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Here's what other people are saying about Botrytis...
Bought this for my Mother last year for Xmas... she's fallen in love with it... result! This year she says it's the only thing she really wants for Christmas! Out of stock! Please tell me they haven't discontinued this! :-(
By   - UX Designer from London, UK on 10/4/2018
Smells like marshmallow on my skin - and I love it desperately. Too bad it seems to fade away within 10 minutes. Absolutely no projection or staying power. Truly sad!
By   - Baker from Lowell on 6/19/2018
The honey scent to end all honey scents. Nuanced, delicate, delicious, and utterly irresistible. The staying power isn't stellar but if it means drenching myself in heavenly golden ambrosial nectar twice daily, then it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.
By   - Designer from Charlotte, NC on 10/17/2017
To quote Elf: "I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't CARE who knows it!" I went through two sample bottles before committing to a full bottle, and am I ever glad I did. This is the most heavenly, luscious, delicious perfume ever. It's not too sweet, and you can smell the different notes, but the most prominent, as it should be-is the honey. This is the nectar of the gods right here in this bottle! I don't ever want to be without it. THANK YOU LUCKY SCENT for carrying this. Please tell me if they ever stop making it. I'm going to buy up each and every bottle!
By   - Mom from San Diego on 9/21/2017
I love this. I am a big fan of those rare scents that feature a distinctive honey scent. This coupled with the candied fruit results in a very lush and opulent scent that does not overpower but does enchant. While it is perfect for fall I think it could be worn anytime one wished to enchant but never overpower. Bewitching in every way.
By   - Owner of Antique Restoration Shop from Indianapolis on 8/10/2017
On me this is baby powder. I introduced a coworker to luckyscent, and I passed on the sample to her. On her, this is magical. Light and sweet, with a light floral touch.
By   - Sales from Albany on 3/13/2017
This stuff is sweet and spicy with a tobacco and vanilla note hiding in there as well. Of everything I've sampled thusfar, this is the most likely to end up as a full bottle in my collection, if for no reason other than the gorgeous bottle it comes in..
By   - lab tech from ohio on 2/9/2017
An absolutely rich, delicious, golden honey scent. Not much staying power on my skin but otherwise completely perfect.
By   - SAHM from Brooklyn on 10/31/2016
I am in love. After flirting with this scent for years, I relented and went full bottle. It's everything I hoped it would be. Autumn and honey and sitting by a fire with hot toddies wrapped in a cashmere shawl. It's sweet without smelling like candy, warm without overpowering, and complex. Despite complaints about staying power, I found this had more from the bottle than the sample. I sprayed it on at 7 am and I'm still catching whiffs of it at 3 pm. I want to wear this out on a chilly late fall evening to a little jazz club in the city that has a big wooden bar and sip bourbon.
By   - Marketing from Princeton on 10/28/2016
I never buy perfume based on others reviews, as perfume is about evoking a certain mood, which often related to past lives, although we seldom realize it. So, I am writing this review to convince anyone to give this a try, but purely as a personal testimony on why the "right' fragrance works for 'YOU' and not the other 100000 who reviewed. I grew up eating quinces dipped in honey...and this is what Botrytis is to me, pure childhood...happines!! When i first sprayed it did bring me back to the years of Jean Paul Gaultier, although the notes are not similar at all....I can't explain why.... In short, this fragrance works for me, for its ripped juicy quincy fruit, dipped in honey :))))
By   - Therapist from Brooklyn, Ny on 7/14/2016
I've bought many fragrances on this site and so far, haven't found any that have longevity or staying power. Sadly that is the case with Botrytis. It's a beautiful scent, yet doesn't last long whatsoever.
By   - Finance from Tokyo, Japan on 7/7/2016
Sweet. Very balanced. Good.
By   - Technician from Violet on 6/13/2016
Sweet, honey. Did I walk into a delightful candy store with glistening sugar crystals. This is a keeper.
By   - CHOCOLATE from MINNEAPOLIS on 2/15/2016
Winnie the Pooh would adore this as it is the best honey scent. There is a little more layered with it. I catch some fruits, but I don't really notice the florals. It's warm and sugary. If you're not a fan of candy smells or dessert gourmands, run away as if bees are chasing you. But if you're going for something warm, golden and sweet, this is ideal for the honey lover.
By   - Teacher from Laguna Beach on 12/6/2015
The truest honey fragrance ever! Pure golden sweet honey with candied fruits, I don't get any tobacco or flowers. I'm starting to crave this scent! Very addicting!
By  on 5/12/2015
Sultry honey and wine for about 10 minutes, then the tobacco took over. After an hour or so it smelled like stale cigarettes, and the honey was just barely there. I really wanted to like this one, but it didn't work for me. The pro: no powder whatsoever (at least on me), for those who love gourmand scents but hate the baby powder/play doh that can go along with them.
By  on 4/2/2015
I come back to this one a lot... Love the honey & wine smell but can't seem to commit to Full bottle. It feels very autumnal - May be out of place in warm weather or even slightly cloying. Still keep coming back though...
By   - from NYC area on 3/13/2015
I'm looking for a sweet, light and gourmand scent. I thought this one would satisfy my sweet tooth but I actually find it sickening. My take is that the flowers really ruin the honey and cake like this fragrance could have. Glad I ordered a sample. 2 drops and I had to wash it off. Onto the next adventure :))
By   - from Vancouver on 11/12/2014
sweet! light and golden. sweet fruits and honey. the florals provide balance behind them but the honey is upfront and center here.
By  on 6/8/2014
I LOVE LOVE Love this scent, everywhere I go men tell me I smell good. I love the way it wears all day long. Very rarely do i still with a scent for very long and this is the first time I have ever reordered a scent, i am always looking for something new.
By   - sales from Rockford on 1/21/2014
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