Miss Marisa Nuit

Fragrance Oil

by Ebba

Miss Marisa Nuit Sizes Available:
1/2 oz $62
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Miss Marisa Nuit...
This is a light-hearted and fun little fragrance that's perfect for vacation or a leisurely day off. You can wear it to the beach, as it won't clash with your lotions, and the touch of mint gives it an airiness and freshness that are welcome on a hot day. For me, this is what you put on with a tee shirt, shorts, flip flops and sunglasses to head off for some summer fun.
By   - Human Resources from Denver on 9/9/2015
The description of this scent caught my attention because of the combination of mint and citrus...but it smelled very sweet in the bottle. When I wore it, all I could really smell was peach - very sweet, much too young for me. (I am 29)
By   - Retail from Del Mar on 3/12/2009
The top notes are green almost mossy. Then the fruity smell hits. No unpleasant at all. I did not detect any mint which is why I ordered the sample in the first place. Of the 20 or so samples I ordered, I like this best.
By  on 10/21/2008
I just got my sample, and this scent is a little confusing. Sometimes, it seems like I'm catching a whiff of very sweet licorice. Then there's a sharp, ticklish aspect to it that I'm not sure I'm fond of. And floating on top of it all, is a light peach scent. All in all, not a bad scent, just not for me.
By   - SAHM from NC on 2/28/2007
I get more compliments on this scent than any other perfume I own. I got samples of this and the original Miss Marisa (and the samples have lasted forever, so the .5 oz bottle is totally woth the price tag, it'll last forever) and although I think I have a fairly discriminating nose, I can't tell much differece between the two. If anything I think this one is stronger even though the description reads that it's supposed to be lighter. Either way, this scent definitely goes on my top 10 scents of all time list.
By   - student from Miami on 10/6/2006
By   - STAY AT HOME MOM from BOISE IDAHO on 9/14/2006
I hated this scent. It is very heavy and it has a strong fruity scent. It smelled like a strong peach to me. The staying power is amazing; it will not come off with soap and water!
By   - stay home mom 26 on 8/3/2006
Love, love, love this scent. I get so many compliments when I wear this. Definitely more floral than the original Miss Marisa.
By   - from New York on 5/9/2006
Awful. Glad I only got a sample.
By   - Executive from San Francisco on 5/6/2006
A mintier version, but not lighter, i believe this one is stronger, but not heavy. I have never smelled a minty fragrance that retained its mint after the addition of flowers and fruits. THIS IS THE ONE!!
By  on 1/30/2006
I tried it on and people instantly began commenting about how good I smelled. It wears very well!
By   - from from the Midwest on 9/2/2005
Liked the original, LOVE this one! It's deeper, sweeter and the drydown even reminds me of Monyette Paris. Makes me feel fresh and girly. Full-bottle worthy.
By   - journalist from the Philippines on 7/13/2005
I like this one. It's flowery, but in a subtle clean sort of way. It's one of the few clean/flowery fragrances that doesn't smell like soap on me.
By   - Attorney from Washington, DC on 3/22/2005
I have just received a sample of this perfume and its very sweet. Almost candy like, fresh and pretty though, however a bit contrived.
By  on 2/20/2005
If this is the softer version, I'd stay away from the regular. It's a pleasant, fresh, sweet floral fragrance, but one swipe leaves an air of "peachiness" wafting around me that I can smell for quite some time. I give it four because I think it's a nice scent, just not for me (I like my scents to linger closer than this did on me).
By   - Research Tech from Seattle on 1/4/2005
So many people stop me to ask about this sent....it is such a sweet "different" twist:)
By   - from Los Angeles on 9/28/2004
Not a scent for me. There is something very heavy and pungent to this perfume.
By   - from USA on 9/9/2004
I love this scent. It is much softer than the original, but with the same staying power. Very pretty and different.
By   - paralegal from miami on 8/20/2004
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