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I adore Geisha Marron. I originally purchased it from a boutique in Seattle, where I was able to sample all of the aroma M Geisha perfumes. I had never heard of them before and instantly fell in love with their subtlety. Geisha Marron was my favorite of them all. It is a contradictory and surprising mix of sweet, clean, heady, fresh, warm, and light. I find it intoxicating.
By   - librarian from Santa Fe on 3/17/2017
I'm smelling sweet Honesty from the 70's, but I've only applied the sample twice so far. I love it, although I shouldn't love it since it is so sweet. Autumn? Maroon means brown... smells more like spring to me, well....the smell could be fresh air in the fall. I love this little sample but to buy it when I'm sure there is something out there cheaper with the same scent... If it was this or Geisha Blue to choose from (wanting a lily of valley fresh scent, I think I'd choose Blue, but I can't make up my mind still.
By   - from Pacific Northwest on 1/7/2009
This is nice, but I completely understand why this was launched in the Fall. It is kinda spicy floral scent that reminds you of leaves falling as you take a walk in the autumn. I like it, but I am not drawn to it like other scents.
By   - Vet Assistant/Receptionist from New Cumberland, Pa on 6/22/2008
I found this to be cheap smelling. Strong and headache inducing.
By  on 3/1/2008
Those who comment on the lack of chestnut must be expecting a gourmand. Chestnut blossom is a white floral and this is a floral fragrance. Interesting blend with a light citrus opening (very light actually) and notable bergamot and muguet notes. Lasts nicely on me.
By   - from Northern VA on 12/28/2007
Wow! This is a beautiful perfume I love the floral notes and that it is natural. I can not wear most perfumes. This is my favorite Aroma M perfume!
By   - Teacher from OR on 9/20/2007
This woman saying she is an aromatherapist and saying she uses no synthetics in this line is total marketing bull. Hycanith, magnolia and chestnut blossom are not essential oils they are Fragrance OIL!!! You cannot distill those flowers or any other delicate flowers like lilacs or lily of the valley. Stop pretending your products are natural when they are not!
By  on 5/7/2007
I wear Geiha marron everyday! and I feel it is very clean,strong but very feminine! I love it!
By   - Graphic Designer from Tokyo on 11/30/2006
I LOVE this perfume! Starts out with heady chestnut blossom and the dry down with sultry musk, gorgeous!
By   -  Editor from SF on 11/18/2006
I'm a man, and I've been complemented everytime I put on Geisha Marron. The marvelous thing about Aroma M oils is how they blend with your own chemistry... all day long. The Marron has a hint of rich, floral sweetness from the chestnut blossom, magnolia, and musk. It's a great warming fragrance for the cold winter months.
By   - Marketing Director from New York on 11/17/2006
Boring boring boring boring boring. NO CHESTNUT. The makers are hiding the interesting part behind a truly run of the mill vague floral/citrus. there are MILLIONS of these. UGH.
By   - internazionale zenzation from Cambridge, MA on 11/9/2006
heavy floral, faint citrus, no chestnut. the overripe description is apt, the scent has an interesting offbeat sweetness that, were it not competing with the flowers, i think i would like very much. i'm not a floral girl, but those who are might find this nice for fall...
By   - jeweler from dallas on 11/7/2006
A bit cloying and not all living up to its name of Marron. The burst of flowery citrus is heavy and does not allow the barely-there hint of chestnut to break through and give this scent the full body of Marron.
By   - Accountant from Scottsdale on 11/7/2006
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