Miss Marisa Tropical perfume spray

Eau de Parfum

Miss Marisa Tropical perfume spray Sizes Available:
30ml $60
0.7ml sample $3
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Here's what other people are saying about Miss Marisa Tropical perfume spray...
Have consistently used this for over 3-4 years....and I still get compliments each time. Perfect combination of clean, sexy, mysterious scent. Love it!!!!!!
By   - from Los Angeles on 2/27/2013
The smell out of the sample bottle is sweet and tropical, but on my skin it turned into buttered popcorn! Not the smell I was looking for. My husband even said it smelled like buttered popcorn.
By   - from San Tan Valley on 8/8/2012
I really enjoyed this one. It's pure beach party fun. Totally tropical fruit. Strongest note for me was sort of a green papaya, plus of course the coconut. This is not a signature or everyday scent. Just a fun juicy fruit punch for the sea or summer parties. Doesn't last long, but great projection (strong stuff!) when it's there.
By   - Writer from Spokane on 5/11/2011
I love this summery sweet scent. Think of fruits, coconut, and white flowers. The mixture is sweet and very tropical. It does remind me of a tanning lotion, but is more complex and pretty.
By   - from Tampa on 6/9/2008
I absolutely love it. I've never been a perfume wearer, but I just love this scent! It's light, fresh and unique. I never get tired of it.
By   - from Newport Beach on 6/8/2007
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