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Captivating and nostalgic; the soothing, almost medicinal (but not quite), mineral-tea opening is slightly sweet, sheer, yet lush, reflective and quiet, reminding me of walking through a wood after a gentle rain. Wet leaves, stones and earth, bugs pollinating in the heavy air. The magical, meditative quality of blue chamomile plays-up the techni-color essence of wet greens on grey, damp days. There's something so primal and spiritual about "Geisha Blue" that it's like a thinking cap in a bottle without the self-consciousness of intellectualism; just try to avoid lingering on philosophical concepts after applying this mild, magical juice. It's ice-blue sheerness, yet sugary, subtle warmth will force you to stop time and wonder where yesterday ended and tomorrow begins.
By  on 11/19/2009
This is by far my least favorite of this line. It is nice, but I prefer a insensy or foody scent, and this one was just 'there'. I did not sense the honey at all. It smelled floral and green and that is about it. Not terrible, but just so so.
By   - Vet Assitantant/Receptionist from New Cumberland, Pa on 6/22/2008
It's alright, not great, but not terrible either. The first hour or so, there is this oily-heaviness that is a little hard to bear. After a while, it's a little flowery and candy-like. I don't detect tea or honey.
By   - Nurse from Montreal on 4/7/2008
It's pretty nice, more tea and chamomile than jasmine and honey, on me. I would have liked it a touch sweeter or more complex, I was really hoping that I'd be able to pick out the honey. Overall, it ends up as a tea scent for me. I have a different tea scent that I prefer, so although this isn't bad, it's not trumping my favorite : -)
By   - Biotech from Providence, Rhode Island on 2/8/2008
I LOVE this scent! so what, if it aint all is different and has a clean scent. The aroma white is also NICE.
By   - personal fragrance shopper from midwest on 12/4/2007
Normally, I hate anything with jasmine in it. However, this scent is so well blended I cannot detect any individual notes. It just smells... peaceful.
By   - from Tampa, FL on 10/31/2007
This has no lasting power on me. For the brief moment before it fades away, I love it.
By   - from Sisters on 10/31/2007
Sort of like melon-flavored bubble tea. Very sugary with a dry tea undertone. Interesting.
By   - Program Associate from Atlanta on 6/3/2007
4.5 A delicious scent! Reminds me a little bit of tea, though it is certainly lacks tea's bitterness. It has a comforting and unique smell, rather sweet. I was surprised that the honey was so distinctive, though not unpleasantly so.
By   - from Maine on 5/16/2007
I agree with what another poster said. This scent does evoke a mood/feeling to me. It is very original and intriguing yet comforting. Tranquil and mysterious just like the description. The scent was very different in the bottle, so make sure you give 10 minutes or so to rest on the skin before judging it.
By  on 4/6/2007
Tranquility in a bottle. There is something very eastern and exotic about it, but something very comforting and familiar. Maybe it's the chamomile? I couldn't wear it everyday, but it's nice for those days when you could use a little extra calm.
By   - from Arlington, VA on 1/21/2007
This one is absolutely gorgeous scent, very intimate and beautiful. The gentle and soothing smell of chamomile can be vividly detected in its tranquil aura while honey gives a creamy and sweet base to prevent the leafy blend of green tea and chamomile from being too insipid, which therefore makes the whole composition even more enjoyable. I feel as if I am praying in a historical Japanese temple and smelling the serene air of the garden with my mind full of joy and gratefulness, from which I credit it really captures something so close to my culture, an essence of east in its composition. However, the dry down turns a bit too leafy on me. The tea note becomes dominant, which is not a note I am very fond of. What a pity.
By   - Designer from Taipei on 3/4/2006
I love every single one of the notes listed in this fragrance and yet when I smelled it, I was let down. It was not as well blended as I had anticipated, instead it was way too floral...I couldn't detect any of the chamomile or honey. All I smell is jasmine. A REALLY potent jasmine.
By   - from houston on 7/16/2005
Unusual, serene and soft, this is not a conventional flower composition but a mood, a feeling. It's tranquil and unique, as the description says, but also subdued and mysterious. One of the most unusual fragrances I've tried.
By   - from NYC on 6/23/2005
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