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Geisha O-Cha roll-on

Perfume Oil Roll-on

Geisha O-Cha roll-on Sizes Available:
1/4 oz. $60 $35
0.5ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Geisha O-Cha roll-on...
This is a remarkably uplifting scent. It starts out with strong green tea notes and an incredibly bright green lemon and orange. It dries down into a pretty leafy tea accord in a bed of vanilla. It definitely changes over time givng a range of experience throughout the wear. Great with my chemistry, I love it. It's a real pick-me-up.
By   - Film Producer from Los Angeles on 9/22/2012
Sorry..didnt like this at all! WAY too sweet,and has a very unnatural smelling aroma! The spray version of this is very good,and very unique!
By   - perfume lover from cincinnati on 11/19/2010
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