Best of 2018

Roja Parfums
Elixir Pour Femme
While Roja Dove's reputation as the king of fine fragrance comes from his ability to create scents that conjure the bygone glory of pre-regulation grandeur, he's no less adept at delivering sleeker scents that still hum with high-end luxury. Elixir Pour Femme, a smoothly soft, ...
Like the luminescent skin of a reptile, fiery scales of sunlight ripple across the surface of the Indian Ocean, fading slowly to gold and finally sapphire as the sun sinks and disappears. The sea exhales, its gentle tide caressing the beach of an island paradise. The salty ...
Created by Cartier in 1928 for an Indian Maharaja, the Patiala Necklace is an impossibly opulent piece of jewelry at the center of an unsolved mystery. Containing 2,390 diamonds, the necklace disappeared in 1948, only to have bits and pieces reappear at various auctions over ...
Ex Nihilo
Lust In Paradise
A voyage to the French Riveria, by way of a blissful dream. That's the enchanting promise of Lust In Paradise, the newest entry in Ex Nihilo's exquisite Les Interdites collection- an undeniably dreamlike floral that weds lush white peony to a vibrant blend of spice, fruit and ...
$225 - $325
D.S. and Durga
Painstakingly composed using the absolute rarest of materials, this second ultraluxe release from D.S. & Durga is a pure vision of India, where exquisite spice, pure florals, and rich vetiver and woods intertwine for a hypnotically spiritual experience. D.S. arrives on a wave of ...
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