Miss Marisa perfume spray

Eau de Parfum

Miss Marisa perfume spray Sizes Available:
30ml $60
0.7ml sample $3
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Perfume is the most fresh and addictive But the container is cheap
By   - Apparel associate from Kawasaki-shi on 4/12/2019
Out of 43 samples, this perfume stood out immediately. I fell in love! To my delight, it worked out well with my body chemistry. This fragrance is like no other. Each time I take a sniff, I am transported into a field of spring flowers. The only problem with this perfume is that it has no staying power. I even bought the lotion, in an attempt to improve the staying power, but to no avail. The corresponding lotion has very little aroma. I shall remedy this problem by refreshing it on my skin ever 3 hours, and/or by spraying it on my clothes. It is too good to pass up.
By   - Eternal Dreamer from Rochester, NY on 12/21/2016
I smell nothing fresh when I test this fragrance. It smells sickly sweet, and is impossible to wash off once you have it on. I used maybe 1 drop from my tester and regretted it the rest of the night. The fragrance smells immature, with no nuance at all. Sorry, folks. Just doesn't work on my skin at all.
By   - Writer from Tacoma on 6/21/2014
Light, easy fragrance. Perfect little summer scent. Smells a little childish, a little immature maybe, but I don't mind. A refreshing change from all the "mature" stuff I have. Couldn't possibly offend anyone anywhere. I like it enough to have bought a full bottle, and so nice not to have to drop tons of dough for a microscopic amount. It's a keeper.
By   - from Bay Area, CA on 4/26/2014
As I was looking through the perfumes on Lucky Scent, I came accross this perfume called Miss Marisa, which I thought was really cool because my name is Marisa. I thought it would be cool to showcase a bottle of this perfume for the name only. So, I looked at the notes, and thought that it didn't sound to bad and I purchased a sample. I ended up really loving this perfume. It is definately unique. I could see somebody either really loving this, or really hating this. The scent seems on the lighter side but does last all day on my skin. I also purchased the perfumed Miss Marisa lotion, to have more layers of the scent. I think this is a good spring/summer scent. When I smell this perfume, it reminds me being on vacation by the ocean or water and I have no idea why, because it is not an aquatic smell. I love the unique notes in this perfume and they blend well together. I also think the mint is interesting. This perfume has a fresh smell to it. I also sampled to Miss Marisa tropical, it smells almost exactly the same, except the tropical has coconut in it which is quite prominent. Try this if you want a perfume in your collection that brings something a little different to the table.
By   - from Milwaukee on 3/8/2013
I just bought samples to test this out after reading a few reviews of this on other sites... I think it smells absolutely divine. I love clean fragrances, and this has a fruity beginning and dried down on me to reveal a super fresh, summery scent. It kind of reminds me of when you walk down the beach during a hot summer day and you get wind of someone putting on a really clean smelling sunscreen. I love it! Keep in mind that every persons natural scent/chemistry reacts to fragrances in a different way, so definitely buy a sample to test it out first. But I LOVE what this fragrance smells like on me!
By  on 4/4/2011
This fragrance starts as a strong sweet candy and improves as it dries down. It has staying power and wears nicely throughout the day.
By  on 2/2/2009
yeah, whatever, you have YOUR description of Miss Marisa. mine is: she is one of those rich girls I hated in art school. you know, skiing in Aspen while you worked over holiday break, chain-smokes in the quad and is never out of breath, never wears makeup but is still hip-deep in admiring 'art jocks.' I think it might be the mint. this fragrance just bugs me. [I am just jealous of her, of course- but you all knew that already.]
By   - artist from south san francisco on 9/19/2007
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