Miss Marisa

Fragrance Oil

by Ebba

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Here's what other people are saying about Miss Marisa...
A friendly peachy-mint that tips toward vanilla (a somewhat coconutty vanilla) as time goes by, warm and confident but remarkably asexual. I agree with several other commenters that this skews young, but I can imagine a teacher or pediatrician -- someone who works with kids -- choosing this one specifically for its approachability. Appealing.
By   - editor from Seattle on 11/21/2017
My first thought when applying this, "wow this is DIFFERENT!" In a good way. I smelled the juiciest mango and fresh sweet mint (not spearmint) and also a not unpleasant chemical odor. I keep smelling my wrists over and over--I should just put some in my nostrils so I can enjoy the fragrance all day. I did need to reapply mid-day,. Until I read these reviews I didn''t get the peachy tones, but now that the seed is planted I do get that. It''s fruity, flirty, playful and warm. I Love it!
By   - Manager from LA on 8/22/2016
I feel like I am wearing a Jolly Rancher sour apple candy. Does any grown person want to smell like this?
By   - receptionist from Des Moines on 1/5/2016
This is a 12 year-old girl on her way to the mall. All flavoured lip gloss, fruity gum and apple shampoo. The cassis leaves quickly (thankfully!) but the mint and plum linger uncomfortably. I really just wanted them to go away. It''s not cheap or offensive, but very juvenile, and not the way I want to present myself to the world. I''m a woman, not a packet of fruit-flavoured gum. Definitely no sex appeal here.
By   - Self Employed from Noosa on 9/6/2014
This is a lovely summer scent that I have received a handful of compliments on however I am still a bit disappointed in it.Its not at all what I expectedhoped for based on the fragrance description. I wanted a fresh, minty scent for the hot summer but this (on me) is very much a sweet fruityflowery scent.The scent of mint was quite mild and only lasted about 30 seconds. What''s left is a sweet peachplum scent with floral undertones. Its quite nice and the sweetness stops short of cloying but I wish the mintiness had lasted longer. I will enjoy finishing the sample but I don''t think I will purchase a full bottle.
By  on 6/10/2013
Green with mint and a bit cloudy with coconut ( though there doesn''t seem to be any in the notes ) ^Then peachy. I am sorry , this would be a great car fragrance freshener but not for skin.
By   - from CA on 4/25/2013
I never fail to receive compliments, when wearing this perfume. It starts out green, but fades beautifully. Definitely a must try!
By   - from Melbourne on 3/20/2013
ahh, this is lovely and fresh. It kind of reminds me of a mojito but not in a boosy way, but more for the minty freshness of the drink. It''s a good scent for hot weather. I see how many ppl. reviewed it as peachy smelling cause it does come off like that a touch but it''s blended with a nice green mint smell that makes this scent special. It''s feminine but not "sexy". It seems to last quite a long time as well so all in all I think it''s a clever perfume and a winner.
By   - from puerto rico on 9/12/2011
I am in love with this scent. I have never smelled anything quite like it. I bought a sample of this and will definitely be getting the full size :) Be warned: this is very sweet (at least on me). I like sweet but not everyone does.
By  on 3/8/2011
I love the circular quality of this: on first sniff it strongly resembles another plum blossom oil I purchased elsewhere: very tangy and sweet, so not so unique there. Then the second half of the notes come around, and its the waterlily and mint that really make this a standout. And unlike other perfumes, which have a top, middle and base, Miss Marisa comes back to the cassis and plum, then the freshness, over and over again. A little moody in that sense, but in a totally fun and irresistable way! The price is reasonable, considering it is an oil and therefore a little goes along, long way. I love it.
By   - Artist from ST. Louis on 10/13/2010
This is quite lovely! It''s long lasting and it drives men crazy in a good way. When I wear this scent, men tend to hit on me more. I know, it''s crazy. I love the peachy aspect of it . Eventually it dries down revealing the minty flavor. This has become my new Summer scent for sure!
By   - from Washington DC on 5/14/2010
i love it
By   - pilot from memphis on 3/9/2010
Someone else wrote a review about this smelling like bug spray on them. Me too! Do not like this scent at all.
By   - Teacher from Seal Beach on 2/19/2010
I don''t smell peach in this like others do- I smell a margarita! It''s crisp fruit, mildly spicy, and very fresh. It''s not a scent you would get tired of which is great- it''s longlasting in oil form. Perfect for a summer scent.
By   - scientist from somewhere in MT on 2/3/2010
While I do love the scent, and "I" can smell it on me, nobody else seems to be able to. My husband has no idea I have it on. I have the roll-on bottle, and I''ve tried putting a LOT on to see if I get a reaction, but he can''t smell it at all. So, I don''t know... Nobody has commented once, in the entire month I''ve worn it. That''s not a ringing endorsement to me.
By   - writer from Canada on 1/18/2010
I too have literally over 75 perfumes in my collection. I get stopped constantly by both men and women begging to know what I''m wearing with Miss Marisa. On me, most perfumes do not last long but this lasts from 6AM-11PM. Since it''s an oil, you only need a little bit and it still lasts that long. It is peachy smelling but more sophisticated than The Body Shops "Fuzzy Peach"-acutally quite different due to the vanilla undertone that comes out later and lasts eons longer. I might be in the military but I''m still girly damn it! This perfume is the bomb!!!!!
By   - Air Force  from San Antonio on 11/20/2009
First discovered it in small boutique in Chacago. I still consider one of my luckiest days ever. I will never wear anything else. It is crisp, clean, and peachy, but not sickengly so. Every time I wear it someone stops me to ask what I''m wearing! I simply love it!
By   - Hygienist from Michigan on 7/22/2009
Starts out green..and drys down to a soft peach. Ok but not for me. Guess I like my fragrances sweeter.:-)
By   - from Milwaukee on 6/13/2009
This didn''t agree with me at all - I really don''t like it. Smells apple-ish to me.
By   - from Sydney, Australia on 4/5/2009
From the reviews, I thought this was the scent I had been searching for. Unfortunately, on me, it is way too sweet. I knew it was bad when my husband got in bed and started sneezing, then asked WHAT did you put on?!?!
By   - Scientist on 2/25/2009
Wow, this fragrance definately has a peachy scent to it, I used to wear a fragrance oil in middle school from the body shop that smelled just like this. Now I am just trying to figure out if I like that or not. Don''t hate it, but not totally in love either, we''ll see what everyone else thinks...
By   - stylist from Chicago, IL on 1/20/2009
This was a free sample from Luckyscent to me with my order and I am grateful for this to them! This is such a joyful and unique perfume. Smell it and be happy! I am ordering next time!
By   - from ISTANBUL on 9/29/2008
went all the way to LA to visit the scent bar and purchased this scent, not even 30 minutes and someone asked me what was I wearing cause it smelled so delicious!
By   - event planner on 8/3/2008
Peaches galore but it''s a lovely casual scent.
By   - from Nashville on 6/16/2008
I wore Miss Marisa on my wedding day and my husband went crazy. I''m so glad I chose the perfect scent for my perfect day!!
By   - Accountant from Charleston on 11/6/2007
OMG Miss Marisa is awesome!!! I''ve gotten so many compliments at school and I''m not telling anyone the name!!! Keeping it all to myself!!! Thank you Lucky Scent!!!!
By   - Student from Baltimore on 11/6/2007
Miss Marisa is asolutely amazing! I''m buying it for all the girls I love most in my life. Everyone should be so lucky to own Miss Marisa!
By   - Teacher from Milwaukee on 11/6/2007
I just can''t wear this one. It has a strong bug spray smell on me. I''ve tried it twice and I love the minty aspect, but the citronella quality never departs. It actually gives me a headache. Seems like people either love it or hate it. Definitely try the sample first.
By   - from Maine on 11/6/2007
I wish I could be friends with ''Miss Marisa''. it''s a well-structured fragrance: it reminds me of an impeccably groomed wealthy girl who plays cello. but the mint is just too much. if you like mint, this is it: it is fresh and quite present.
By   - artist from south san francisco on 9/19/2007
I am not sure. This scent reminds of my first fragrance purchase as a teenager: A simple peach oil from a hippy boutique. I get mint and peach and peach and mint. That`s all. Nice but a bit plain. Miss Marisa Nuit is much better: More soft and floral and way more complex.
By   - from Dubai on 8/3/2007
though it doesn''t last long on me, i wish that it would... it''s such a yummy fragrance! it''s woodsy green and peachy sweet at the same time. a perfect choice for warm weather.
By   - from new york city on 8/1/2007
got sample in the mail today and am loving it ! mosylt get peach and mint at different intervals which is nice needs to last longer though lasts a little longer if you dont put on wrist.
By   - from oklahoma city on 6/14/2007
I love this one - my boyfriend described the scent as "apple", and said it was a happy fragrance. How true! I get a lot of the minty notes, along with a fresh fruity-sweet scent. I also loved Guerlain''s Acqua Allegoria ''Herba Fresca'' this is similar, if a tad sweeter and slightly less green. Happy, happy, happy, springsummer perfume.
By   - health care from Albuquerque on 6/8/2007
I''m a perfumaholic . I own over 20 different perfumes and kept buying more until I got this one. I never want to wear another scent again!
By   - from NYC on 5/28/2007
Heaven in a bottle. Fruity and green. Unusual. Long lasting. Definately peachish...but 9 out of 10 people tell me I smell like coconuts when I wear this. I don''t get that....in any case...... very fresh air at the beach.......at sunrise.....
By   - from chicago on 4/29/2007
This is a great scent. The mint does make it special. I''ve worned it for a few days around the office and catch people taking extra sniffs around me and not in a bad way. It''s almost my perfect scent except I feel it''s a bit too sweet peachy sometimes. I''m going to try the Nuit version to see if I like that better.
By   - from SF on 4/2/2007
When I first sampled Miss Marisa, it wasn''t what I expected. I thought it would be a green, clean, minty scent, and when it wasn''t, I was a little disappointed. It''s fruity and bright, but not obviously peachy - although I can understand that comparison. It''s fruity and herbal at the same time, which is fantastic. This is my warm-weather day-off scent, pure happiness in a bottle, and no one will have a clue what you''re wearing. You''ll just leave a trail of fragrance that tells everyone you''ve got it going on!!!
By   - Biotech from Providence, Rhode Island on 1/31/2007
I have''nt tried it yet but it sounds great and I love anything to do with my name! And the scoop is totally me even though I''m not in high school yet I will be and that''s how I am just like the girl in the scoop! not to be conceeded or anything.
By   - 8th grade student from Chicago on 12/5/2006
I have''nt tried it yet but it sounds great and I love anything to do with my name! And the scoop is totally me even though Im not in high school yet I will be and that''s how I am just like the girl in the scoop! not to be conceeded or anything.
By   - 8th grade student from Chicago on 12/5/2006
Miss Marisa is a complex fuzzy navel with a waft of juicy clean. Marisa is gorgeous, playful, sexual, addictive. My new lust!
By   - from Morgan Hill, Ca. on 10/14/2006
Umm... peaches. That''s what it smells like. Reminds me of when I used to wear a Fuzzy Peach oil from the Body Shop in junior high. I could smell it over 12 hours later, and it still smelled peachy. Yes, a little grass... the mint wasn''t obvious to me. Just fresh peachy. I guess I like the smell of peaches, but don''t really feel like smelling like it anymore.
By   - Research Tech from Seattle on 10/6/2006
UPDATE!! I know I posted a negative comment before about the scent not lasting, but after trying it again I realized I had a defective roller-ball and the perfume wasn''t even coming out! Once I fixed it and put it on, it did last, all day. How embarrassing! Anyway, it starts off with peaches and mint, but the drydown is more fruity laced with creamy vanilla. My dh loves this. I''m sorry I rated this so low before, it definately deserves 4 stars.
By   - from atlanta on 8/18/2006
Right out of the bottle, it smells like bug spray. But once it dries down, it''s straight up peaches. Someone thought I was wearing Fuzzy Peach from the Body Shop. If you like peaches, you''ll love this...
By   - from Atlanta on 8/10/2006
This is indeed quite a keeper. It smelt very unusual to me--a blend of creamy and minty, tangy and fresh. It lingered all day (like the other ladies in this perfume range)--pleasureable whispers (unlike loud and tenacious "fragrances"). I really like it a lot.
By   - professor from Brooklyn NY on 8/5/2006
Really disappointed! It was very strong when I first applied but I thought, well, the drydown is suppose to be so fabulous so I''ll wait a few minutes and smell again. Well, it''s completely gone in those few minutes. I could smell nothing. Usually fragrances last for hours on me. I don''t get it.
By   - from atlanta on 8/4/2006
I love it!
By   - Student from Port Orange on 7/27/2006
At first I smelled the peach and mint and it was ok. Then throughout the day it gets better! OMG!!!! I even smelled a little hint of patchouli. I love it! I love Miss Marisa, this scent is AMAZING! Unique and so fresh! My friends were asking me WTF are you wearing?!! :) They love it!
By   - Ad Exec from NYC on 7/22/2006
OMG - for those who don''t like Miss Marisa, it is their unfortunate personal chemistry and their loss bc this scent is AMAZING--the mint makes it unique and perfectly complements the plum it''s fresh and exciting without being trendy, clean but not soapy, sweet but not cloying--love, love, love , LOVE IT
By  on 7/18/2006
I absolutly Love it!!!! Since I am starting a perfume line, i sat down with the compan and they asked what type of perfume I wear, and I said Miss Marisa. They couldn''t figure out what was in it--and they''re experts!!!!
By  on 7/3/2006
Love it! It is a perfectly balanced scent that isn''t "too" anything. The mint makes this unique and adds freshness. I was unfamilar with cassis and found out that it a European plant that produces black berries that are also used for a cordial (yum!). Perfect for the hot and humid summer!
By   - from APO on 6/13/2006
I love Miss Marisa, it''s my favorite springsummer scent. It''s so clean and smells like fresh cut grass to me.
By   - Volunteer from Ramstein, Germany on 6/3/2006
Love love love this. It''s creamy and fresh and fruity all at the same time.It sinks into your skin. There is this lovely lingering aura about you the whole day you wear it.It''s so different from anything I''ve ever worn before
By   - Sales Asst from Chester on 4/28/2006
Very green and peachy. Unfortunately, smells like bug spray on me.
By   - from New York on 4/17/2006
It is perfect for spring and summer!! Clean and refreashing, absolutely beautiful Miss Marisa as well as all ebba fragrances are by far the best of any others I have come across!
By   - Student from Tucson on 4/14/2006
Pretty, fresh, invigorating! Staying power is also quite good. Very nice, luv it!
By   - Fashionista on 4/11/2006
I absolutely LOVE this scent. I''m stopped ALL THE TIME by people asking me what I''m wearing, long after I have thought it has worn off. This scent is definately the best one of the line of scents by ebba los angeles... DEFINATELY one to try
By   - Fashion Photographer from Los Angeles, CA on 3/15/2006
smell is nothing remarkable,.it''s kind of childish.
By   - healthcare from arlington Heights on 1/23/2006
It smelled like something I couldn''t quite place my finger on it, then I realized, I smelled like air freshner from Glade or something. Peachy!
By  on 12/13/2005
I absolutely love this one. It''s a hint of sweetness and freshness that I cant seem to get enough of.
By  on 10/29/2005
Quite pretty when I first put it on. I could smell the hint of mint mixing with a warm fruit base. Unfortunately, it faded rather quickly and dried down to a "peachy" scent. Not my favourite, though not entirely horrid either. This fragrance did not blend well with my chemistry, I''m afraid...
By   - from Massachusetts on 6/6/2005
Just got my sample of Miss Marisa today. At first it had quite a zing to it but soon mellowed out to a very clean and sweet scent. It''s definitely not for me, but overall it''s nice. It reminds me of something my aunt might wear, she is very organised and proper. Brings images of summer, grass, and tennis (1930''s style).
By   - Student from Seattle on 1/21/2005
I love this scent. It is a daytime scent. Very sexy and clean. I smell the mint and plum blossom the most. This is a garden party scent. I would recommned this for everyone who loves "Clean" will love this!!!!
By   - from New York on 11/18/2004
I thought I would really like this, but I found it to be almost medicinal.
By   - from san diego on 11/13/2004
I love this scent. It has a plummy, lightly minty, clean, milky smell on me. My husband loves it just as much.
By   - from San Francisco on 10/8/2004
The only fruity fragrance out there that I like. I feel like a true maverick when I wear this... it''s that unusual. A perfume definitely worth getting to know!
By   - journalist from the Philippines on 9/10/2004
I''m absolutely adoring this fragrance. It starts out really fruity but dries down to a lovely clean, fresh scent. I just got this as a sample and I''m already thinking about getting it..
By   - makeup- artist from San Jose, CA on 8/31/2004
Very minty and peachy at the same time. Very original smell however a little pricey...
By  on 8/1/2004
this is just LOVELY. very original. i can smell the cassis & definitely the mint...peach, too. i put a half a drop on & it almost knocked my boyfriend out. it is major-league strong-- but that is great in my book! i have to have this!!
By   - massage therapist from aspen on 7/22/2004
I don''t know what it is, but I absolutely love this one. It smells so pretty. I think it has somehting to do withthe fact that I cannot think of any other perfume that smells anything like it. So original.
By   - attorney on 7/21/2004
As others have mentioned, on me this is all peaches, all the time. Way too sweet for me.
By   - from Austin on 7/12/2004
Not liking this one. It smells too fruity on me.
By   - from Saratoga Springs, NY on 6/8/2004
The only Ebba I think is for me. This is so summery and beachy! When I hugged my friend, she said I smelled like a Strawberry Shortcake, I think it smells very tropical on me.
By   - Editorial Coordinator from West Los Angeles on 5/17/2004
To know Miss Marisa is to love Miss Marisa.
By   - from Atlanta on 5/6/2004
Upon first application I smell a very strong plum and mint. Maybe the drydown will become nicer.
By   - from Massachusetts on 4/15/2004
A refreshing change from al the citrusy scents of late. Clean fresh and new!
By   - from Creamrigde on 2/27/2004
The drydown is wonderful--clean and shampoo-like. Initial application smells like peach. Not worth it to me.
By   - from dallas on 1/1/2004
A wonderful new scent...alive with fresh, fruity notes and a hint of grassy mint. I recommend it.
By   - from Atlanta on 11/2/2003
I love the sparkly freshness of this unique and delicious fragrance! I wore it on a "first date" and felt feminine and delectable all evening. It is definitely my new favorite. Thanks, Luckyscent!
By   - from Salem, OR on 10/15/2003
Tried this and had to buy it even before the drydown! It''s different because of the mint. It is fresh & minty, yet fruity....just delicious. Definitely one of my faves!
By   - from CT on 10/4/2003
I was out in LA on vacation and a friend of mine was wearing this...and I went crazy for it! I drove up to Malibu to get it at a place called Blue Planet, and alas...they were sold out :( So glad that I found it here online, what a great selection you have Luckyscent!! Keep up the good work!
By   - from visiting california on 8/14/2003
This to me is full blown peaches. The mint faded fast. There are many scents out there very similar to this one.
By   - from Los Angeles on 8/13/2003
Very nice...somehow manages to avoid smelling like a minty toothpaste. Slighly fruity and minty, it''s refreshing, but not bracing it had almost a peachapricot undertone to me. Enjoyed it, and lasting power was good.
By   - from Juno, AK on 8/11/2003
Miss Marisa is a beautifully fresh, grassy mint, like just-chopped mint leaves with a hint of lemon basil. Not too sweet like the other mint scents out there. Great for hot weather!
By   - from Chicago on 7/29/2003
I''ve been looking for a fragrance that I like and get compliments on too. This is the one!
By   - from Malibu, CA on 7/3/2003
Smells like ripe nectarines: sweet and warm and juicy. Also like peach Jolly Ranchers. Really not what I expected, but still very nice.
By   - from San Francisco on 6/29/2003
Wow, this is so refreshing and so different! Berries and mint. A nice change from all those white florals. I am so over gardenias. This is so unique and I got compliments on it right away. A keeper for sure.
By   - from Los Angeles on 5/28/2003
When I opened the sample, I found it rather pungent, almost medicinal.Didn''t work for me.
By   - from New York on 5/27/2003
Wow! Where did this come from? Amazing, amazing!
By   - from Reston, VA on 5/25/2003
Absolutely addictive...nothing else as fresh and sweet as this. Must try!!
By   - from San Diego on 5/25/2003
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