Eau de Toilette

by Parfums 06130

Cedre Sizes Available:
100ml $110
0.7ml sample $3
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Here's what other people are saying about Cedre...
I love this scent!!! It is definitely one of my go to colognes for the spring and summer. As stated in another review it is light, airy and is very much a skin scent. My girlfriend loves it and describes it as "low-key" sexy. Also, the price point is great for the quality of the scent and the amount that you get. If you are looking for something intimate, this is it.
By   - Aerospace propulsion engineer from Salt Lake City, UT on 7/2/2017
Unlike most people I don't like a fragrance with a lot of sillage I prefer a skin scent. Cedre is perfect in this way I never get asked what scent are you wearing. What people say to me is you always smell so good. Everyone will think that it is your natural scent and it doesn't get any better then that. This is not a complex perfume and the snobs will turn their noses up at it for that reason complex is such an overrated term and people will wear the most horrible scents because they are "complex" and made by so and so such a load of rubbish. Simply put the is a very well made fragrance and a great skin scent.
By  on 10/14/2009
I bought this more for my husband, but it's so light and airy that he didn't think it was masculine enough, so I took it instead. This fragrance could work on either a man or a woman - on a man, it's light, sensual and gorgeous smelling (actually, it's the same on a woman!). My only complain is that after 4-5 hours, not much of a trace is left, but enjoy the time you have as it's a beautiful creation that is very subtle - perfect for someone who wants to smell great without leaving a vapor trail in the room. This one begs you to get closer to take it in.
By   - College Consultant from Vermont on 3/12/2009
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