bottle, and am I ever glad I did. This is the most heavenly, luscious, delicious perfume ever. It''s not too sweet, and you can smell the different notes, but the most prominent, as it should be-is the honey. This is the nectar of the gods right here in this bottle!I don''t ever want to be without it. THANK YOU LUCKY SCENT for carrying this. Please tell me if they ever stop making it. I''m going to buy up each and every bottle!
By   - Mom from San Diego on 9/21/2017
I love this. I am a big fan of those rare scents that feature a distinctive honey scent. This coupled with the candied fruit results in a very lush and opulent scent that does not overpower but does enchant. While it is perfect for fall I think it could be worn anytime one wished to enchant but never overpower. Bewitching in every way.
By   - Owner of Antique Restoration Shop from Indianapolis on 8/10/2017
On me this is baby powder. I introduced a coworker to luckyscent, and I passed on the sample to her. On her, this is magical. Light and sweet, with a light floral touch.
By   - Sales from Albany on 3/13/2017
This stuff is sweet and spicy with a tobacco and vanilla note hiding in there as well. Of everything I''ve sampled thusfar, this is the most likely to end up as a full bottle in my collection, if for no reason other than the gorgeous bottle it comes in..
By   - lab tech from ohio on 2/9/2017
An absolutely rich, delicious, golden honey scent. Not much staying power on my skin but otherwise completely perfect.
By   - SAHM from Brooklyn on 10/31/2016
I am in love. After flirting with this scent for years, I relented and went full bottle. It''s everything I hoped it would be. Autumn and honey and sitting by a fire with hot toddies wrapped in a cashmere shawl. It''s sweet without smelling like candy, warm without overpowering, and complex. Despite complaints about staying power, I found this had more from the bottle than the sample. I sprayed it on at 7 am and I''m still catching whiffs of it at 3 pm. I want to wear this out on a chilly late fall evening to a little jazz club in the city that has a big wooden bar and sip bourbon.
By   - Marketing from Princeton on 10/28/2016
I never buy perfume based on others reviews, as perfume is about evoking a certain mood, which often related to past lives, although we seldom realize it. So, I am writing this review to convince anyone to give this a try, but purely as a personal testimony on why the "right'' fragrance works for ''YOU'' and not the other 100000 who reviewed. I grew up eating quinces dipped in honey...and this is what Botrytis is to me, pure childhood...happines!!When i first sprayed it did bring me back to the years of Jean Paul Gaultier, although the notes are not similar at all....I can''t explain why....In short, this fragrance works for me, for its ripped juicy quincy fruit, dipped in honey :))))
By   - Therapist from Brooklyn, Ny on 7/14/2016
I''ve bought many fragrances on this site and so far, haven''t found any that have longevity or staying power. Sadly that is the case with Botrytis. It''s a beautiful scent, yet doesn''t last long whatsoever.
By   - Finance from Tokyo, Japan on 7/7/2016
Sweet. Very balanced. Good.
By   - Technician from Violet on 6/13/2016
Sweet, honey. Did I walk into a delightful candy store with glistening sugar crystals. This is a keeper.
By   - CHOCOLATE from MINNEAPOLIS on 2/15/2016
Winnie the Pooh would adore this as it is the best honey scent. There is a little more layered with it. I catch some fruits, but I don''t really notice the florals. It''s warm and sugary. If you''re not a fan of candy smells or dessert gourmands, run away as if bees are chasing you. But if you''re going for something warm, golden and sweet, this is ideal for the honey lover.
By   - Teacher from Laguna Beach on 12/6/2015
The truest honey fragrance ever! Pure golden sweet honey with candied fruits, I don''t get any tobacco or flowers. I''m starting to crave this scent! Very addicting!
By  on 5/12/2015
Sultry honey and wine for about 10 minutes, then the tobacco took over. After an hour or so it smelled like stale cigarettes, and the honey was just barely there. I really wanted to like this one, but it didn''t work for me. The pro: no powder whatsoever (at least on me), for those who love gourmand scents but hate the baby powderplay doh that can go along with them.
By  on 4/2/2015
I come back to this one a lot... Love the honey & wine smell but can''t seem to commit to Full bottle. It feels very autumnal - May be out of place in warm weather or even slightly cloying. Still keep coming back though...
By   - from NYC area on 3/13/2015
I''m looking for a sweet, light and gourmand scent. I thought this one would satisfy my sweet tooth but I actually find it sickening. My take is that the flowers really ruin the honey and cake like this fragrance could have. Glad I ordered a sample. 2 drops and I had to wash it off. Onto the next adventure :))
By   - from Vancouver on 11/12/2014
sweet! light and golden. sweet fruits and honey. the florals provide balance behind them but the honey is upfront and center here.
By  on 6/8/2014
I LOVE LOVE Love this scent, everywhere I go men tell me I smell good. I love the way it wears all day long. Very rarely do i still with a scent for very long and this is the first time I have ever reordered a scent, i am always looking for something new.
By   - sales from Rockford on 1/21/2014
After yrs of searching for the PERFECT scent ..I thought that I had found it with Botrytis..which is a Beautiful honey scent, that when first is sprayed, smells wonderful, but after about a half hr or so, that wonderful scent is gone...Unfortunately, this perfume, carries a pretty high price for what I am use to paying, especially when , as I time to smell my wrists as I type this, the scent is gone..TIME TO RESPRAY AGAIN! although a nice scent..not worth the price tag
By   - domestic goddess from Broadus on 6/10/2013
Just received my Botrytis. I am convinced that Heaven is on Earth! I already can''t wait to get my second bottle. Autumn is my favorite time of the year, Botrytis is perfect Fall scent. I want to keep this fragrance a secret from my girl friends , so I am the only one Botrytis girl. Deffinatelly at the top of my favorites .
By   - Educator from Fairbanks on 6/6/2013
Botrytis is one of my favorite perfumes, and I have about 60 perfumes in my collection. I am a big fan of gourmands, and Botrytis is definately a gourmand. The most promiment note in this perfume is the honey. If you do not like honey in your perfume, then this one is not for you. I also love that this perfume has a gingerbread note in it as well. When I wear this, I just want to eat my arm. So Yummy! On my skin, this scent lasts a long time. At the end of the day, I can still smell it on my clothes. This perfume is unique and I have never smelled anything similar to it, and I like wearing it because nobody that I know has even heard of it. I will have this perfume in my collection for as long as they keep making it. This is definately a fall and winter scent, although someone could possibly wear it in the spring and maybe summer too. I will wear it all year long because I love it so much! Sample before you buy, for some it may not be what they want.
By   - from Milaukee on 3/8/2013
I fell in love with this scent. I''m not into sweet but they have added other notes that make it quite acceptable. To me it''s like honey with a bit of spicyness to it. Perfect for the fallwinter. Don''t think i would wear this in the warmer months as its kind of musky. I love it though. The presentation is also beautiful, I was surprised to see how pretty the packaging was. But will give it 4 stars based on the fact that for some reason i think the sample stood on me longer than the actual perfume. I bathe in it, I really wish i could just dunk myself and smell it all day. But alas, i don''t feel like I can smell it on me for long. There''s a hint of it but very light. It''s good in a way except if you''re a bit addicted to your new perfume and constantly want to smell it.
By   - App. Supp from NYC on 12/18/2012
This is such a BRILLIANT perfume. I am completely in love with this fragrance, and every time I get a whiff I am drawn in. Every. Time. The honey is captured in the warmest way the tobacco keeps it in check while the fruits dance merrily in the background. After a while the honey dies down so th So luscious, so elegant, so well crafted, it just makes my heart ache for more all over again with each whiff. I don''t know why this has such an influence on me, but hey, I''m not complaining. :)And yes, longevity is amazing---spraying this on lasted 12 hours on me, dabbing from the perfume sample lasted significantly less.
By   - mom from Austin, TX on 10/3/2012
I adore this perfume - the honey went sour on my skin unfortunately. This would have been my all time favorite perfume, I''m so disappointed! A perfect balance of fruity, sweet and *swoon* I really love this one.
By   - from Fairview on 8/19/2012
Lasted 8 hours on me. Smells just like fresh baked apple pie, crust and all! Cuddly.
By  on 7/22/2012
Magnificent is the best word for this perfume. It''s like a sweet dessert wine like a port or madeira, but I can smell white flowers upon initial application. I just bought a full bottle. I can''t believe anyone would describe this as being for an old''s sugary sweet!
By   - Hypnotherapist from SAN FRANCISCO on 5/31/2012
Like with any other fragrance it all depends on your body chemistry with how it will smell. I myself like this one! it works for me! On myself it comes off very light and not over powering which is what I like. it also makes for a good layering scent..I have layered it with Fresh as well as Serendipitous Serendipity 3 and love it!
By   - from Houston on 3/23/2012
This is probably the most accurately named fragrance in existence. Smells exactly like a sticky sauternes, and considering how much a bottle of Château d''Yquem costs, Botrytis is a bargain.
By   - from Los Angeles on 12/27/2011
This is my signature scent. I mix it with others off-season, but prefer to wear it alone. I''m always receiving compliments on my wonderful sweet scent. Not at all cloying... truly a masterpiece, this one.
By  on 11/21/2011
The description by Luckyscent is exactly accurate. So why, then, did I order this? Hah. I was hoping to find a sister to Micallef''s Note Vanille, only more suited to wear to work. But Botrytis is not it. It''s too sweetish and ''yellowish'', it reminds me of a cheap L by Lempicka-ish scent I had when I was a teenager.
By   - Designer from Diessen NL on 8/31/2011
smells NOTHING like the description given more like old woman, bitter, cleaning products from the dark ages. smells cheap, cloying and hideous
By  on 5/11/2011
Honestly? This pure pear cake batter! One whiff of this and I''m instantly 8 years old again, standing in our sweltering 100 d. kitchen in August, watching mom stir in the cinnamon... wow. I don''t know if I really want my whole body to smell like this lol but it sure takes me back...
By   - Student on 4/13/2011
I wish this perfume had lived up t its description but it really was far too sweet for my liking, and left me feeling a little queasy.
By   - Medical from London on 1/22/2011
I love those intuitive "noses" at luckyscent! On a recent order, I asked for a surprise for my sample request. Among my samples was Ginestet Botrytis...and I am OVER THE MOON! It is so very much ME!!! I used up my sample vial and I am eagerly awaiting my full bottle. (For those of you who have a "history" of orders upon which lucky''s talented orders can draw, I REALLY encourage you to ask for their expert recommendations!)
By   - Consultant from Grosse Pointe on 1/18/2011
This smells very sweet and I do like it but it lasts all of 2 minutes.
By  on 1/15/2011
If you want to smell like an old lady, this is a super classy way to do it. I wanted to like this, and I don''t, but I can see myself going back to it when I''m much, much older.
By   - from Pittsburgh on 11/23/2010
I got a sample first. Could not believe how much I craved this sultry, honeyed, lusciously fruity tobacco scent when it was used up. To me, this is old-school perfume know-how at its best. When I received my full bottle, I was delighted with the presentation... the gorgous box, satin robe wrapping, and lovely bottle with the grapevine top. Could''nt wait to spray on this knock-out, complex fragrance again... and again... it lingers in the mind when not on the body.
By   - from Mt. Lebanon, PA on 10/29/2010
I like incense & woods, not sweet & floral, and I am not a honey fan. So why do I LOVE this scent??? I would bathe in it if I could! It''s fruit & buzzing bees & sushine - like a golden August day in a bottle it''s the end of a long, hot summer with hints of autumn around the corner. But this is my experience - ALWAYS sample a scent on yourself for a few hours, as every scent smells different on every person. Fortunately, this comes in sample size so there''s no need to commit $110 to an experiment that may not work out well for you. Gotta LOVE THOSE SAMPLES!!!!
By   - from Santa Barbara, CA on 10/6/2010
Smells exactly like wine. maybe good if you want to smell like a boozer all day. it is also very dry.
By   - from San Jose on 8/23/2010
Lovely fragrance, wonderful mix of floral and citrus notes. Very reminiscent of (a toned town) Guerlain Plus Que Jamais. Good value for the cost.
By  on 6/16/2010
Doesn''t get any better than this! So warm and cozy. Perfect for winter!
By  on 1/30/2010
I really loved this one. It seems like you were smelling a honey pot at first, but it dries down quickly so you can really feel a floral scent most part of the times. Unfortunally it goes away as soon as you can imagine. One hour after apraying it in my wirst I couldn''t feel the scent anymore.
By   - Pharmacist from Revere-MA on 11/25/2009
Really sweet. Too sweet for my tastes (I''m more incense or woods), but I understand the appeal to those who like sweet fragrances. This is a quality fragrance, very smooth and unjarring. 2 stars for my own personal tastes but 4 stars for quality.
By   - Legal Assistant  from Washington, DC on 9/8/2009
O MY GOD! This is pure extazy and belive me i tried hundreds of niche perfumes. On my skin developes immediately on confort honeyincenseanisewater pipe. Could be also an love it or hate it juice so better order a sample before you buy
By  on 5/27/2009
Pooh to some of these comments! It is NOT sweet, I HATE sweet scents and this one is just gloriously warm and rich but in no way sweet! Honey air freshener? All I can say is, honey, if you find an air freshener that smells like this, buy a boat load!I don''t like honey scents usually, to me this is just like dabbing some fine cognac warm with spices and fresh wish some floral I can only imagine, I''m sure it can''t exist, it is too beautiful!To think I almost didn''t try even a sample of this because of some of the comments here. I agree with the person who says to try before you buy, but if you don''t at least try this one you may be missing a holy grail of scent!Putting a full bottle on my wishlist now!
By   - from NW USA on 4/24/2009
Sorry but this smells like the cheapest perfume on me :( Too honey, too sour-sweet... So sad that this perfume stayed on me forever even though I tried the sample, it didnt leave me the whole day and I had to put extra effort to get rid of it..
By   - HR from Istanbul on 3/10/2009
I really wanted to like this. I really really did. But I was in the bathroom scrubbing my wrist with my Clarisonic brush and face cleanser within minutes. Ack ack ack. I can''t imagine smelling this all day.
By   - fragrance sales from Chicagoland on 1/6/2009
Oh so luscious.
By   - from Eyota on 11/28/2008
The notes on this and the reviews intrigued me so much that I got a sample in the first batch I ordered. I love the differentness of this husband loves it too. Warm, sensual, and comforting all at the same time. Intriguing indeed. Go ahead and try this one!
By   - retired young from Syracuse on 10/19/2008
I bought a full bottle of this based purely on rave reviews, and I''m afraid I learnt the hard way that that''s a no-no. I appreciate all kinds of scent - gourmand, tobaccoleather, woody, amber, floral - depending on my mood, but unfortunately this has an icky quality to it that I can''t get past. It does smell like a honeyed alcohol, but it''s literally as though I''ve spilled a bottle of mead over myself and it''s gone a bit ''off'' - there''s a wierd, almost petrolly, sickly note in there. Perhaps this is what a previous reviewer described as "burnt syrup". For a honey scent, I prefer Serge Lutens'' Miel de Bois, or the honey one from L''Occitaine, which is lighter. In short, sample first!
By   - Administration from UK on 9/26/2008
Does anyone else recognize this as "Honey" air freshener spray that was at Bath and Body works maybe 2 years ago?
By   - from Cleveland, Ohio on 9/15/2008
Very SWEET,smells just like the description! its great if you want bees to follow you. the price tag is not good,for such a sappy fragrance. sorry.
By   - Perfume lover from cincinnati on 8/31/2008
The gourmandy-ist of the gourmands! It is so good I''m tempted to drink it. I get pure honey with just a hint of pipe tobacco and no white flowers at all but its the honey scent that I love.
By   - Event Planner on 8/29/2008
Yeah, exactly like Escada Collection which used to be one of my favs.
By  on 8/28/2008
This is truly beautiful. I am beginning to feel that I am doomed to fall in love with the worlds most expensive fragrances! I ordered a sample and couldn''t wait to try it on. It even smells gorgeous in the sample vial, but once on, it was love at first scent. The honey is so intoxicating that it''s almost dizzying, but then the chocolate arrives and dances with the honey leaving you with a fragrance that is truly unforgettable. The honey is intensely delectable and decadent. The addition of chocolate puts you right over the edge, but make no mistake, the rich and dreamy honey is what rules this beauty. A gourmand dream come to life in pure, sweet elegance. Interestingly enough, this is somewhat reminiscent of Escada''s Collection, however this is infinitely more lovely with more honey and less of a sharpness that makes this more wearable for even the most sensitive noses. The perfume itself even looks like pure golden honey. Absolutely gorgeous!
By  on 8/12/2008
Um, am I the only one who pretty much can''t smell this, at ALL? After reading all the comments I was thinking it would be a heavier, sweet scent, something out of old-world glamour. I don''t like overly ''glamourous'' or heavy scents, but I was looking for a warm fall comfort scent. Imagine my surprise when, after dousing my wrist in it, I still couldn''t really smell it. Or even out of the bottle! It''s a pleasant, extremely faint and light honey-floral scent - no tobacco or fruit on me, I do get a little bit of linden-like flowers. Very pleasant - but it''s SO faint that I pretty much have to glue my nose to my wrist and even then it''s practically non-existent, and after 15 mins it''s gone completely! It''s extremely close to the skin, so I don''t know how people can get complimented on it. I guess I''m the only one who thinks so, but IMO it''s really way too light to be a fall fragrance, I''d say at best an August night when it''s too warm for heavier scents. Not what I was hoping for.
By   - from Vancouver on 8/11/2008
I did not like this A TALL. And I LOVE gourmad scents. So I wanted so much to like this but it smelled like sweet apple juice on me (And I can''t stand apple juice.) I tried it a couple times to be sure, but no, this one went into the trash. Yuck.
By   - web designer from austin on 5/3/2008
By   - web designer from Austin on 5/3/2008
I bought a bottle a year ago as a wedding present to myself. I love it as much today as I did then. It''s warm and feminine without being sticky smelling. Fragrance stays strong all day. I''ll buy another bottle when this one is empty. I was disappointed with the other scent by this brand though.
By   - Director from Missouri on 4/10/2008
I accidentally submitted the previous review before I had finished writing it.I really, really enjoy this sweet honey fruity tobacco scent, but the longevity definitely leaves something to be desired. It was all but gone in less than two hours.It''s a dilemma I can''t bring myself to pay this amount of money for a scent so fleeting, but I would still love to own it.
By   - Nurse from St. Louis on 3/21/2008
The ''sweet tobacco'' accord here reminds me very much of the original Gaultier.
By   - Nurse from St Louis on 3/21/2008
A crackling fire, autumn leaves, velvet, honey, pipe tobacco, candle light, cashmere- this scent is warm, earthy, sweet, and sensuous.
By   - therapist from Minneapolis on 1/22/2008
i will start by saying that i am obsessed with perfume. i''ve spent many afternoons in the local department store smelling all manner of scents to find that perfect ONE...and oh my goodness- this might be IT. delicious, alluring, sweet, sophistocated and smoky. i love it. LLLLOVE! incense meets honey meets bridget bardot. amazing.
By   - from toronto on 1/20/2008
Mmmmmm...honey, pipe tobacco, dark chocolate and a hint pepper, perhaps? Much more grown up than the usual gormands. Lovely.
By   - management from Palm Springs on 1/19/2008
VERY similar to Escada Collection. Botrytis has less vanilla in the dry down, more honey and more wood in the top notes. It''s yummy. Imagine at first a mix of 1270 and Collection (delicious) that dries down to a better-wearing version of Collection. You''ll be satisfied.
By  on 1/17/2008
I must have been brain-dead when I made my other post. I have never smelled honey so wonderful. This is an incredible scent. I tried an wrist-by-wrist comparison with Frapin "1270". They are similar enough that if someone likes Frapin, they would probably like Botrytis. However, there are no woods in Botrytis. I bought a full bottle of Borytis.
By   - retired programmer from C on 1/12/2008
I just got my sample of this the other day, at long last. It is one of the most incredible scents I''ve ever tried, and I''m a perfume nut. I literally doused myself in it and then smelled my arm and shirt collar all afternoon. It is simply beautiful, unique and comforting. HIGHLY recommended.
By   - from St. Louis on 1/4/2008
This is my fall and winter fragrance. It is such a warm and sexy fragrance. I cannot wait for cool weather to come so I can wear it. And I alway get told how good I smell.
By  on 12/13/2007
I LOVE this scent in a way that is almost obsessive. I have never been a huge "fragrance junkie", but I have been joyfully addicted to this for about 4 years. I wear it every day for almost the whole year - due to our hot, humid summers, it''s a bit sweet for mid-June thru August. During that time, I switch to Sauvignonne, which is also pretty great, but I am always eager to get back to my main love. Botrytis is the most amazing blend of notes - it''s sweet, without being overkill, it''s subtle but definitely has a presence. It''s warm, sexy and feminine, but also strong and earthy. I have caught complete strangers sniffing me in public - they always offer up an embarrassed grin with an apology & say they just couldn''t help it because I smell delicious! My husband tells me that on our first date, he had to stop himself from burying his nose in my neck (but he did it on our second date!). The scent lasts all day, and the bottle lasts me a whole year. I think it''s worth every penny, and I will be devastated when they stop making it.
By   - Banker from Athens, GA on 12/12/2007
this scent is classy and lovely ver feminine. lasted for hours on me ! and its only an edt?
By  on 10/25/2007
Katy, have you tried Nanadebarry Bronze? I''m sure you have. I just get some colaroot beer along with the sweet spice. Not sure if it''s similar to Escada Collection, but maybe. I love Boytritice. One of my favorites and I always get compliments.
By   - from Chicago on 9/18/2007
Reading that Botrytis smelled like Escada Collection, I was thrilled, as Collection was my signature scent for years. Although I am a collector of fine perfumes (many of which I love), I have yet to find anything that surpasses the quality, longevity and unconventional beauty of Collection. What I loved most about Collection - the dry down of sweet, unsmoked pipe tobacco - is absent in Botrytis, which replaces that with more floral and honey. This isn''t a bad thing, just somewhat ordinary and a little less dramatic than I would have hoped. Lasting power is also disappointing. Collection starts out with more "cola," but then shifts to result in an amazing sweet tobaccobrandytonka bean finish that is simply first class. I''ll keep looking.
By   - from Salt Lake City on 8/4/2007
a deep, warm spicy honey with hints of cherry pipe tobacco and excellent lasting power. Makes me think of a cozy personal library with a fire, dark wooden bookcases and someone wearing a velvet smoking jacket with feet up on a comfy chair, smoking a pipe!
By   - RN from philadelphia on 8/3/2007
over the top and cloying on me- it smelled like i was dripping with burnt syrup- maybe it''s just my chemistry. I''m not seeing the appeal!
By  on 8/2/2007
I cannot get enough of this scent. I don''t usually go in for anything so sweet, but this doesn''t smell "perfumey"--it smells delicious, sexy, comforting, and intriguing all at the same time. I splurged on the full bottle some months ago, and have never regretted it. Do yourself a favor and try a sample--it really comes into its own when it warms on your body.I will wear this as long as they keep making it. Only wish that it came in an EDP!
By   - Student from Michigan on 7/26/2007
i am officially smitten with this scent! never in a million years would i have thought to go crazy for a ''honey'' based scent, but OH does this strike a cord with me for''s unlike anything i''ve tried ...the dry down is fantastic since it leaves your skin with a light clean scent...wish it lasted longer but, it''s not bad...but i attribute this to it being an EDT.
By   - marketing from san francisco on 7/10/2007
I love this. LOVE it. I''ve tried Escada Collection. I was just lukewarm about that one. This is better. The opening is a rich, round honeyed scent that somehow misses being too sweet (I am not a foody-scent lover), and then the tobacco in the drydown is just...oh. It''s warm and round and sophisticated and perfect. Yeah, I''ll be getting a bottle.
By   - from Atlanta on 6/21/2007
Oh, if ONLY this one had faded on me... I finally had to go scrub it off with a stiff brush. Smelled luscious in the sample vial, but turned bitter and tobacco-ish on my skin. Also seemed to intensify the longer it was there - no problem with staying power. (Maybe it''s my odd redhead chemistry??)
By   - health care from Albuquerque on 6/8/2007
So yummy. This has quickly become my new go-to scent! It''s just right for me- sweet but not sickening, rich, complicated, something a little bit tomboyish in it''s slight masculinity, a little earthy. I love to mix it with CDG''s Wood Coffee- they blend perfectly.
By   - from Los Angeles, CA on 5/21/2007
There are two parts to this scent for me - the first is warm, sexy, & creamy which I love. But the other part is like someone else said: boozy. The boozy, heavy part of this is what I don''t like - too strong for me.
By   - from Philadelphia on 3/14/2007
This is definately not for the younger crowd. When I first put Botrytis on all I could smell was the (not unpleasant)tobacco smell. It dries down to a warm and sweet scent. Not something you will smell on very many people. It does last a long time, but I do not feel it is worth the $100.00 a bottle
By   - from New York on 2/23/2007
I purchased a sample of this, becuase I love gourmand scents, and this was recommended. The honey is a very strong, true warm honey. Open a jar of honey, and take a deep whiff. This is what this is. The candied fruits and white flower are in there, too, but take a far back seat. If you LOVE all things honey, you''ll love this. The staying power is exceptionally long, and the drydown remains constant. It did not change on me from the first application to the very end. I''m giving this 5 stars because it delivers exactly what the notes promise, and lasted a very long time...however, this just wasn''t for me.
By   - from Texas on 2/2/2007
On me it was very strong at first. It smelled of cherries, candy, honey, syrup and tobacco. That lasted two minutes. Now all I smell is NOTHING. seriously, my nose is attached to my wrist and NADA. Sample first. If you are someone who can not hold a scent, than this may not be for you.
By   - Student from Camvridge on 1/6/2007
Regarding my prior comment: I was wrong! This one can be worn year ''round.
By   - Sales Rep from CA on 12/22/2006
I love it. It looks and sort of smells like a muscat we really like (Bonny Doone Vin de Glacier) with some pipe tobacco on the side. A part of it also reminds me of the Yankee Candle called "Autumn Lodge". A good cold weather fragrance. It wouldn''t fly well after January.
By   - Sales Rep from CA on 12/22/2006
I agree, this is a gorgeous, luscious, unusual scent. Very complex. At first whiff I get a sort of toasty, almost creme brulee topping kind of scent. Then very quickly a fruity, syrupy scent. Unfortunately, on me it quickly turns sweet and then what can only be described as "boozy". Like I spilled Chambord all over myself or something...I really wanted to like this, but it doesn''t work for me.Also,it doesn''t last very long on me, either. Too bad because it is really nice in many ways, and the bottle is beautiful. I''m glad so many others can enjoy it, though!
By   - SAHM from Hartford on 12/20/2006
Someone wrote that they were crazy about Lea Extreme and loved this as well this got me to order a sample, since my daughter wears Lea and I like it on her. I wore it all week and decided to buy it for my sister-in-law who is a foodie and a vintner. When the package arrived I kept remembering this haunting scent and simply could not stop myself from opening it up (beautiful presentation... the silken pouch, the lovely bottle, the perfumer''s statement) and keeping it for ME! This is a tough one to categorize but when I stepped into an elevator yesterday with several other people and older woman said to her friends "I smell tobacco. It smells wonderful." She is perhaps correct. This is early 20th century pipe smoke, an elegant meerschaum filled with a bit of cherry, old leather and a vase of golden flowers. Not masculine though. I am in love with this scent and have sprayed it all over my computer cubicle. Yum!If my sister-in-law is sweet to me from now until her b-day next July I might get her a bottle and share the love.
By   - writer from San Francisco on 12/14/2006
Gorgeous! Warm and sweet but not in a cloying way.
By   - lawyer  from Hollywood on 11/27/2006
Very nice. Sweet- not to sweet, with a little something extra, I definitely will be getting a bottle, soon as my sample runs low. Lasted quite long too.
By   - Hair Stylist  from Cali on 11/23/2006
Fortunately, I ordered 12 different samples, two of six that I''ve tried are winners. Botrytis did not smell pleasant to me, but I gave it the full out op to redeem itself . I ended up with a headache. I wish I could figure out which ingredient caused this so as to avoid those perfumes in the future.
By   - from Eugene, Oregon on 11/6/2006
Had to update from my previous review--after ordering a second sample of it and wearing it for a couple of days, I became totally addicted to this fragrance. I had a dozen samples to choose from each morning, and I kept gravitating towards Botrytis. It''s absolutely delicious without being too foody--I get a lot of honey with rich undertones, not your typical scent at all. Lasts all day on me, and I finally broke down and bought the full bottle a couple of weeks ago. No regrets and I love it!!!
By  on 10/24/2006
This is lovely, I got it last fall I was not sure about it at first, the lasting power is not as good as I would like it to be, and I heard it was compared to Frapin (which I love!) not really, they are both totally different, both a comfort scent but I would go with Frapin before Boytris, but is is really nice (kinda pricey?) But I do like it alot!
By   - from Silver Spring, MD on 10/12/2006
My God, hold the phone--this thing is delicious! Sultry without being overpowering, with just the right balance of tobacco and honey...amazing. I''ve never been bombarded by as many, "What are you wearing?" than with this one. Full bottle a must.
By   - Physician from Miami, FL on 10/11/2006
A yummy, warm scent, very sweet without being overpoweringly so. A bit more sweet than I like--I tend to avoid anything with white flowers in it, but this was so well reviewed that I had to try a sample. Definitely worth the $3 to give it a whirl, and if you like honey-like scents with a whiff of floral, this is for you!
By  on 10/8/2006
Smells like a sweet, natural second skin. Amazing. My man just looks at me differently when he smells this on my skin. It''s pure sex in a bottle.
By  on 10/4/2006
I received a sample of this and wow am I happy! This is SO GOOD! Smells like warm honey with a touch of wine and spice. I smell a hint of tobacco but it''s very subtle. Just beautiful! I MUST buy the full sized bottle! My husband went crazy over this one!
By  on 9/19/2006
i have a confession to make: i ordered a sample of botrytis based solely on a previous poster''s comment that this scent is similar to my beloved laura biagiotti''s venezia (long since discontinued). so, how does it add up? on my clothes, very well. sniffing my sweater a few hours after application smells very sweetly like a honeyed tobacco flower, although perhaps lighter than the lingering aroma of venezia. on my skin, however, nada. there is nary a trace of scent left, which is disheartening given the cost of this fragrance. final analysis: a good substitute for a long-lost love (venezia), but definitely pricey given the lasting power (at least for me). If this lasts on your skin, rejoice and consider yourself blessed. any other suggestions out there from fellow lovers of venezia?
By   - college english teach from pittsburgh on 9/12/2006
This is hands-down my favorite Holy Grail perfume. When I wear it people sit up and take notice or sniff the air then sigh (or even say I smell like French Toast). It smells just as it is described on me, which is perfect when searching for a complex fragrance. I get all the notes at once and I feel special when I wear this. It goes well with my gold and black attire and it''s a bit on the punk rock side, so I feel comfortable knowing it is a "me" signature scent" sweet but a bit of a rebel.
By   - from Aurora on 9/9/2006
Definitely a scent I wouldn''t purchase without testing - complex with all of the notes listed, but the "hit" varies on me depending on time of day and I exect season. I love it and will consider it for fall. As some one else said, it seems it would be good layered.
By   - researcher from Nashville on 9/8/2006
Botrytis (LOVE the name!) is like the soft scent of solid, soft yellow-golden honey, and yes, I do smell a faint hint of tobacco among the top notes. This is sweet without being too much, and mellow, without being a boring fragrance that fades. I''d say very intriguing and sophisticated. It may not be my most favorite scent ever, but it''s definitely up there in the 4 12 star category - Bravo!
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 8/26/2006
I had such high hopes for this one, and really wanted it to work for me. This scent is so rich, deep and complex, it plays out differently on everyone. I just could not get the "honeyed sweetness" at any point--has to be my chemistry, reading all the comments here. The tobacco note quickly took prominence on me, but even so, it''s obvious that this scent was exquisitely blended. It is classy and golden nonetheless, and no doubt would on the right person, be someone''s Holy Grail. I''ll layer this with a vanilla note for myself.
By  on 8/22/2006
Both Ginestat fragrances are nice.
By   - from Petaluma on 7/14/2006
I think I just found my new Fall scent! This is wonderful and perfectly balanced! Just the right amount of sweetness and spice to keep it warm and inviting without being cloying or sharp! Very well done! The drydown is heavenly! This is a MUST try!
By   - from APO on 6/19/2006
I rushed to order after receiving my sample! A beautiful honey scent with a sweet tobacco drifting under, I am thrilled to find a new favorite!!
By   - real-estate from Wilton on 4/27/2006
Wonderul fragrance!! Very unique smell!!! Honey and some light frutty-candy notes. Beautifull!!! YES!!! A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+
By   - from Pittsburgh on 4/25/2006
The ingredients sounded so wonderful, but this just doesn''t work for me. I don''t think it''s a matter of chemistry, because it also smelled terrible to me in the bottle. Hate to say it, but the only thing it reminded me of was the smell of a subway station when folks have been camping out there. Couldn''t get rid of it quickly enough.
By   - lawyer from Minnesota, US on 4/22/2006
Too sweet and candy-fruity on me. I felt like I was wearing a little girl scent, sweet and cute in a tropical punch kind of way. I didn''t get the warmer notes at all.
By   - psychologist from New Orleans on 4/11/2006
This smells VERY similar to Montales Sweet Oriental Dream,which is verrry long lasting and is only $35 more if you really cant be wout this scent.Just an FYI.
By  on 3/17/2006
This is an amazing honey that actually works on me! I''ve tried a lot of honeys, and this one tops them all. It''s not headache inducing, it''s just warm, sugary honey.
By   - from Los Angeles on 3/13/2006
Lovely bitterly sweet scent! Shame it only lasted 2-3 hours.
By  on 3/4/2006
Very nice, but not a purchase for me. I found it didn''t last on me and smelled like just honey at first and sometimes would smell like Burberry Brit. Honey by Demeter fragrance library is a much better honey fragrance on me, and it lasts. Botrytis did not last on me at all. It is a lovely scent, but there are others I would rather purchase.
By   - from Iowa City on 2/24/2006
Botrytis smells of toast and honey, really. Warm and comfy very ''golden'' and almost wheat-like in nature. The HUGE bottle is gorgeous in reality I would love to have this for the decorative value alone!
By  on 2/24/2006
I could smell alot of honey on me with this fragrance. I guess it''s body chemistry. It was pleasent though ,warm nice by the end of the day I could smell a little something else in it, not sure what. Was just O.K. for me.
By   - sales from marlboro NJ on 2/22/2006
I swear, I smell a little bit of chlorine in this! It''s okay, but I have very fickle chemistry, and most fragrances simply don''t work on me. In fact, the more complex they are, the stranger the outcome. Botrytis smells almost exactly like L''Occitane''s honey scent to me, and not much more. Oh I do wish that I could find an unusual fragrance to love...
By  on 2/16/2006
Received my sample and can''t wait to buy! The smell is incredible to wear YEAR ROUND!!
By   - from Indiana on 2/14/2006
Got a sample of Botrytis and loved it.Will be my next perfume purchase. couldn''t stop smelling my arm.
By   - RN from Tampa on 2/3/2006
I wanted to post again because my husband got this for my birthday, and it lasts much better out of the bottle than the sample did. Also, thank you for the pronunciation!
By   - photographer from Springfield, MO on 12/8/2005
Pronunciation: Bow-tree-teice (last syllable like piece)This perfume is definitely on my Christmas list. A rare find.
By   - French Teacher from GA on 12/7/2005
This smells wonderful!! I really do like it a lot, BUT it doesn''t last on me!! It is quite expensive and only seems to last a couple of hours, so I can''t decide whether to order it or not. For that reason I''m only giving four stars. Scent alone I''d give it 5.
By   - photographer from Springfield, MO on 11/6/2005
I''m guessing Botrytis is the name of a wine. Does anyone know how to pronounce it? By the way, I LOVE it.
By  on 11/3/2005
Botrytis (despite the creepy name) is one of my all-time favorite fragrances. I love the cherry, honey, and slightly tobacco-ish notes. This is gorgeous during cold weather and it''s a pick-me-up on gloomy days. Many compare this to Escada''s beloved Collection, and I definitely understand this. Botrytis is a richer fragrances than Collection, with a lot more honey. It''s warm, lovely, and lush.
By   - from Orange County, CA on 9/12/2005
Oh my goodness! I really wondered whether this would be worth the price, but it is worth every penny. I think someone said they could bathe in it - me too! I thought the word "yummy" was overused - it''s not! I keep smelling this lovely scent and I''m so pleased to realize it''s me (wearing Botrytis)! Not a heavy scent, but I agree, definitely for fallwinter. Compliments from friends and strangers alike, and especially the hubby ) Exquisite.
By  on 9/12/2005
I''d give it 100 stars if I could!!! So inviting and warm, especially for the fallwinter!
By  on 9/3/2005
No other fragrance can even compare to this intoxicating, wonderful and warm scent. It is so inviting and worth every penny!!!
By   - from FL on 8/27/2005
Probably my chemistry, but this just smelled like sugered vanilla from bath and body works on me. I couldn''t smell anything but candy and vanilla.
By   - from Los Angeles on 7/24/2005
This is slowly growing on me. It''s a very comforting scent. It''s unlike anything I''ve worn before which is why it''s baffling me as to whether I love or tolerate it. But I keep coming back to it. I think I need to revisit this perfume in the cooler months. It is very rich and bodied.
By   - Sales Assistant from Chester NJ on 6/7/2005
I haven''t worn any other scents since this arrived. I can''t be without it. AMAZING.
By  on 5/28/2005
This wasn''t honey enough for me. The depth wasn''t there. Having said that, it was still a very pleasant scent.
By   - programmer from Columbus on 5/15/2005
Now to me, this is what perfume is all about. I am not a flowery girl and this just blew me away. The honey, wine, fruit combo is scentsational! When you wear this scent you always wonder where is that lovely smell coming from and then smile because it is coming from you.
By   - Retired from Rochester Hills on 5/5/2005
Count me in as one of those people who thought this would be way too sweet and honey-smelling for her tastes... I usually go for the spicier foodie scents, but this one is really lovely. Sweet but not cloying and complicated enough that I don''t get bored with it. It also ages well, without that weird dry down that many "sweet" scents sometimes have that gives me a headache or makes me nauseated. Decent staying power and a great fragrance overall. Four and a half if I could...
By   - from Nashville, TN on 4/28/2005
I received a sample of this yesterday. My first thought was that it smells as comforting as crawling into bed at night under a warm down comforter with a warm glass of milk or your favorite tea. Starts out as honey on me, then turns into a perfect blend of spicy and semi-sweet. It is like walking into a bakery first thing in the morning, or the warmth of that glass of dessert wine after a rich and fufilling dinner. It is at once elegant and refined, but with a twist of all that is comforting. You would be as at home wearing this fragrance for a romantic dinner night out, as you would in your pajamas for a night in at home.
By   - Project Coordinator from Boston on 4/21/2005
Very lush... honey, spice tobacco. Very sweet. I keep telling myself it''s not for me but I am drawn to it every morning. I sniff myself all day. Long lasting and a little goes a long way. Love this!
By   - from Wichita on 4/19/2005
My absolute favourite scent in the world. I wear it every single day. Worth every penny.
By  on 3/8/2005
this got very vanilla-y on me at a certain point, which wasn''t what i was going for, but the scent is overall so classy and delicious (think mouth-watering) that i was willing to forgive what was probably an accident of my own chemistry. i''ll definitely continue wearing it.
By   - from new york on 2/22/2005
Pain d''epice is spiced bread, probably gingerbread. I love the way this smells!
By  on 2/12/2005
I don''t have anything to add that no one else has mentioned. This is pure YUM!!
By   - from Charlotte on 2/9/2005
I adore this scent. It''s so unusual and beautiful. I have had so many compliments wearing this.
By  on 2/2/2005
This smells like warm honey, so it''s quite nice, like a golden dessert wine, but with a definite tobacco note on me. It lasted several hours. However, it made me sneeze, and when that happens, well, I keep on looking...I''ll wear it occasionally, but a little dab will do ya.
By   - mystic from Tucson on 1/12/2005
Maybe it''s that my favorite wine is late harvest white (johannesburg) reisling--a sweet but full dessert wine...This scent reminds me most of soft, nuanced honey, but also of the richness of wine. Lush''s Bnever shower gel complements this beautifully. The white flowers never become too floral--I dislike florals-- and the spiciness never becomes sharp or jagged. This is a subtle, balanced perfume. I also wish it were EDP not EDT...sigh... however it does last fairly well on me, and clings to my scarf deliciously.
By  on 12/15/2004
delicious, sophisticated, and lush. The kind of scent that envelopes you in a sweet honey fog.
By   - student from ann arbor, mi on 12/2/2004
I truly love this scent, but does anyone know what pain d''epice is?
By   - Legal. Sec. from NC on 11/11/2004
This scent is just too delicious. I sniff my wrists like crazy when I wear this, and I love that it''s a complex scent. I can''t say what the strongest note is here, they all just blend together into a sweet, warm smell that lasts all day. Gorgeous, classy and unique.
By   - management from Alpharetta,GA on 11/5/2004
The packaging is lovely although the quality of the juice is more important than the beauty of the bottle to me. Drydown is good after the heavy tobacco flower opening. It reminds me of Cristobal by Balenciaga. A "little dab will do ya".
By   - from Petaluma on 11/4/2004
I can''t express how much I love this perfume. It is just gorgeous. Rich and lush and, well, yummy. Perfect for fall!
By  on 10/25/2004
This has a strong tobacco smell to me.
By   - Venture Capitalist from Indianapolis on 10/13/2004
I simply adore this honeyed wine perfume that is so enrapturing and alluring. However, what is not advertised here is that this is an Eau de Toilette for $90! I would understand if it was an EDP for $90, but for the lasting power of an EDT, it''s a bit much.
By  on 10/13/2004
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this beautiful scent!! It is the perfect scent for fallwinter. I, too, am an Escada Collection lover and this smells very similar to it. Maybe even better. It is just so rich and lovely I can''t stop smelling myself! Don''t pass this one up girls - you won''t be sorry!
By   - Makeup Artist from St. Louis on 10/2/2004
It doesn''t get any better than this. I can''t stop smelling myself. This fragrance is so inviting and warm. I LOVE it!!!! It''s yummy : )
By   - from Jax beach on 9/14/2004
whilst some say it reminiscent of both frapin 1270 and escada collection. this is the hands down favorite for me. its sweet and honey like. less "perfumey" than collection and not as "aromatic" as frapin. it will be a staple. the packaging alone makes you gasp. a beautiful bronzey velvet puch and the gold leaf on the top of the bottle is to die for. I want to bathe in this, swijm in this, live in this...
By   - marketing execuitve from big apple on 8/28/2004
Out-of-this-world no other foodie fragrance out there. Between this and Ginestet''s Le Boise, this really evokes wine for me--a sweet, honeyed dessert wine like Vin Santo or something even more delicious. A complex, sophisticated, exquisite confection.
By   - journalist from Manila on 8/13/2004
this is an orgasm in a bottle! i have decanted some into a sample sprayer so i can smell it any time i like! i can''t believe how fabulous-- warm rich, definitely candied fruit, but not in a sugary sweet way...and some wine, yes. very sophisticated & so, so unique.
By   - nurse from williamsport, PA on 8/6/2004
i have never smelled ANYTHING like this!!! WOW!! i can''t get within 10 feet of the bottle without having to take a whiff-- it is that incredible. it is also replacing my beloved "angel" after 13 years of loyalty! what a charming, warm & enveloping scent....mmm!
By   - forest ranger from montana on 8/5/2004
This is the most beautiful perfume I''ve smelled since Collection and yes, they are both VERY similar and equally gorgeous fragrances! I''m not sorry for buying this one and it will definately be one of my staples!!
By   - Casino Cage Manager from Shreveport on 7/24/2004
thick & fruity. really lovely! sweet but not as a sample because of all the great comments, and will be ordering a full-size! this is really wonderful, warm & wearable!
By   - massage therapist from aspen on 7/6/2004
Botrytis is a delight to wear. It has some resemblance to Escada Collection, which is one of the most perfect scents ever. Botrytis is warmer and more honeyed, with a spice kick to it. Love its gentle sweetness that envelops me. Perfect for fall when the leaves start to change, but you may not be able to resist wearing it all the time. An addiction in a beautiful bottle.
By  on 6/10/2004
This fragrance is so wonderful. I LOVE it. It is very warm and sophisicated. I love the way the sweet honey smells mixed with a warm vanilla powdery smell and a hint of candied fruit. This fragrance is very inviting. I received a sample in the mail and will be ordering a full bottle. This is a perfect fall and winter scent but I love it so much that I will wear this year around.
By   - from Jacksonville, FL on 6/9/2004
Very sweet on me. The honey in it really stood out. Maybe I would like it more in the fall when I love to wear "foody" scents.
By   - from Saratoga Springs, NY on 6/8/2004
I got a sample of this with my most recent purchase and I was pleasantly surprised to find I like it. I will be getting a full bottle when I run out of Escada Collection.
By   - advocate from Downey, CA on 6/5/2004
Received this when I ordered some samples.. well I HAD to have it! This is one of the most delicious warm.. and to me has a chocolate flavor thrown into the melage also, scent. If you are a foody. it is wonderful. I could smell it on my clothes the next day..terrific.. worth every penny!
By   - from Charlotte on 6/2/2004
I tried this based only on the other comments, and I am glad. It is very nice it starts off strongly smelling like honey and then dries down to a much softer, more complex scent. Really worth trying!!
By   - RN from Fortuna on 5/20/2004
Escada Collection has been discontinued and this perfume makes a perfect substitute!! Stock up now!! It does smell very similar and yet somehow better!! I LOVE it!!
By  on 5/15/2004
This takes "Angel" a step further into heaven...a lush and evocative scent that lasts forever! My new fav!
By   - Designer from Texas on 5/11/2004
Very fruity and spicy. Delicious. If you like gourmands you will probably like this one.
By  on 4/20/2004
It smells exactly like Escada Collection. SInce I have EC, I won''t be purchasing this.
By   - Realtor from west palm beach on 4/16/2004
I agree with the last post. A lot like Angel and also like candied fruits from L''Occitane. Smells like warm honey. Quite yummy if you like this kind of smell.
By   - acupuncurist from miami on 2/21/2004
If you like Angel, you''ll like this. It''s kind of a fruity vanilla with some spice thrown in.
By  on 2/10/2004
This perfume is amazing. It is completely fasinating and ever evolving into the night. It smells so much like Escada Collection...but better. I recommend this to anyone who likes to feel edible!
By   - Perfume Worshiper from Tampa, Fl on 2/8/2004
Smells like powdered honey and fresh gingerbread. It doesn''t smell too flowery to me. Just perfectly cozy and warm. I love this one!
By  on 12/22/2003
Botrytis bears an uncanny resemblance to Laura Biagiotti''s discontinued Venezia, with its honeyed tobacco notes. If you liked Venezia, you should definitely give Botrytis a try.
By   - from Urbana, IL on 12/21/2003
Yum!!! One of my new FallWinter faves! This is destined to become a staple in my fragrance wardrobe! Two BIG thumbs up!
By   - from Virginia on 12/13/2003
wonderful, warm, and rich. surprisingly not cloying or too sweet, considering the notes. one of the best cold weather scents ever.
By   - from FL on 12/10/2003
So wonderfully delicious. Yes, it does remind of Lea, but less musky and more powdery, but not too much. Delicious melange of honey, chocolate, and gingerbread, it''s sinful and so soft and amazing. I love it for fall and winter to warm me up.
By  on 11/17/2003
Delicious, almost chocolatey, Lea-like scent. Sweet, but not so sweet... I''m very happy with this. Really...
By   - costumer from new york on 10/30/2003
Hints of clean tobacco and vanilla..very fall-like. Easy to wear, comfortable feeling.
By   - Massage Therapist from Newport on 10/20/2003
This smells like a tart wine with sweet, juicy fruits! Very classy!
By   - from Chicago on 10/15/2003
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