Eau de Toilette

by Parfums 06130

Lys Sizes Available:
100ml $110
0.7ml sample $3
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Here's what other people are saying about Lys...
Hear me out: This smells like Windex on me. But a non-stinging, gentle Windex with flowers. I don't smell much of that warmth on its own, but the overall effect is very similar to a clean, freshly aired out house in the springtime. It's crisp, light and floral. I'm considering a full bottle now that my sample is used up.
By   - Student from Orono on 1/31/2017
Just beautiful! I'm not typically the biggest water lily fan, but Lys is one of my very favorite florals. The coriander and wood ground the lily, and the drydown is the most beautiful, almost unisex aquatic musk. Spare but never boring. Love this.
By   - Intern from Portland on 1/14/2017
Excellent! Very beautiful scent! This one reminds me of lilies and a clean ocean scent combined.
By   - Therapist from NYC on 7/12/2010
On me, this is surprisingly sensual and addictive. There is an unexpected warmth. And yet, it doesn't smell like perfume. It smells like fabric softener and a hint of natural human musk. I don't like musky perfumes--I find them to be too... mature, so don't get me wrong. This is young, fresh, clean, and not musky--sensual.
By   - from Nashville on 6/16/2008
This perfume is wonderful! I love clean florals that are interesting. This doesn't smell like anything you own but it's fabulous. The type of fragrance that you smell on the summer breeze and turns your head. I am picky, and I love this. Ready for my second bottle!
By   - from philadelphia on 9/30/2007
This scent is so lite and pretty, the staying power is great. I love this for daytime wear now in the winter season and a definite summertime staple!
By   - stay at home Mom from NYC on 12/12/2006
This scent reminds me of a mixture of one of Calgon's scent (I forgot the name but it's blue and it was a while back so I'm not sure if they still have the scent) and Cool Water for women, but it doesnt smell cheap. It's very pretty, but I would like it to be a little more feminin. If someone passed me wearing this I would think, "She smells good." but this scent isn't 'me.'
By   - stay home mom 26 on 8/2/2006
this scent is pure 'pretty'. Excellent! Not too sweet, or too flowery, or too citrusy. It's just right, and it smells sort of adorable, frankly. Try it, you'll be really surprised, and pleasantly so.
By  on 5/3/2006
An exquisite lily scent - very fresh and doesn't give me a headache.This wears very well for such a light fragrance -- I think it will be great in warm weather.
By   - from Santa Monica on 4/4/2006
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