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Best of 2018 - For Him
Try all our Best of 2018 masculine selections in one convenient sample pack!
A Lab on Fire
And The World Is Yours
A sweetly shimmering orange blossom with all the glamour of Old Hollywood, this limited offering from legend Dominique Ropion- made just for us- is currently back in stock.
Maison Louis Marie
No.04 Bois de Balincourt - Eau de Parfum
A spicy, earthy, modern take on sandalwood that both invites comparisons to a certain beloved Santal scent- and yet offers its own uniquely seductive experience.
Goldfield & Banks
Pacific Rock Moss
A bona fide 2018 sensation, PRM changed the sporty masculine game forever by featuring unfussy, invigorating sexiness punched up with superior, naturally harvested Australian ingredients.
Fort & Manle
Forty Thieves
Sweet, lush, and vivid, Forty Thieves is a romantic and evocative scent with all the signature artistry and compelling richness we've come to expect from Fort & Manle.
Imaginary Authors
Summer has come and gone, but it's still alive every time we sniff the impossibly bright, juicy, smile-inducing freshness of Sundrunk- a beach day in a bottle.
$38 - $95
Essential Parfums
Nice Bergamote
If you’re looking for a natural-smelling bergamot scent that doesn’t devolve into the usual white musks or woody ambers, then Nice Bergamot is more than just nice - it’s perfect.
$20 - $75
Olfactive Studio
Flash Back In New York
Fuzzy spice, smoky violet, fruity leather- this NYC snowstorm inspired scent is miles away from your ordinary flanker.
Mad et Len
Petits Papiers
Exclusively for Luckyscent's 15th anniversary, Mad et Len made the timeless scent of Armenian burning papers- sweet, rich, resinous benzoin- into an oh-so-addictive elixir.
Love Tuberose
Lush and mouthwatering, this is the most exquisitely creamy tuberose you've ever smelled served on a bed of airy whipped vanilla and sandalwood. Divine barely begins to describe it.
Tyrannosaurus Rex
When two of niche perfume's most creative forces, Zoologist and Bogue's Antonio Gardoni, meet, the result is a ferociously smoky, woodsy, spicy floral with prehistoric power.
1861 - Naxos
Smooth lavender, sweet honey, rich tobacco- this tribute to the rugged, passionate island of Sicily is also a truly perfect year-round scent for the bold and romantic.
By Kilian
Dark Lord
Sweet, boozy, smooth, earthy- Kilian's newest masculine is a showcase of vetiver in all of its complexity.
$195 - $295
Escentric Molecules
Molecule 01
The most iconic minimalist niche scent in Luckyscent history may be over a decade old, but it's still a newly discovered gem to many. Transparent, velvety, undeniably sexy- a staple that should be in every fragrance collection.
4160 Tuesdays
Over the Chocolate Shop
This rich, mouthwatering, deeply evocative gourmand from 4160 Tuesdays is all you need to turn a tough day into a blissed out confectioner's delight.
Bal d'Afrique
It may not be new to 2018, but with it's unmistakable "creamy wood" signature– Bal d'Afrique was our best-selling Byredo last year.
$165 - $250
Comptoir Sud Pacifique
Vanille Banane
Fun and mouthwatering, this taste of perfect banana ice cream made us giggle the moment we sniffed it, and we haven't stopped smiling since. Can't we all use a bit more of that?
$42 - $85
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