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I really love Green. I do wish it lasted a bit longer, but it smells the way I imagine an English herb garden does on a summer evening: enchanting and herby, as though a small bit of magic could happen at any moment.
By   - Writer from NJ on 4/28/2016
Just received a sample of this it's nice and fresh i like it.
By   - Technician from Dallas on 3/22/2016
this is a really fresh and light scent. AS the description says, it's like fresh saplings poking threw the earth, I get the same sensation. I don't usually tend to go for "green" perfumes or "chrype" perfumes but this one is special. I really feel nice when I wear it. It is the best "green" perfume I tried. It is never overpowering or harsh and last long enough even though it's not what I would call amazing lasting power, it's acceptable.
By   - from Puerto Rico on 6/9/2011
Best herbal scent out there. :) I love it.
By   - from South OC, Calif. on 5/20/2007
Fresh but spicy. Long lasting. The best in the line
By   - from chicago on 4/27/2007
This is just what I was looking for: green without sharpness, bitterness, or frou-frou fruitiness. I wouldn't mind if it had more sillage or longevity, but given its natural ingredients, I'm okay with that. Perhaps it is my Germanic genetics that lead me to love this Austrian creation. While I appreciate the French Guerlains, I also crave a soft, mildly sweet scent for those innocent spring days when "Nan Green," as I call her, makes me feel like a youngster again. (For the record: I don't care for Pink or Bronze.)
By   - Graphic Design from Wisconsin on 4/8/2007
This is a great daytime scent. Green but warm.
By   - lawyer from Hollywood on 11/30/2006
A disappointment compared to the lovely original pink scent. This fades quickly and (as many others have noted) is a rather ordinary perfume.
By   - College professor from Northampton,MA on 10/20/2006
This is a very ordinary green fragrance,..a bit cheap smelling and weak.
By   - from Chicago, IL on 8/17/2006
I ordered a sample of this, and I loved it, so I ordered a bottle. I was disappointed that the scent in the bottle wasn't like the sample. It didn't stay on but about 30 minutes, then faded. The sample smelled so much better. I agree that it smells like green tea with a little spice. I have some Elizabeth Arden Green Tea, and this smells a lot lke that, but with some added spice. It was too expensive for what I got. I kept spraying it on, because it had faded and i couldn't smell it anymore. I am willing to try one more scent, that I think I would like, and if it isn't as represented, I will not order anything else. Too expensive. I will give it one more chance.
By   - Health Insurance from Austin on 7/23/2006
The notes are tricky because they seem to describe a traditionally masculine scent, but Green is quite feminine, in my opinion. It's fresh, and light, and gardeny and it lifts my spirits. Something in it, probably the basil, reminds me of the original Jessica McClinktock fragrance (sans the bloodthirsty lily). Green smells extremely clean and is refreshing on a hot day. The lasting power is better than that of Nanadebary Pink.
By   - from Orange County, CA on 3/1/2006
This is a really interesting light, green scent. What makes it special is that it develops quite a bit of spice as it dries down. In the beginning stages, it smells very grassy and herbal. It gets sweeter, then spicy. I could definitely see this as being unisex. An interesting light fragrance for summer and spring. Smells like green tea with honey and lemon.
By   - designer from new york on 2/12/2006
Too girly and green smelling. Almost feels like it would induce hay fever.
By  on 8/26/2005
Love the scent and for a toilette it stayed on me for a while. A bit on the pricy side. Still thinking about getting it though :-)
By   - from Belleville on 8/13/2005
Smells just like the old Herbal Essences (i.e. the kind in the bottle with the hippie-chick art) to me! It's funny, I would have expected this to be my least favorite of the Nanadebarys, but it's THE favorite by far. I'd buy a bottle in a second if it wasn't so spendy.
By  on 7/11/2005
Sexy, sweet, and light. It's the perfect summer scent! I just ordered a full bottle.
By   - Analyst from CT on 7/2/2005
After the wondrous original Pink, Bronze was just whelming and Green is underwhelming, sad to say. Like a green tea scent gently laced with spice. I'm torn--I want to complete my Nanadebary collection but is it really full bottle-worthy? Right now I'm leaning towards no.
By   - journalist from Manila on 7/2/2005
it was fine, nothing special, I like wearing it but wouldn't buy again for the price.
By   - from cincinnati on 6/26/2005
Pretty, but not very unique. Maybe what Liz Claiborne Realities would be with more sweet in it.
By   - Analyst from Pensacola on 6/9/2005
I really like this scent. Green, fresh, clean, yet smells feminine. Smells somewhat like FF glossing haircare, but changes to a soft green floral on me. Herbal and soft floral. I know some have said this smells like a mens scent but not on me. Smells very girly.
By   - from N. LA on 5/25/2005
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