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Here's what other people are saying about Miss Marisa...
A friendly peachy-mint that tips toward vanilla (a somewhat coconutty vanilla) as time goes by, warm and confident but remarkably asexual. I agree with several other commenters that this skews young, but I can imagine a teacher or pediatrician -- someone who works with kids -- choosing this one specifically for its approachability. Appealing.
By   - editor from Seattle on 11/21/2017
My first thought when applying this, "wow this is DIFFERENT!" In a good way. I smelled the juiciest mango and fresh sweet mint (not spearmint) and also a not unpleasant chemical odor. I keep smelling my wrists over and over--I should just put some in my nostrils so I can enjoy the fragrance all day. I did need to reapply mid-day,. Until I read these reviews I didn't get the peachy tones, but now that the seed is planted I do get that. It's fruity, flirty, playful and warm. I Love it!
By   - Manager from LA on 8/22/2016
I feel like I am wearing a Jolly Rancher sour apple candy. Does any grown person want to smell like this?
By   - receptionist from Des Moines on 1/5/2016
This is a 12 year-old girl on her way to the mall. All flavoured lip gloss, fruity gum and apple shampoo. The cassis leaves quickly (thankfully!) but the mint and plum linger uncomfortably. I really just wanted them to go away. It's not cheap or offensive, but very juvenile, and not the way I want to present myself to the world. I'm a woman, not a packet of fruit-flavoured gum. Definitely no sex appeal here.
By   - Self Employed from Noosa on 9/6/2014
This is a lovely summer scent that I have received a handful of compliments on; however I am still a bit disappointed in it. Its not at all what I expected/hoped for based on the fragrance description. I wanted a fresh, minty scent for the hot summer but this (on me) is very much a sweet fruity/flowery scent. The scent of mint was quite mild and only lasted about 30 seconds. What's left is a sweet peach/plum scent with floral undertones. Its quite nice and the sweetness stops short of cloying but I wish the mintiness had lasted longer. I will enjoy finishing the sample but I don't think I will purchase a full bottle.
By  on 6/10/2013
Green with mint and a bit cloudy with coconut ( though there doesn't seem to be any in the notes ) ^Then peachy. I am sorry , this would be a great car fragrance /freshener but not for skin.
By   - from CA on 4/25/2013
I never fail to receive compliments, when wearing this perfume. It starts out green, but fades beautifully. Definitely a must try!
By   - from Melbourne on 3/20/2013
ahh, this is lovely and fresh. It kind of reminds me of a mojito but not in a boosy way, but more for the minty freshness of the drink. It's a good scent for hot weather. I see how many ppl. reviewed it as peachy smelling cause it does come off like that a touch but it's blended with a nice green mint smell that makes this scent special. It's feminine but not "sexy". It seems to last quite a long time as well so all in all I think it's a clever perfume and a winner.
By   - from puerto rico on 9/12/2011
I am in love with this scent. I have never smelled anything quite like it. I bought a sample of this and will definitely be getting the full size :) Be warned: this is very sweet (at least on me). I like sweet but not everyone does.
By  on 3/8/2011
I love the circular quality of this: on first sniff it strongly resembles another plum blossom oil I purchased elsewhere: very tangy and sweet, so not so unique there. Then the second half of the notes come around, and its the waterlily and mint that really make this a standout. And unlike other perfumes, which have a top, middle and base, Miss Marisa comes back to the cassis and plum, then the freshness, over and over again. A little moody in that sense, but in a totally fun and irresistable way! The price is reasonable, considering it is an oil and therefore a little goes along, long way. I love it.
By   - Artist from ST. Louis on 10/13/2010
This is quite lovely! It's long lasting and it drives men crazy in a good way. When I wear this scent, men tend to hit on me more. I know, it's crazy. I love the peachy aspect of it . Eventually it dries down revealing the minty flavor. This has become my new Summer scent for sure!
By   - from Washington DC on 5/14/2010
i love it
By   - pilot from memphis on 3/9/2010
Someone else wrote a review about this smelling like bug spray on them. Me too! Do not like this scent at all.
By   - Teacher from Seal Beach on 2/19/2010
I don't smell peach in this like others do- I smell a margarita! It's crisp fruit, mildly spicy, and very fresh. It's not a scent you would get tired of which is great- it's longlasting in oil form. Perfect for a summer scent.
By   - scientist from somewhere in MT on 2/3/2010
While I do love the scent, and "I" can smell it on me, nobody else seems to be able to. My husband has no idea I have it on. I have the roll-on bottle, and I've tried putting a LOT on to see if I get a reaction, but he can't smell it at all. So, I don't know... Nobody has commented once, in the entire month I've worn it. That's not a ringing endorsement to me.
By   - writer from Canada on 1/18/2010
I too have literally over 75 perfumes in my collection. I get stopped constantly by both men and women begging to know what I'm wearing with Miss Marisa. On me, most perfumes do not last long but this lasts from 6AM-11PM. Since it's an oil, you only need a little bit and it still lasts that long. It is peachy smelling but more sophisticated than The Body Shops "Fuzzy Peach"-acutally quite different due to the vanilla undertone that comes out later and lasts eons longer. I might be in the military but I'm still girly damn it! This perfume is the bomb!!!!!
By   - Air Force  from San Antonio on 11/20/2009
First discovered it in small boutique in Chacago. I still consider one of my luckiest days ever. I will never wear anything else. It is crisp, clean, and peachy, but not sickengly so. Every time I wear it someone stops me to ask what I'm wearing! I simply love it!
By   - Hygienist from Michigan on 7/22/2009
Starts out green..and drys down to a soft peach. Ok but not for me. Guess I like my fragrances sweeter.:-)
By   - from Milwaukee on 6/13/2009
This didn't agree with me at all - I really don't like it. Smells apple-ish to me.
By   - from Sydney, Australia on 4/5/2009
From the reviews, I thought this was the scent I had been searching for. Unfortunately, on me, it is way too sweet. I knew it was bad when my husband got in bed and started sneezing, then asked WHAT did you put on?!?!
By   - Scientist on 2/25/2009
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