Best of 2016

Our fans have spoken...the best-selling fragrances of2019.

Marc-Antoine Barrois
An elegant, modern, and supremely versatile leather scent with spice, wood, and musk, B683 was a showstopping debut scent from Marc-Antoine Barrois.
Paper Soap
Clean, fresh, creamy, and delightfully smooth, this is the most truly perfect "white soap" scent we've ever experienced- an all-day shower freshness sure to make you smile.
Ex Idolo
Love & Crime
A truly grown-up gourmand, Love & Crime is an impressively sophisticated blend of spiced, sugared vanilla and mouthwatering mandarin to please the most discerning palate.
Hiram Green Perfumes
The king of natural perfumery focuses on perfume's most iconic flower and delivers a bright, romantic, and breathtakingly beautiful rose with just the right touch of citrus.
The perfect blend of soft, sweet honey, warm resin, and gently powdered florals- in other words, it's exactly and unforgettably what a scent named Bee should smell like.
If it's still a bestseller 13 years after its release, they must be doing something right. Rich, sweet, warm, and long lasting, Tihota is, we firmly believe, the perfect vanilla.
Rogue Perfumery
Mousse Illuminee
Soapy, bright, and refreshingly green, Mousse Illuminee delivers a bracing and invigorating fougere free of stifling ingredient restrictions- they truly don't make them like this anymore.
$85 - $125
A Lab on Fire
What We Do In Paris Is Secret
Playful, avant-garde, sexy, and just plain easy to wear, this uniquely modern take on the rose-almond-vanilla formula is elevated with heliotrope and creamy sandalwood.
Amber Cologne
The perfect showcase for Bortnikoff's exceptional materials, this blend of delightfully bright, sweet citrus and the salty tang of ambergris feels like a perfect day at the beach.
$65 - $190
Roja Parfums
Creation-E Parfum Cologne
All the creamy, fizzy, delicious depth of the original and beloved Creation-E is still front and center in the new Parfum Cologne version, but now it's year-round perfect.
The 2019 addition of a 100ml size brought a whole new way to enjoy this smoky, sweet, delightfully complex pineapple scent.
$240 - $380
Tauer Perfumes
Au Coeur du Desert
The more elegant, smoother, and even longer lasting companion to Tauer's iconic L'Air du Desert Marocain, Au Coeur is a must have in every niche collection.
FRANK los angeles
Clean, spicy, sweet, warm, fresh- Frank No. 2 combines these seemingly contradictory elements into an oh-so-wearable modern masterpiece. Still a bestseller 12 years later.
Comme des Garcons
Plenty of scents could be considered "the" iconic CDG fragrance, but we'll take this electrically peppery, smoky, spicy, modern woods scent any day of the week.
$103 - $131
Thomas Kosmala
No. 4 Apres l'Amour
Thomas Kosmala's entire deceptively complex line was a revelation last year, especially this zesty, gently sweet, drily spiced, everyday perfect skin musk.
Parle Moi de Parfum
Milky Musk
Billed as the sequel to perfumer Michel Almairac's iconic Gucci Rush, this creamy, green, fig-infused sandalwood scent deserves accolades all its own.
$145 - $235
Escentric Molecules
Molecule 01
If ever a niche scent needed no introduction, it's this one-note wonder- a minimalist masterpiece sure to garner an endless parade of "sorry, but what are you wearing?"
Etat Libre d'Orange
I Am Trash
Leave it to Etat Libre to dive into the dumpster (ok, maybe not literally) and come up with an all-recycled-materials scent that's creamy, sweet, fresh- and gorgeous.
$58 - $149
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